East Nasty of the Week: For the FIFTH time!!! THE Chuck Hargrove

January 3, 2013

At the start of each year we like to go back to our roots and post an open letter to our runners from the man, the myth, the LEGEND…Chuck Hargrove! If you are new to our group, or this site, feel free to read through Chuck’s first four ENOW’s here. Although he has not been as present over the past year, he pledges to try his best to get back to the Wednesday night runs soon.

I hope you enjoy his words of wisdom as much as I did. Enjoy!



Happy Nasty New Year,

Another new year has arrived, yet winter in Nashville looks gloomy.  The gray sky looks the same at 8:00 a.m., noon, and 4:00 p.m. Early sunsets and cold temperatures can be a siren’s song for staying indoors. But not for you….no… .

This is the time of year when running champions are made.  A college football national champion will be crowned within a week.  These college gridiron teams did not just show up last week.  Their preparation started many months in advance, as should yours. Anyone with a goal of finishing the Country Music Half Marathon should already have a sufficient distance base and ability to run for an hour.  For some this trek started last August at Potato to Tomato 5K training.  Those new to running should strongly consider this highly successful summer plan.  Tell your friends.

Let’s say you are past Tomato training and secure in your 5K to 5 miles capabilities.  This weekend we start Country Music Half Marathon training at Shelby Bottoms.  Training begins at the highly casual 9:00 hour both Saturday and Sunday mornings.  You have one of two days to join us, so no excuses. Aspiring 13.1 mile runners should be able to complete about an hour of running this weekend.  I will be your Sunday coach for 2:15 pace group.  We have pace groups as fast as 1:30 (about 6:52 per mile) all the way up to 2:30 (11:26 per mile).

Years ago East Nasty started as a Blue Ridge Relay team, evolved into a spring half marathon training plan, then added Wednesday night runs May 2008. Now East Nasty is the trend setter for training, nice threads, relay teams such Ragnar, travel excursions such as New Orleans Mardi Gras Marathon and Half Marathon; paint, mud and obstacle runs. Our street cred is noticeable.

Sadly and too often, our street manners are also noticeable.  Reverend Drew preaches the good news about running close to the curb, with reflective gear, with ears clear of musical distractions, and having your head on a swivel when running in traffic. Minimalist is a running shoe trend and not for reflective gear, courtesy, manners and awareness trends.  Max out on reflective gear and dome lamps, face traffic when running, anticipate that car does not see you, run defensively, run in a group.  Winter and windy jogs mean picking warmest part of day to run.  Start your workout into the wind.  Wear gloves and keep an extra pair in your car (gloves do not work well indoors since most rooms hover near 70 degrees–hardly gloves weather). When finished running, get into dry clothes.  Grab a bite to eat.

For those who are counting or aiming, you have about 475 days to Boston Marathon 2014. See you this weekend.

Chuck Hargrove


2012 Tomato Fest Week!

August 7, 2012

Welcome to Biggest Week of the Year for East Nasty!

It is East Nashville Tomato Fest week, which of course includes the East Nashville Tomato 5K this Saturday at 7:30am. There are going to be several opportunities on Saturday for you to participate and volunteer. Come be a part of our favorite week of the year! This is a long post – but contains everything you need to know about  this week. Please read the whole thing!

The Route – Wednesday Aug 8th

First things first – the route this Wednesday will be the East Tomato 5k race course. Here is a map. Many of us will be running in the race so we will get in a practice run on the course. We will be joined Wednesday night by our Potato-to-Tomato 5K Training Group that has been meeting 3 days a week all summer in Shelby Park. Please be sure to introduce yourself to these runners, congratulate and welcome them to the big East Nasty family as they have all trained very hard for the race this weekend.

The groups will start at different times tomorrow night but needless to say we will have a large group of runners out on the roads. It is very important to obey the rules of the road. Run on the sidewalk or on the left side of the street, do NOT run more than 2 people across and do NOT run out into the road in front of oncoming traffic. This is a very fun night and a big week for East Nasty – please do not ruin it for others by running in the middle of the road or jumping out in front of traffic and getting us into trouble with the police.

Our morning run meets at 5:50am and starts promptly at 6am. The evening run meets at 6pm. Both runs meet at our usual spot – the corner of 11th & Holly in front of the yellow ArtEmbrace house.

How can I participate on Saturday Aug 11th?

