Wednesday, August 26

August 25, 2015

Route # 10

Wednesday August 26th. We meet every Wednesday at 11th & Holly at 6pm.

This route is awesome, with one of the greatest hills in East Nashville, but you need to be extra cautious at one particular intersection.   Right before the three mile mark, you turn left onto 14th from Sevier.   At the intersection of 14th and Sevier, you need to stop, cross over 14th and run on the sidewalk.   Please pass this along to your fellow runners!

Route #10: The Electric Slide

Being Good Neighbors

Dear fellow runners,

Thanks for following ideas on being a good neighbor for the last 12 weeks; in short, being aware of what’s going on around us is the common theme on which to close this column. Whether that’s by knowing with whom we’re sharing the road or paths, who can help us to improve intersections, when are we breaking the rules, how voting may be influential, how the city’s evolving, or how to get involved.

A few months ago an electronic forum was started by some of the BPAC members. The bike/ped advisory committee was formed many years ago as an advisory group to the mayor by a group of influential volunteers.  The 6 or so annual meetings are open; East Nasty has been in attendance there for over a year. I’d encourage taking your thoughts or concerns to the forum or meetings and learning from some of the most involved in the city, and seeing what’s new.!forum/walking-and-biking-in-nashville

Thanks for reading over the past few weeks. Let’s continue making East Nashville a great place to run. More work has been done in the forum on the bike/ped aspect of the candidates for the runoff election. Remember September 10 to vote again!!

PR Bandits Saturday Morning Run – Stones River Greenway O&B

August 20, 2015

East Nasty is partnering with the ‘PR Bandits’ who are hosting supported long runs on Saturday mornings.

The route that was almost forgotten! The Stones River Greenway provides varying terrain and mileage along (you guessed it!) Stones River. We start from the trailhead in the Kohl’s parking lot which is mid-way along the route.

Head out and enjoy a close up and personal view of the Percy Priest Dam that most only see from the interstate. We’ll come back across the trailhead to go out towards the water treatment plant. This route gives you 11.5 miles, but for those who are marathon training, it actually continues on past the water treatment plant and connects to Shelby bottoms if you’re interested in some steep hill training to cross the river.

11.5mi –

RSVP here and join the PR Bandits Facebook Group for more info, get run invites, and to link up with other runners. Saturday supported runs will begin at 6:00am and be held at various favorite running routes across Nashville. You can also email Brian Johnson at if you have any questions.

Wednesday, August 19

August 18, 2015

Route #9

This is a great run, but remember even while we are running around LP field, we are still on a street.  If you are new to our group and a little bit nervous about the pace, we have a walk/run group that starts early called the Lasty Nasties.   (Find them on Facebook)   They usually start about 5:45.   The “caboose” of our 6 p.m. group is about 11 minutes per mile (give or take), the front end is usually under 7 minutes per mile.   The bulk of the group runs between 8:30 and 9:30 pace.

See you at 6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.

Run #9 LP Field

Being Good Neighbors

week11 – Thankfully Reflecting on Change
Although we all have our own internal clocks for how fast we feel things should improve, it’s good to reflect on what has gotten better. Have you seen the new ped/bike protected lanes on Davidson? The longest and first protected in Nashville. The ribbon cutting ceremony was slated for Monday.
Already seen a concert at the Ascend Amphitheater and recall how that was area was no-man’s land until a few weeks ago? Walked between there and Rolling Mill hill under the bridge? The sidewalks are a just little wider now.
The stop sign at s14th and Shelby catch you off guard? New sidewalks between Lenore and Davidson on s14th? New striping on Eastland? It’s been a while since the bike lanes appeared on s14th in Lockeland Springs; like other improvements, they blend in.
Shelby Park is night and day compared to 10 years ago. The bike/ped trail from s19th and Lillian we often run has already been open a year. The park has many other recent protected bike/ped lanes. A lot of us would vote it’s the best park in the city, opening up to over 10 more miles of greenway trails. Did you know there’s now a B-Cycle station at the Percy Priest dam terminus? You’ve seen the land purchases along that route: the old Ravenwood Country Club? Go exploring there. The Stones River Farm? These are in East Nashville’s backyard, more than ever a safely connected one.
We’re lucky to be in the best place for cyclists and pedestrians in the city. Who will you thank? Use them often, but don’t stop thinking about the little stretches that get us to the bigger ones. Later, remind that person or group you’re now thanking that we still need more. Become one of those deserving that thanks in the next year.

