ENOW: Melinda Morgan

January 26, 2015


Our latest East Nasty of the Week is known for her love of her friends, her love of her dog and her love of sharing astrological information on Facebook. Nasties, it is my pleasure to introduce you to your ENOW, Melinda Morgan!

NRC Winter Speed Session 2014

NRC Winter Speed Session 2014

Melinda was born in Gadsden, AL and grew up in Tuscaloosa. In middle school, she ran track and played softball and basketball. She was shy in high school and hung-out with a group of friends that she played rec league softball with. Melinda put herself through college, attending the University of Alabama. Putting yourself through college is stressful, but she had fun and continued playing rec league softball.

image (4)

You may be surprised to learn that Melinda is not, in fact, a professional rec league softball player, but instead, is the Operations Director for the Belcourt Theatre. Her running career started via East Nasty’s free 5K training. In the summer of 2012, she became a tomato, a runner, and an East Nasty. Potato 2 Tomato coach and fellow ENOW, Kim Stokes-Lanier, has this to say:
I first met Melinda when she was a participant in our Potato 2 Tomato 5K training group. She struck me as such a badass athlete that I couldn’t understand why she was training with us. I soon learned that she was a triathlete coming back from a shoulder injury, and just how stubborn and badass she could be! And super nice and kind, too! I love that she returned the next year as a volunteer coach and even now continues to help new runners, encouraging them to keep at it and become badasses themselves. She is a pleasure to know and I’m so glad that she shares her awesome self with our growing East Nasty community!
Cedars training ride with Karen and Cassandra

Cedars training ride with Karen and Cassandra

Melinda claims her friends as the biggest accomplishment she’s made in running, especially when it comes to training. Another proud accomplishment is doing the Cedars of Lebanon triathlon last May.
Melinda and Carrie at the Color Run

Melinda and Carrie at the Color Run

Melinda heard about East Nasty from her bestie, Carrie DuRard. Carrie knew Melinda was looking for a 5K training program and recommended Potato 2 Tomato. I spoke to Carrie and she had this to say about her friend:
Melinda is the runner that more of us should try to emulate. It’s not the pace of her feet, but rather the speed of her encouraging words just when you need them the most. It’s also the willingness to lend a hand and the never-quit attitude that she brings to the group.
After the Germantown 5K 2014

After the Germantown 5K 2014

What Melinda enjoys most about East Nasty is the friendships she’s made, and how positive, friendly and encouraging this group is for runners of all types. Her most memorable East Nasty experience is finishing her first run of “The Nasty” with Glenda Tetley.
Melinda and Susi

Melinda and Susi

 Friend and fellow ENOW, Susi Willis, has this to say:
Sometimes you meet a person, and feel like you have already traveled a lifetime with them. This is my experience with Melinda. Melinda and I met through East Nasty. I’m sure it was during our runs with Lasty Nasty on Wednesday nights that solidified the friendship. Melinda is one of THE MOST caring people I know. She is always good to lend an ear or advice to others – about running or otherwise. We’ve trained Couch to 5K-er’s together for a couple of years, ran races together, and last summer we hiked Mt. LeConte with our friends. One great outcome of East Nasty is friendship!!

Melinda running

When Melinda’s not running, she loves to hike. She also draws and paints a bit. Oh, and pro tip, she knows everything about every movie at the Belcourt.

Melinda, you are one of my favorite East Nasties. I’m so glad Susi nominated you. Congrats and welcome to the ENOW club!

ENOW: Shelley Norton

January 12, 2015
Right before running The Nasty three summers ago. Not sure why I'm smiling! ;)

Before running The Nasty three summers ago. Not sure why she’s smiling!

Our newest East Nasty of the Week is an almost-native Nashvillian; two-time CMM full finisher; and budding cyclist. Nasties, it is my pleasure to introduce you to your ENOW, Shelley Norton!

Cross training with Will on Perkins Road in Leipers Fork.

Cross training with Will on Perkins Road in Leipers Fork.

Shelley was born in New Haven, CT. After her parents got snowed in at the hospital the night she was born, they decided New England wasn’t for them and promptly moved to California. Later, when Shelley was five, they moved to Nashville. In middle and high school Shelley couldn’t keep her nose out of books long enough to get actively involved in sports. She absolutely couldn’t get enough of studying, research and reading classics.

