Week 9 – Trying out the New Course

February 27, 2014
It’s week 9 of the Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon training. That means we’re now halfway done with this training cycle!
We’ll meet on the East Side (Titans Stadium side) of the Pedestrian Bridge, run over and run part of the course. One of the best things you can do to prepare mentally for the race is to run the course.
Park in Lot R at Titans Stadium- should be open and free.
Full Marathoners – 7:30am Saturday/Sunday
Half Marathoners – 8:00am Saturday/Sunday
The workout: 
Full Advanced: 18 miles
Full Standard: 16 miles
Half Advanced: 10 miles
Half Standard: 8 miles
Route Options:
To get to the course from our meeting spot and Lot R- 
Inline image 1
Everyone runs over the pedestrian bridge to the downtown side, past the Symphony Hall, left on 4th, then up Demonbreun – then begin the course:
(select the half marathon or the full marathon in the drop-down)
Be sure to check your email (sign up HERE) for exact details on the route options for this weekend’s training runs so you know how to get back to your car!
Have a great run this weekend! ENFL!!

1/2 Marathon Race Weekend!

April 27, 2012

Final Thoughts

You guys are ready to race!  But here are some things to keep in mind over the next 24 hours:

1) Start hydrating now.

2) Eat something race morning, and if you normally drink coffee, drink coffee!

3) Take the shuttles from LP field, but arrive early, the lines for the buses are long, the lines to the port-a-johns are long, and that is one thing you want to take care of before the race.

4) Be conservative early.  Don’t run slow…but DO NOT push the pace up to Belmont.  You should probably be slower than your goal time at Belmont, why?  Because that section of the race is almost entirely uphill.  Slow down, keep your effort level stable, and make up the time on the downhills…

5) If you want to join our 1:45 or our 2:00 pace groups, here is the deal:Our 1:45 pace group will be in corral 3.  Our 2:00 group will be in corral 8.  You can either look for Steve and Sarah at the front of those corrals, or you can meet them by the funeral home (near the Rite Aid) at 6:40 in the morning.

6) Wear your East Nasty gear!

Here is fun stuff

7) After you finish your race, meet under the letter “E” in the family reunion area.  There is also a new water stop going up at the 24 mile mark.  That is right when you leave Shelby Park.  I know that it is last minute, but if any of you are willing to swing by and help out, they could use the manpower.  Especially late in the morning when the 4 hour runners are passing through.

8) Come to our post-race party to celebrate with your fellow East Nasties!  Here is the information, including the address to Andy and Heidi’s house.  Bring something to share, bring friends, bring family, everyone is welcome!

Have fun tomorrow! ENFL!

– Mark

East Nasty of the Week: Kristine Mylls

February 12, 2012

If you ran in the 2011 East Tomato 5K, then you had the pleasure of hearing this new East Nast of Week’s singing voice as she belted out the Star-Spangled Banner right before the starting gun. Say hello to the one and only Kristine Mylls.

Our good friend Kristine was born in New York state, in the small town of Mt. Kisco. It is also the birth place of one Bo Duke, also known as John Schneider. She did not stay in the Empire State too long, growing up mostly in Oakton, Virginia, which is just outside our nation’s capital.

In school Kristine was a bit of the “jack of all trades” variety. To some she was a tomboy, to others a girly-girl, and then she was also a music geek. As far as early sports, her family introduced her to the world of cycling an early age. Her father, who still races in cycling events at the age of 75!, ran the local BMX track, and yes there is a picture of young Kristine tearing up the track. ENJOY!!!

She is rocking the blue helmet and t-shirt

Her main passion though was music. She studied the piano seriously for several years, and she began singing and competing vocally as early as the 4th grade. Her singing carried her to George Mason University, where she studied Music and English. Through various singing groups in college, she gained the chance to perform at the White House and Kennedy Center.

In 1996, Kristine arrived in Nashville. She wanted to be a part of musical community, but not the ones in New York City or Los Angles. She had only planned on staying for a few years, but like so many others, Kristine thankfully stayed here instead. Now she runs marketing for J. Alexander’s restaurants and she has a cool side gig running the Jumbotron at Titans and Predators games.