PR Bandits Saturday Morning Run – Grassland-Franklin Countryside O&B

August 13, 2015

East Nasty is partnering with the ‘PR Bandits’ who are hosting supported long runs on Saturday mornings.

Do you enjoy seeing some of the most beautiful countryside Williamson County has to offer? Are you thinking, “Williamson County?! That’s too far across the river!” PR Bandits is one of the best running groups in Nashville (subjective plug) because we get out and run some of the greatest areas around with this week being no exception.

Starting from the Grassland Middle School on Hillsboro Road, we’ll head out to enjoy the gorgeous estates and rolling hills along Moran Rd and Old Natchez Trace. This out and back route allows you to get just a few miles or as many as 20 if you so desire.

RSVP here and join the PR Bandits Facebook Group for more info, get run invites, and to link up with other runners. Saturday supported runs will begin at 6:00am and be held at various favorite running routes across Nashville. You can also email Brian Johnson at if you have any questions.

Wednesday, August 12: Hotdogs, Mizunos and Nashville Next

August 11, 2015

1)  The Route:

Rick’s Market – coldest beer in town.  This is one of my favorite runs, just remember we will be running UP the new greenway this week.   And as you are going up said greenway, remember we share that space with cyclists who will be coming DOWN.  So stay alert and keep to the right. We meet at 6pm at 11th & Holly every Wednesday.

Coldest Beer in Town

Coldest Beer in Town

2) Mizuno

The best way to try a new pair of running shoes is to run in them.   Unfortunately most of us get to run a block or two before we have to decide whether to buy them or not.   Not so this week.  Our friends at NRC have organized a wear test for Mizuno shoes.   That means if you show up to NRC before the run, they will let you run the entire route in a pair of Mizunos.  Obviously there are limited styles and quantities, so if you have ever wanted to try a pair of Mizunos head to NRC as early as 5 p.m.

3) I Dream of Weenie Night

August 12 is our I Dream of Weenie hotdog night!   The first 100 hotdogs will be free (courtesy of our local State Farm rep.)   If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read about I Dream of Weenie here… They don’t sell beer, but amazingly enough, you can BYOB, as long as you partake in the grassy area outside of the Vanagon.   If you aren’t lucky enough to get a free dog, a couple bucks to buy one and join us on the lawn.

4) Being Good Neighbors – Vote

One phrase repeated throughout many election campaigns was bettering neighborhoods. Have  you followed the NashvilleNext process? Filled in your rankings at one of the meetings  over past months/years? Many repeated walkability as a top goal for our neighborhoods.  Years ago a certain running group ran with that, and here we all are, better than ever,  both us and our neighborhood.

Was your voice heard in the election? Will it in the runoff? For what’s being relied on  for the Next years of Nashville? It’s never to late to find out our history and how to  enact change for the future. There’s a lot to learn; find your place. Hold change to the  chosen standards, or see to changing those standards. Is your neighborhood evolving with  or without you?

Below is a link to the Nashville Next document about East Nashville.  It has some fascinating demographic data about our beloved part of the city.   It’s not short, but it’s a fun read!

ENOW: P2T Coaches

August 10, 2015


The East Nashville Tomato Fest is practically a holiday for the East Nashville community, and the Tomato 5k is the perfect kickoff to a day filled with fun, sun, and perhaps a little debauchery. For some, the race is a great way to get some miles in before 3 Crow opens; for others, the Tomato 5k is a great excuse to come listen to Drew Jones on a microphone for two hours. However, for an amazing group of people, the Tomato 5k is a celebration of 8 weeks of hard work and dedication. The Potato to Tomato training program takes non-runners and turns them into 5k finishers and superstars, and the unsung heroes of this group are the coaches, each of whom devotes countless hours helping those in the program achieve their running goals. So, this week, P2T coaches, we salute you as this week’s East Nasty of the Week!


Fine Looking Group of Coaches

From June 13 through August 8, over 50 coaches dedicated their time and energy to the Potato to Tomato training program (or P2T for those in the know). Every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, these coaches trained, cheered, inspired, and motivated the P2T group as they progressed from their couches to running the Tomato 5k! Many of these coaches are alumni of the P2T group, return coaches from previous training groups, or as is often the case, BOTH!