There are several different ways to be a part of East Nasty’s homecoming event this Saturday:

1) Run in the East Tomato 5k race. The race starts at 7:30am just off of the 5 Points intersection and there will be East Nasties all over the place. All we ask is that you wear an East Nasty shirt during the race. See more on shirts below. The Potato-to-Tomato Group will meet at out normal Wednesday night meeting spot ( 11th & Holly ) at 7:00 am for a warmup and then head down to the start of the race together.

2) Volunteer at the race. Our good friends at Fleet Feet Sports are sponsoring a water stop at mile 2 on the race course and our peeps at Nashville Running Company are helping out at the finish line. If you’re not running in the race, we need some East Nasty volunteers to help them pass out water, help on the race course, and cheer on the runners. Contact Amanda (amanda@eastnastyforlife.com) or Drew (drew@eastnastyforlife.com) to volunteer. We need you!

3) Work the East Nasty ‘water tent booth’ during the East Tomato Fest. From 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday. East Nasty will have a tent set up right in front of 3 Crow Bar and we will be serving free water to anyone who is thirsty during the Tomato Festival. It is our way of giving back to the community as a thanks for letting us run on the neighborhood streets. We need volunteers to work a 2 hour shift. The volunteers will be passing out water, selling shirts, refilling coolers, getting ice, and spreading the East Nasty cheer. SIGN UP FOR A SHIFT HERE. Be sure to wear an East Nasty shirt. Contact Sarah Shearer for more details: sarahkshearer@gmail.com

4) Come and hang out. Even if you can not run in the race or volunteer please still try to come out to the Tomato Fest for a bit and spend some time with your running buddies. There will be live music, contests, art, parades, food and drink, free water and all things tomato all day long. Again all we ask is that you wear one of your East Nasty shirts with pride.

Speaking of Shirts…

We have 2 new shirts now available for you guys.

1) The 2012 Tomato tech shirt is now available for purchase for $20 at Nashville Running Company. These are high quality Pearl Izumi white tech shirts with our logo and Tomato 5K art in red.

2) Our 2012 cotton tri-blend t-shirt will be available for purchase for $20 at our Tomato Fest booth on Saturday. This years shirt is green, super soft, and comes in both men’s and women’s sizes. We will have a preview of them at the run on Wednesday evening. (We may have the shirts available for sale on Friday evening somewhere in 5 Points – if so, we will announce that here and on our Facebook page.)

A very exciting and fun week for East Nasty indeed. Please see Mark Miller, Drew Jones, Amanda Tungett, Sarah Shearer, or Duane Stephenson with any questions you have regarding this weekend. We will all be there at the Wednesday night run.

Hope to see all of you this week out there in Full Force  — EAST NASTY FOR LIFE – Yahhhhhhhhh  !!!!!

Drew (and Duane)

East Nasty(s) of Week: Amanda Silveira and Casey Sloss

February 26, 2012

With a mutual love of business and helping others, these two new ENOWs have combined their creative talents into a new children’s consignment boutique on Porter Road. The new store “Cheep, Cheap” will strive to promote the recycling of gently used children’s clothes and toys. So say hello to these two wonderful ladies, Amanda Silveira and Casey Sloss.

Amanda during Ragnar

Casey ready to run

Amanda and Casey have known each other since 2005, when they met through mutual friends at Climb Nashville. Back then, Casey was working as an RN at Vanderbilt hospital, but over the past 3 years she has been raising her two sweet daughters. Amanda moved to Nashville to pursue a career in Environmental Science. She ended up going back to school to study nursing, and has worked in labor and delivery at Centennial Women’s Hospital since graduating in 2010.

In running, Amanda and Casey recently completed this year’s Ragnar relay. Not only did they have a great time, but they also rocked out a first place finish in their division!!! Amanda took things a bit farther last year when she entered and completed the Tough Mudder race. As far as future running, both are putting their focus into Cheep Cheap.

Cheep Cheap hopes to host events such as puppet shows, book readings, and social gatherings for moms and kids. They will promote local craft artists who want to create clothing and additional items for kids, and they also hope to help give back to the East Nashville community as much as possible. Be sure to stop by their store, located at 711 Porter Road.

We at East Nasty wish all the best of luck in your new business venture.


Sunday February 26

February 24, 2012

Tempo #2

Sunday 2/26 – We are back at Shelby Park.  9 a.m.

First of all, last week’s long run was epic.  This week we are back at Shelby.