Kristine’s running career took off in 2009. While planning a reunion with some college friends, they ended up all running the Indy Mini-Marathon together. Her husband, Dudley, had tried his best to convince her that running could be fun, but she would just laugh at him every time he said that. At a Hope on Wheels bike ride in 2009, she meet ENOW alumni Holland Carley, and she told Kristine all about this great running group out in East Nashville. The rest is history. Since her first half marathon in 2009, she has run several more half-marathon races, and even started getting into triathlons in 2011. Her greatest moment so far was during last year’s Half-Ironman in Augusta, GA. Although the run was brutal in the 90+ degree weather, she pushed herself to through the finish line!!!

One final mention about Kristine is that she loves helping train our Couch to 5K groups. She has recruited tons of people to the program, and her favorite part is to watch people transform themselves from not being able to run for 60 seconds to finishing a 3.1 mile race. (From everyone at East Nasty, we are so thankful for all that Kristine does for that program.)

For downtime, which is not all that often, Kristine likes to read, travel, hang out and relax with her husband, and sing. She still performs every once and while, Jazz primarily, but who knows, you may catch her singing the National Anthem once again in the future.

Here is one last picture of Kristine with her East Nasty buddies after this last weekend’s Mercedes Benz half marathon in Birmingham, Alabama. Be sure comment on Kristine induction to the ENOW club.

Holland, Kristine, Mary Tom, and Shawna


East Nasty of the Week: Sarah Brown

November 3, 2011

Every time I am at the Ryman Auditorium for a concert, I always scan the crowd to see if I recognize anyone. Almost always I see this new East Nasty of the Week sitting in her favorite seat, the 5th row pews in the lower bowl. Say hello to completely awesome Sarah K. Brown!!!

Sarah was born in Olympia, Washington and at an early age moved to the bright sunshine of Southern California. In the 8th grade her family relocated to Charleston, West Virginia. The differences between So Cal and the heart of Appalachia might have been a bit of a shock to system, but she took it all in stride and made the best of it. She turned her time out in the country into a new hobby of discovering new music and trading tapes of Dave Matthews Band shows. This was the early 90’s were talking about, and DMB was all the rage!

In school Sarah was a bit on the nerdish side of things. Some of here accolades include editor of the high school yearbook, sportscaster for the high school morning TV show, and four years of basketball…even though it was primarily spent on the bench. She did get some playing time as the goal keeper on the girls soccer team her senior year. In her spare time she would occasionally go to “Mountain Stage,” which is recorded for NPR broadcast out of Charleston, WV.

For college Sarah wanted to get as far from West Virginia as possible. She ended up at the University of Washington in Seattle (where she completed her first two years), and then spent a year in Florence, Italy through Gonzaga University. Her time both abroad and in the Northwest were some of Sarah’s best moments in life up to that point, but with a switch of major she ended up at Belmont University to study Finance and Music Business. Her intentions were to head back West after graduation, but she ended up getting a job offer at Belmont, and by the end of two years Nashville had become her new home. Now she is the Event Manager of Belmont University, where she is colleagues with other ENOW SARAH SPENCE!

In 2004 Sarah decided to start working out in order to lose weight. In those early years, she would occasionally walk on the treadmill because she viewed running as a “cruel form of punishment.” In 2008 Sarah took a boot camp at the Y, and from the small amount of running in that class she figured she could run at least a 5K. So in 2009, Sarah began here running career at the Tomato Arts 5K. At that point she had no idea what East Nasty even was.

On her blog  in January of  2010, Sarah listed off a couple of her New Years’ goals. One of them was to run the Country Music Half Marathon that year. The Annie Parsons read it, and left a comment on her post that said she should check out this little running group that met on Wednesday nights. The rest is history.

Since then Sarah has had some major accomplishments in running. To name a couple, the first happened this last summer when she ran a mile in under 7 minutes during the summer speed sessions. The second also happened this summer when she ran her hometown race, the Charleston Distance Run (America’s 15 miler!) Sarah told me that growing up an overweight kid, those were two things that she NEVER thought she would do. So kudos to her!