Her family was always active – hiking, cycling, swimming, etc. And her dad was a runner. They also travelled A LOT. Because of this, when Shelley was in high school, her parents found a program at UNL that allowed you to get college credit for your junior and senior years. It was an amazing experience that allowed her to do so many cool things that she ordinarily wouldn’t have been able to do at such a young age.

The Gang at the EN Christmas party.

The Gang at the EN Christmas party.

As Shelley continued her schooling at UNL, she began working as a fitness instructor at local gyms. She also travelled with the Southern Women’s Show doing presentations encouraging proper nutrition and fitness. Shelley now works as a personal assistant, a job she absolutely loves!

Shelley started running in 2005, although it took several years before she got serious about it. In fact, she ran the CM half four years in a row with almost zero training, which she does not recommend. She didn’t even own a pair of running shoes until a month before her first half and she still finished with a halfway decent time (2:11)! It finally dawned on her that with a little work, she could actually be a real runner!

Shelley, Denise and Randy in 2013 after running the Country Music full in the pouring rain.

Shelley, Denise and Randy in 2013 after running the Country Music full in the pouring rain.

Since getting serious, Shelley has accomplished: running CMM (full) twice; 23 minute PR at CM Half; placing in her age group at two 5K’s; and coming within seconds of finishing the Blvd Bolt before speedy Randy Neff, fellow East Nasty and great friend.

Shelley heard about East Nasty about five years ago through a small Monday night group that she and Denise Leaver both still run with. When I spoke to Denise about Shelley, she had this to say:

Shelley is such an amazing woman! Beautiful on the inside and out! She has inspired me so much with running – I would’ve never even attempted running a full without her shining example, enthusiasm and joy when she did her first full! She’s also inspired me as a person with her loving and gentle manner with everyone she meets. She has such a beautiful smile and great laugh! We run together so much, I can tell when she’s going to kick my butt on a particular run just by her posture! We truly support each other and it spilled over naturally to supporting each other through life’s ups and downs. I love her so much!

Besties! Denise, Shelley and Dawn.

Besties! Denise, Shelley and Dawn.

Shelley can’t imagine her life without East Nasty. Not only has it made her a better runner, but she has developed friendships with people that she now considers family. One of her most memorable East Nasty experiences is one the she is most grateful for – meeting her amazing boyfriend Will two years ago on his first night running with East Nasty. The very next week they started running trails and have been together ever since!

Will has gotten Shelley into cycling, watching soccer and snow skiing. They’ve gone to Colorado the past two winters to ski. Shelley also loves scuba diving, cooking, watching football, and is an avid reader.

Will and I on our ski trip in Breck, CO last month.

Shelley and Will on their ski trip in Breck, CO last month.

Shelley’s friend and running partner Dawn Bogic, had this to say:

I wish I had Shelley’s natural athletic ability. Before joining East Nasty, she ran the Country Music Half marathon a few times – without training. She also got sick during the training for her first full marathon and missed a few weeks, but still ran it and made it across the finish line. She’s competitive, so she always pushes herself to go farther or faster. She’s really sweet and a very good friend and has supported many of us, including many East Nasty friends, through difficult times.

Shelley, congrats and welcome to the ENOW club!

ENOW: Beth McCaskill

December 1, 2014

Beth and her husband Jerry at CMM 2014

Our latest East Nasty of the Week is a scuba diving firecracker who moonlights as the head cheerleader for Lasty Nasty. Nasties, it is my pleasure to introduce you to your ENOW, Beth McCaskill!

Warrior Dash 2014

Warrior Dash 2014

Beth was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Growing up, she played t-ball, softball and ran cross-country in high school. While attending UT Martin, she became a workaholic and did nothing that would be considered healthy or active! Beth works as a Litigation Paralegal at Bass Berry & Sims.


Ragnar 2013

Beth started running in 2009 when she realized that her genetics and health were going to start declining if she didn’t do something before her 40th birthday! She had spent too many years on her butt and no longer recognized the person she saw in the mirror. Beth decided to see if she could track her old self down!

Womens Half

Nashville Womens Half 2014

Beth participated (mainly walked) in the 2009 Womens Half. After what felt like a day to complete, thinking her feet would explode, Beth learned why people RUN those races! The following summer, Beth started looking around for Couch to 5K programs and found Potato to Tomato. It had already started, but Beth signed up and showed up at the next practice. She learned that signing up and showing up is half the battle. And if you know Beth, then you know she’ll sign up and show up for almost anything now!

