While not rocket science, getting 250+ people together every Wednesday for a run does take some coordination. And since no one makes any money, East Nasty relies entirely on volunteers. We’re not saying that everyone has to do something, but there are many areas where we could use some help.

Washing the Cups

The first year that East Nasty existed we probably went through 150+ cups every week. So we decided that we would purchase plastic cups to reduce the amount of trash that we were producing each week. The only challenge is that we have to wash them every week. So we need volunteers to wash the cups.

Here are your responsibilities: 1) Take the cups home. 2) Wash them. 3) Bring them back the next week. Easy stuff. Please sign up for a specific week here.

Volunteer to help wash the cups!

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Fill out the form below, indicating an area you would like to help with and we will get you plugged in!

Donate/Deliver Shoes

East Nasty collects old shoes to deliver to local track clubs, school teams, and even our own members. Everyone can participate by bringing their old running shoes. But if you would like to help out with inventory/deliveries please email Bree Roy at brianna.roy@stryker.com

Thanks Nasties! Our organization doesn’t work without your help!

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