This summer Sarah also trained with a group of East Nasties to go up to Chicago and run that city’s legendary full marathon. The group trained together two to three times a week, travelled up there together and had a blast representing East Nasty all throughout the “Windy City.” Sarah completed her first marathon in 4:12:09, and ran the entire 26.2 with her bright, friendly smile leading the way. All of her running companions claim that Sarah was a big part of keeping everyone cheerful and excited about the race, both during the training and on race day.

The East Nasties Chicago Full

So there you have, a deserving East Nasty of the Week if I have ever seen one. Please go check out her blog, HERE, and leave a comment on this post.


Wednesday, February 9th 2011

February 8, 2011

Hello East Nasty — This will probably shock everyone out there but guess what ? The weather is scheduled to be total crap tomorrow. Well go figure. Two Sundays in a row now we have had the sun shining and the temperature around 50. Then in the blink of an eye, Wednesday is here and its down to the low 20’s with snow expected. Make up your mind already mother nature. Well like I said last week – even though the weather is rough outside we will press on. We will be there tomorrow night ready to tackle route #6 at 6:00 PM so come join us if you can.


The Green Wagon

One thing that I love about East Nashville is the community feel, even within the business community.   Well, the Green Wagon is a local store that once a week, has chosen to give 5% of their proceeds to a local non-profit.  And East Nasty is one of their chosen non-profits!  Read below:

The Green Wagon is a general store which features all natural and sustainable products, 70% of which are made in Tennessee and all are made in the United States. Our vision for the East Nashville Sustainable Community Days is to draw attention and support for non-profits which are helping bring East Nashville toward a sustainable future. East Nasty represents personal/physical sustainability, helping people live healthier, more active lives. East Nashville Cooperative Ministries represents food security in the community, ensuring that everyone has access to quality, healthy food. The Martha O’Bryan Center represents community support and strengthening, providing education and opportunity people living in Cayce Homes, which holds the most extreme poverty and highest crime rate in our community. And finally, Friends of Shelby Park and Bottoms represents a healthy outdoor environment in which to spend quality time and learn about the natural world. We want to show that sustainability is about more than just tree-hugging (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), it’s about improving the quality of life for EVERYONE. Community Days will be held every Wednesday. We’ll be rotating through our core four non-profits every month. At the end of the day 5% of total sales will be given to the designated non-profit for that day.

So, the 2nd Wednesday of the month, East Nasty will receive 5% of the total sales for that day!  Johnny and Tara Shields (the owners) want to have all of the nasties over after a run once the weather turns…  But if you have a chance, check out their store.  They are located across the street from Red Door East in an old residential house.
Thought of the Week:

Seeing as how I work in the running shoe industry I get a lot of the same questions asked on a daily basis. The one I get the most when I am out in the running community is ” Hey, look at my shoes, do you think it’s time for me to get some new ones?  Well the answer is pretty much always yes. People normally hold off a little too long to get new running shoes. That and the fact that running shoe companies on purpose make shoes with materials that don’t last long means that if you are asking .. then yes – you need new shoes.  Speaking of shoes, if over your years of running you have  been able to find a particular name brand and model that works for you then here is some advice: stick with that shoe.  You have solved a big piece of the puzzle when you find a good shoe for your foot.  Now of course shoe companies are going to continue to update those models and change them a little each year but the function and fit of the shoe will always remain the same. Why do shoe companies update shoes every year? .. that’s right – to make more money. It’s the same reason they make shoes that only last about 6 months or about 400 miles .. to make more money.  Here is another pretty easy thing to remember about running shoes, if the shoes you are running in ever celebrate their 1 year birthday .. its time for them to be replaced.  Running is a very simple, and often times a cheap sport but, don’t go cheap when it comes to shoes as they are a pretty important piece of equipment.
See you soon nasties —– ENFL

Wednesday Night Run: Feb. 2nd

February 1, 2011

ENFL  !!!!