Oktoberfest 5K 2014

Oktoberfest 5K 2014

Recently, Beth ran her first sub-30 5K, her biggest accomplishment to date! She was also pretty happy with her 2:30 finish time at CMM year before last (officially it was a 2:36 because of the pouring rain and a bathroom line at mile 7, but Beth hit her goal on her watch, so she’s going with that!). She will beat it officially at some point!

P2T 2014

P2T 2014

Beth loves coaching and training for the Tomato 5K. She says that it’s an amazing feeling to run your team across the finish line and see how many people you can encourage to stick with it. Beth loves seeing the new faces and bringing them into the East Nasty family. She never understood the point of “group running” until she showed up for that first P2T practice. Now she loves to show new runners what that is all about and how beneficial it really is. Beth LOVES all of the amazing friends and running buddies she has made through East Nasty, saying, “My support system and friend pool has expanded tremendously since becoming a part of East Nasty and I feel so blessed for that. I love Nashville’s entire running community and love being a part of it!”

Tabata at NRC

Tabatas at NRC

Fellow ENOW, Susi Glenn Willis, has this to say about her friend Beth:

I have to say my introduction to Beth came via her Lasty Nasty Facebook posts giving play-by-play directions for the weekly runs. I wondered who is this lady passing out little direction cheat sheets? Little did I know she would become part of my inner circle of friends! She’s the one I count on at 6am Tabatas to help make the workout fun. She is like a non-stop energizer bunny and without trying, makes every training, run or dinner a party. Should I mention she also decorates cakes? Beth coaches Potato to Tomato runners and this lady is also one of Team Magic’s newest members! We run with all kinds of greatness at East Nasty, folks!

Beth and her friend Jaws

Beth and her friend Jaws

Running is great – blah, blah, blah, but Beth’s true love is scuba diving! She would rather be under water with sharks, turtles and whatever else, than anything else in the world. Her new goals on land include an Olympic distance triathlon in 2015 and maybe an Ironman by age 50. As Susi mentioned above, Beth recently became a team member of Team Magic and is looking forward to being able to further immerse herself in the triathlon lifestyle!

Team Magic Music City Triathlon 2014

Team Magic Music City Triathlon 2014

Beth, you are one of my favorite people and I’m so glad East Nasty brought us together. I would like to point out all of the exclamation marks in this post are Beth’s. I left them in because it’s exactly how she talks in person. A lot of you may not know Beth because she runs at 5:45pm with Lasty Nasty, but do yourself a favor and seek her out. She is one the brightest lights in our little running group.

Warrior Dash 2014

Beth, the human embodiment of the exclamation mark, at Warrior Dash 2014

Congrats, Beth! Welcome to the ENOW club!

ENOW: Lauren Caswell

November 10, 2014
First Half Marathon, Rock n' Roll, 2013

First Half Marathon, Rock n’ Roll, 2013

Our latest ENOW is known for her love of Texas A&M, her love of her job and her love of her dog. But seriously, the Texas A&M thing is next level. Nasties, it is my pleasure to introduce you to your East Nasty of the Week, Lauren Caswell!

Bourbon Chase 2014

Bourbon Chase, 2014

Lauren was born in the small town of Brattleboro, Vermont, but grew up in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. She swam competitively for eight years throughout middle and high school, and played softball and volleyball. When Lauren wasn’t playing sports, she was driving around with the top down on her jeep listening to techno music with her friends.

Lauren went to Texas A&M in College Station. She studied Recreation, Parks and Tourism Sciences with a focus in hospitality management, which included a summer abroad in Italy. She says that those were the best years of her life. She participated in all of the many traditions at A&M and made some of the best friends she could ask for.

On top of the Omni Hotel while it was under construction October 2012

On top of the Omni Hotel while it was under construction, 2012

Lauren works for Omni Nashville Hotel. She moved to Nashville two years ago to help open the new hotel, and started as a sales coordinator. She is now a group sales manager, which she loves because she gets to showcase both the city and the hotel.

Lauren started running in 2012. Two months after moving to Nashville, she volunteered with Hands on Nashville to hand out water during the Winter Warmup. Even though she mostly wanted to get out there to meet people, she became inspired by the runners. She started training with East Nasty shortly afterwards for the Rock n’ Roll Half and completed her first (rainy) half last year.