Susi Willis began her running career with the P2T program and is now one of the coaches. She loves that the P2T program has coaches that come back and do this every year AND that P2T graduates come back and coach the new runners. Each coach dedicates 4.5 hours a week to the program. That is 36 hours per coach and 1,800 volunteer hours from the whole coaching group. According to Susi, that’s pretty cool, and it’s what makes this program so special. In fact, she says that most of the coaches agree that this is one of their favorite things to do and that they get more out of it than the participants.

To coach Diane Zandstra, one particular moment from the program stood out and truly exemplified what P2T is all about. According to her, “One of my favorite moments from this year was the first time our “potatoes” ran the 5K course. It was a hot and humid morning, and a pretty grueling run for all. First time P2T participant, Alana, finished and was feeling a bit defeated because it was a difficult run, and she thought it was only a portion of the 5K route. When we informed her that she had indeed run the entire 3.1 miles, she was elated! Alana accomplished something that she didn’t know or even realize that was possible. It was an amazing reminder to me of my first runs with a P2T training group 3-years ago (with my coaches Kim Stokes-Lanier and Beth McCaskill). That first time you realize that you’ve gone from barely running 90 seconds to completing 3 miles is an unforgettable experience. What’s even better is running alongside someone when they reach that goal.”


P2T Group after 4th of July training run

Susi also had this to say about her fellow coaches and the the program: “We should never take for granted the INCREDIBLE commitment that East Nasty makes to the community and how many lives we are influencing and changing.  We are helping people see what is possible via running and also by creating new friendships that come from the P2T program. The saying East Nasty for Life has so much meaning- and the coaches are living that out every summer. And now I will cry. It means that much to me.”
And now for the entire list of coaches who made the 2015 P2T training program such a success:
Jeremy Taylor: co-leader of kicking off each training run
Mike Clark: co-leader of kicking off each training run
Susi Willlis
Christine Edson
Patrick Sullivan
Melinda Morgan
Beth McCaskill
Peggy Stanfield
Polly Alexander
Megan Nunn
Janet Parry
Jeff Little
Juanita Taylor
Sam McDuffee
Nina Stroud
Misty Cross

Kim Baldwin
Kym Gerlock
Bree Roy (and Rula Baby/Rudy Big Head)
Diane Zandstra
Joy W Howard
Kevin Howard: brought popsicles to every training run!
Mary Larimer
Barry Olhausen
Michelle McPherson
Dan Strimer
Bethany Champion
Lee Ann Lynch
Glenda Crowder
Lana Olson
Lenny Bertoldo
Jessica Winn
Sara Spencer
Jenny Mills
Dustin Green
Teryn McNeal: coordinated the water for all of the runs
Brenda Russo
Brandon Greer
Alexandra Melton
Sarah Blizzard
Linda Sadler
Art Thompson
Rachel Schaffer
Amy Smith
Melissa King,
Rhonda Tolliver
Terri Dorsey
Ralph Booker
Jeff Crafton
Thank you, coaches! You are beyond amazing, and congrats on the special edition ENOW!

PR Bandits Saturday Morning Run – Tomato Fest 5k Warm-up

August 6, 2015

East Nasty is partnering with the ‘PR Bandits’ this summer who are hosting supported long runs on Saturday mornings.

East Nashville Tomato 5K is one of our favorite races of the year. If you’ve never run it and stayed around for the festival afterwards, you’re really missing out! If you haven’t signed up yet, do so here – Tomato 5k Registration and Info. Then join us for some pre-race mileage. We have two route options to choose from depending on the total mileage you’re looking for.

6am 7 miler –
6:30am 4.5 miler –

Please note that the start time is 6:30 for the shorter run. You’ll want to be back around 5 Points shortly after 7 to get staged for the race.

PARKING – All of 5 Points and the surrounding areas are completely shut down for this event. You don’t want to find your car missing after the race because you left it parked where the art fair is to take place. I have always had great luck parking on/near 11th St and Lillian. You’re within a few blocks of The Yellow House and not far from the race start/finish or 5 Points with an easy exit out of town on Shelby.


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