That’s right – I am starting off the blog with that wonderful chant this week.  For those of you who may have been living under a rock for the past 2 years – those four letters are short for East Nasty For Life.  East Nasty continues to grow each week in both numbers and clout.  Now I may be a little biased but in my opinion East Nasty is the best running group in the continental U.S. and over the next couple of weeks and months you are going to see some proof.  There will be more time for that down the road though. For now lets focus on the present.  Tomorrow we will be running route #5 which takes us into downtown Nashville for a bit and it is a favorite route of many of the nasties.  So please plan on joining us for a run tomorrow evening at 6:00 p.m. rain or shine.

KIPP donations

We are still collecting clothes for the KIPP track team.  They are looking mainly for clothes the kids can wear during practice. Any clothes that you have for running outside and are willing to donate please bring with you tomorrow night.  They will take anything they can get – shirts, shorts, pants, gloves, socks, sports bras, etc … – This a great time to clean out your closet anyway so get to it and donate some clothes you never wear anymore.  And yes they are taking cotton clothing as well.

Speed Sessions

Would you like to improve your speed or become a more efficient runner?  Well if you can run 2 mies without stopping then this is just the thing for you.  Fleet Feet Sports has both winter and summer speed session programs.  Starting February 15th, winter speed sessions will begin.  Speed sessions are coached by THE Mark Miller and yours truly, Drew Jones.  Speed sessions last for 10 weeks and consist of interval workouts every Tuesday morning and evening.  Fleet Feet speed sessions has become very popular over the years.  Winter speed sessions are more geared towards those training for a half or full marathon.  However, speed sessions is open to all runners of all levels.  As Mark and I tell people each year, if you come out to speed sessions and do 10 weeks of interval training, it is pretty much impossible to not be a faster runner at the end.  You can sign up for Fleet Feet winter speed sessions at www.fleetfeetnashville.com Please feel free to contact Mark or myself with any questions you may have about speed sessions.

Thought of the week

To go along with last week’s thought, which was try to run slower sometimes, my thought this week is this.  Make sure your running is filled with variety.  Runs can be slow, long, short, fast, flat, hilly, roads, trails, or even the occasional treadmill.  Our bodies are very smart.  If you do all your runs at the same place and at the same pace, your fitness level will plateau very quickly.  One of the best things we can do for our bodies as runners is mix it up.  The more our body is guessing, the more fitness gains we can make.  There are many east nasties that run fast every Wednesday.  There are also east nasties that run slow and easy each week.  Our routes change from week to week.  Changing our pace and effort levels we run at each week is a good idea.  In other words, try to change up your running like JP Cowan changes his blazers… plenty of options 🙂

See everyone tomorrow night –


East Nasty of the Week: Ian White

November 19, 2009

Skin is like waterfront property – there’s only so much of it, and once the space is taken, there is no more.

That is either the worst analogy ever, or the MOST AWESOME.

Either way, Ian White is proving it to be true.

Nasties, might you be wanting a tattoo?  Look no further than our very own artist, Ian White.  A recent transplant from the exotic land of Dayton, Ohio, you will know this man by the Straight Edge X on his face.  This man has a lot of tattoos – full sleeves, a close-to-covered right leg, important dates and inside jokes and silly trifles and life-changing words, a butterfly, a bucket, a bullet – and in the spirit of East Nasty, his latest addition is an homage to running: a gigantic running robot on his left thigh which will eventually be wearing green shoes.

So how did this former Air Force intelligence worker wind up a tattoo artist?  When Ian was in the Air Force, there was no rule against visible tattoos, so he started collecting them.  Then the Air Force changed their rules, and somehow could not sanction a kid with a patterned throat; one would think that he would be grandfathered in and able to stay on, but he was not allowed to re-enlist.

All I can say is that Uncle Sam’s loss is Nashville’s gain.

Ian works at Black 13 in Cummins Station, and churns out some pretty incredible stuff.  He has been in town for several months, living in East Nashville with his dog Penny, and appreciates the friendliness of the East Nasty crew (awww, guys! He lurvs us!).

I’m contemplating asking him to ink me with a Lisa Frank kitten – on a unicorn – on a rainbow – on my sternum.  But time will tell.

Annie P.