After the Women’s Half with Patrick, 2014

With Patrick at the Women’s Half, 2014

Lauren’s biggest accomplishment in running is inspiring other people to run. She sets a lot of goals for herself and is always happy when she meets those, but is much more rewarded when a friend says, “Lauren, I’m going to start running because you have inspired me to.”

The thing Lauren loves most about our group is the camaraderie, saying, “Everyone is always so encouraging and supportive. They want you to do well and accomplish your goals. I wish everyone had the mindset of an East Nasty!”

Tomato Fest 5K, 2013

Tomato 5K, 2013

Lauren has been running with East Nasty for two years and says her most memorable experience is seeing two of the guys she coached in P2T become not only coaches themselves, but testaments to the East Nasty cause.

When Lauren’s not running, she loves trying new restaurants, traveling, hiking, riding her bike, going out with friends, live music, festivals, beer and hanging out with the main man in her life, her dog, Yogi Bear.

Hiking in East Tennessee with fellow Nasties, Kristen Stone and Lauren Van Sant and their dogs.

Hiking with fellow Nasties, Kristen and Lauren

Lauren, welcome to Nashville, welcome to East Nasty, and, most importantly, welcome to the ENOW club! Congrats!

ENOW: Beth Meadows

October 20, 2014
Rock:Creek StumpJump 50K

Rock Creek StumpJump 50K

Our newest East Nasty of the Week is an attorney. You know what that means, Nasties? She can write! So settle in and get ready to read all about Beth Meadows, your latest ENOW!

Beth was born and raised in Alexander City, Alabama. She was always playing sports – volleyball, softball and cross-country. She attended University of Alabama. She didn’t play any sports in college, but she did major in fun. Beth loved every second of college, especially game days. She also met her husband, Steven, in college.

Beth moved to Nashville in 2008 to attend Vanderbilt University Law School.  After graduating in 2011, she lived briefly in Washington D.C. and Vero Beach, FL before moving back to Nashville in August 2012. She now works as an attorney, and recently started her own dog running business, Nashville Runs With Dogs.

Beth and Gypsy at NRC

Beth and Gypsy at NRC

Beth started running with her dad when she was in second grade and really hasn’t stopped. Beth ran in college, but just enough to keep the beer and pizza off of her thighs. She ran her first marathon in 2011, but after that, took a long break from anything farther than 6 miles. It wasn’t until last year that Beth really started looking towards longer distances… and the trails.

Beth’s biggest accomplishments in running are qualifying for Boston at CMM 2014, winning her first 50K at StumpJump this year, and finding an amazing community of friends and runners that constantly support and inspire her. Here, here!

NRC pal, Season, has this to say about Beth, “Her love of running coupled with her drive and dedication to setting and achieving new goals makes her one badass [TacoBell Race Team] runner. I can’t think of another runner more deserving of ENOW, especially after she just crushed StumpJump 50k. Like I said, Badass, with a capital B.”

Bree, Beth, Alicia, Christa, Season, and Margaret at NRC Pint Night following a great East Nasty run

Bree, Beth, Alicia, Christa, Season, and Margaret at NRC Pint Night following a great East Nasty run

Beth came to East Nasty by way of Nashville Running Company. In 2012, Beth joined an NRC half marathon training group. Everyone there kept telling her that she HAD to run with East Nasty. Eventually, she took their advice, and it was a great decision!

Beth enjoys the community of East Nasty. All of her friends are part of East Nasty, and no matter how busy they are during the week, it’s nice to know that they’ll at least have a 3-6 mile run where they can catch up. She’s pretty sure she’d have no social life if it weren’t for East Nasty!

At Tom King

At Tom King

Beth’s most memorable East Nasty experience is one in which she wasn’t even running. Beth ran Chattanooga Stage Race back in June and was taking the week after the race off. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the scheduled Wednesday night run that week was The Nasty. She hated to miss it, so she decided to camp out at the top of Mt. Nasty with popsicles for all of the runners. She says, “Seeing everyone working their butts off, going up one of the worst hills in town, and having a great time doing it, was so much fun and so rewarding! I think I had more fun cheering everyone on than I would’ve if I had run!”

Running is, obviously, Beth’s favorite hobby, but she also loves to spend time with her husband and her best friend/dog, Gypsy. Gypsy loves the trails (probably not as much as Beth does). Beth also loves watching Alabama football, cyber-stalking ultrarunning “celebrities” and eating Taco Bell and tweeting about it.

My husband Steven and me at fellow East Nasties, Hunter and Season's wedding

Beth and Steven at Hunter and Season’s wedding

*Author’s note: Nasties, are you still with me? Good. Stand up and stretch, refill your coffee because turns out, Beth isn’t the only writer in her family. Here’s what Beth’s husband Steven had to say when I asked him for a quote about his wife. From Steven:

I love my wife very much. My wife LOVES to run and, in my humble opinion, is very good at it. As a fat man, it’s just something I don’t understand. When Kim sent me a message saying that Beth was going to be this week’s ENOW, my first thought was “that’s so awesome. Beth is going to love that”. Even though we are admittedly opposites in many ways, I have always tried to be supportive, and I am always proud and impressed by her accomplishments. But we are different. Beth is a staunch vegetarian. I am of the opinion that man did not claw his way to the top of the food chain only to sustain himself with quinoa and caprese salads. I love a lazy day on the couch. Beth loves to run, multiple times a day. Here is an exchange from a few weeks ago:

Me: Hey, everything all right?

Beth: How do you know when you need to get stitches?

Me: WTH?

Beth: How do you know when you need to get stitches?

Me: Why?

Beth: Well, I was running on the trail and I fell and hit my head on a rock. My face is covered in blood, my shirt is covered in blood…

Me: Go to the emergency room right now!

Beth: I think I’ve got the bleeding stopped.

Some of you know how that story ends. Spoiler alert, it involves a trip to the emergency room. But this is her passion. To the point where she still gets nervous days before a big race and can never sleep the night before. That sort of excitement and passion paid off for her earlier this year when we found out her application to run the Boston Marathon had been officially accepted. I don’t know much about the running world, but even I know this is a big deal and I couldn’t be more proud.

After some thought, I have found a way to sound excited about running. Well, maybe not running, but the people who do run. Specifically the people involved with NRC, East Nasty and all the people Beth and I have met through her running. She has made great friends with many of you and in turn, so have I. You are some of the most kind, generous, outgoing and creative people we have the pleasure of knowing. From beer miles to trivia night, store openings to pool parties and Thursday movie nights, I can honestly say we love every minute of our time with all of you. For that, and for my beautiful wife, I am very grateful.

Beth, congrats on your recent StumpJump win! Welcome to the ENOW club!

ENOW: The Interns!

September 22, 2014

So this week we have a few very special East Nasties of the Week: The Interns! If you know anything about East Nasty, you should know that we love giving back to the East Nashville community. We’ve previously sponsored track teams and donated shoes to students, but this summer we did something a little different. We’ve had three summer interns from Stratford High School who have helped out each Wednesday night for the past 9 weeks. While interning with East Nasty, they’ve helped with setting up prior to the runs which included setting up the water, map, and sound system and then cleaning up after the runs.

For their participation in the East Nasty Internship, in partnership with Nashville Running Company, The Interns were compensated with some pretty sweet running gear! After working for 4 weeks they were able to pick out a new pair of shoes. After 6 weeks they were able to pick out a pair of spikes. And after 9 weeks they received a GPS running watch. Thank you NRC!

Please give a big virtual applause for the three newest East Nasties of the Week: Ambrose, Jack, and Treyvon!

Ambrose heard about the internship from his mom. His favorite sport is cross-country, but before the internship he rarely ran. East Nasty helped him discover how much fun running could be and now he runs about 20 miles a week and in two races a week! This summer while interning Ambrose learned, “if you push yourself you can accomplish almost anything and that running is a lot of fun.” Ambrose you are wise beyond your years!

Jack has run cross-country for his high school team for the past two years, but his favorite sport is tennis. He learned about the internship from his school through his participation with the cross-country team. While participating in the program Jack says he learned how to set up the water and the speaker system. Running seems to be a family affair for Jack’s family as several of his siblings have come out and run with East Nasty too. I’ve also heard that one of Jack’s siblings is interested in the program for next year!

Treyvon also runs cross-country for his school and learned about the internship program through his coach. Track and field is his favorite sport. Treyvon was a runner before the internship and has run in plenty of races through the track team. He enjoyed the internship with East Nasty because it allowed him to reach out and help the community.

I would also like to thank the parents of these wonderful interns. Without their support this program would not have been possible. Thank you for allowing your children to gain some valuable experience and to spend their Wednesday evenings with the East Nasty Running Club.We are grateful for their service!

Ambrose, Jack and Treyvon I hope to see you on a Wednesday night soon and keep on running!

ENOW: Eric Block

August 4, 2014
Eric's first half marathon finish, 2011

Eric’s first half marathon finish, 2011

Our latest East Nasty of the Week loves his girlfriend, their dog and fishing. I think I got that order right. Nasties, it is my pleasure to introduce you to your ENOW, Eric Block!

Eric grew up in the small town of Stevensville, MI, on the sandy shores of Lake Michigan. Growing up, Eric was always drawn to sports and had a very common athletic progression:  soccer, basketball, football. When he wasn’t playing football, he was hanging out with friends and he also dabbled in track, but primarily to stay in shape for football.

Eric attended Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo and graduated with a degree in accounting. At the end of January 2012, he decided to move to Nashville to be with his girlfriend, and fellow ENOW, Bree Roy. Eric works in Marketing at Caterpillar Financial. After working in Accounting for a year, the Marketing group had a need for someone with an accounting-esque skill set to handle some of their data reporting responsibilities. Insert Eric, and over a year later, he’s still happily enslaved to Microsoft Excel and its notorious pivot tables.

Fishing, 2014

Fishing, 2014

When Eric and Bree first met, he was the furthest thing from an endurance athlete, but in an attempt to spend more time with her, he started running in 2011. Shortly thereafter, several of his friends were preparing to run the Kalamazoo Half Marathon and he thought it might be a fun challenge to take on. And here we are.

Eric’s biggest accomplishment in running is two-fold. First, finishing his first and last full marathon in New Orleans in February 2013. It wasn’t pretty, but it was a great feeling when he finally crossed that finish line. Secondly, in 2013, he ran a 20:10 5k at a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot in Michigan in the worst conditions imaginable:  10-15 degrees, snow, roads blanketed with ice, etc. He can’t believe he was able to stay upright.

Eric has Bree to thank for introducing him to East Nasty. She had moved to Nashville a year earlier and found the group. So once he moved here, he hit the ground running, literally! Since then, he can count on both hands the number of times he’s missed a Wednesday night run.

Bowie Park

Bowie Park

What does Eric enjoy most about East Nasty? You mean, besides beers at 3 Crow afterwards? He says definitely the camaraderie. He has built so many relationships within the East Nasty community; the people are incredible. He also enjoys the diversity of the group and says that there’s really something for everyone. Often when he’s inviting new runners to check out East Nasty for the first time, he can tell they’re intimidated to come run with a “running club”, but regardless, if you’re one of the fastest people in Nashville, or would like to walk an entire Wednesday night route, there will be someone to join you along the way.

The most memorable East Nasty experience for Eric is receiving the award, “Most likely to never run a half marathon ever again for being miserable on the course today,” during the East Nasty Country Music Marathon party. He says it was appropriate, yet hilarious due to the surprise.

Road trip with Bree and Rula

Road trip with Bree and Rula

*Author’s note: I would normally edit this down to a succinct 2-3 sentences, but I feel it’s important for you to understand how much Eric really loves fishing. Enjoy.

What other hobbies do you have?

Man, I’ve had a lot over the years, but the one that has passed the test of time is fishing. I got started really young and have had the “itch” to be on the water ever since. While I was in college, I actually traveled throughout the state of Michigan competing in Bass tournaments whenever I could. I also worked part-time at a local hunting and fishing outfitter retail store, much like a Bass Pro Shop, but smaller. Still probably my favorite job to date, hah! Though I’m not competing anymore and I don’t work in the industry, I still try to get out every weekend that I’m in town. Other than that, I love all different types of fitness. Currently, I’m doing a lot of weightlifting, my newest fascination, wall climbing, and when it’s not sweltering outside, I enjoy getting out on the trails with my mountain bike. And last but not least, the hobby I partake in, and enjoy the most, is spending time with Bree and our pup, Rula. Whether it’s running the trails or veg’ing on the couch binge watching TV (while endlessly throwing the ball for Rula), there’s never a dull moment with those two girls!

Eric, both Nashville and East Nasty is happy to have you. Congrats and welcome to the ENOW club! And don’t eat anything you catch in the Cumberland.