During the course of our 1/2 marathon / marathon training, we have several different types of runs.  Of course there are those standard, obligatory (and important) steady state long runs.  That is where you just start slowly, and build into a steady pace that is about 1:30 to 2:30 minutes slower per mile than your 3 mile time trial pace.

Interspersed in these long runs we have 4 structured tempo runs.  We still run a fairly long distance, but for periods of time, we will run at or above our goal 1/2 marathon pace.  (Tempo pace, which is 85-90% max heart rate, or between 20 and 45 seconds slower per mile than 3 mile TT pace.)  This week is one of those workouts…  The first 2 parts of the workout are the same for everyone the bold part is different:

Novice (80 min total): 15 minutes easy + 5 x (5 min Tempo + 1 min easy) + 20 min easy + 5 min tempo + 10 min easy

Intermediate (90 min total): 15 minutes easy + 5 x (5 min Tempo + 1 min easy) + 25 min easy + 10 min tempo + 10 min easy

Advanced (105 min total): 15 minutes easy + 5 x (5 min Tempo + 1 min easy) + 35 min easy + 15 min tempo + 10 min easy

Note: You need feedback for these types of run.  Types of feedback include heart rate, pace and perceived effort level.  During the “tempo” portions of your runs, your heart should be between 85 and 90% of your maximum.  Your pace should be around 20-30 seconds per mile slower than your 3-mile time trial pace.   (If you don’t have a GPS watch, I am going to mark the quarter miles on the 3-mile Shelby Loop.)  Finally, your breathing should never be auditory.  i.e. If you can hear yourself breathing, you are going too hard.

Calling All Parents…

Part of our mission at East Nasty is to support local businesses…because we love East Nashville and want to make it a great place to live and run.   Well a couple of East Nasties have gotten together to open a new baby & children’s consignment store!  You’ll learn more about Amanda Silvera and Casey Sloss soon, but their new store (called “Cheep Cheap”) has their grand opening this Saturday from 10-4.  Cheep Cheap is located in the Porter Road East complex, 711 Porter Rd.

See you on Sunday !


Wednesday, February 22

February 21, 2012

Wednesday Night Run

The days are getting longer, the weather looks nice and warm – there is not a better way to spend Wednesday night than joining us for Run #8: Rick’s Market (Coldest Beer in Town).   6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.   And please: learn the route and volunteer to lead a group!

Thursday Night Tempo

A lot of us are already beginning to feel the benefits of the Thursday night workouts.  So if you are looking to run the half marathon, or if you just want to run in a faster group on Wednesdays, come join us Thursday.  Same time, same place as Wednesday – although we do start on time on Thursdays 🙂

Novice: 20 minute tempo, Intermediate: 25 minute tempo, Advanced: 30 minute tempo.

Spring Half-Marathon / Marathon Shirt

Ordering for our Spring 2012 race shirts (full marathon, half marathon, & plain) will close after Wednesday night!  You can get more info and order yours online over on the Shop page. These are the shirts that East Nasty will be wearing for the Country Music Half/Full and all other spring races. You can head over to Nashville Running Company to try one on to find the size that fits you best. Place your order today before you forget and miss out!

See you Wednesday night.

February is here!

January 31, 2012

In this post: Wednesday night route #5, NRC happy hour, Thursday hills and Speed Sessions.

Wednesday Night February 1st

The run this week is Route #5, a 4.3 mile scenic run that takes us across the pedestrian bridge into downtown. Meet us at 6 p.m. at 11th & Holly. We’ll need a couple of  new pace leaders. Find us by the water coolers to volunteer.

Post Run

After the run, NRC (Nashville Running Company) is going to host their first monthly post-run happy hour. So plan on heading over there after the run. The store is located in 5 POints at 1105 Woodland Street – right between the new Animal Hospital and the East Nashville Post Office.

Thursday Workouts

Thursday night February 2nd is our last pedestrian hill workout. We’ll run 6, 8 or 10 repeats. Meet at 6p.m. at 11th and Holly if you want to join us. Remember, we scale the workout so it can be done by advanced, intermediate or novice runners!

Speed Sessions

Speaking of workouts, if you are looking for some very structured/personalized training, speed sessions is for you. Below is a little more information.

Are you looking to become a faster and more efficient runner?

Winter speed sessions from Fleet Feet Sports is a program designed to do just that. The training sessions will be on Tuesday mornings and Tuesday evenings and will last for 11 weeks. Speed sessions are open to all different levels of runners but as a rule of thumb you should be able to run 3 miles without stopping if you want to take this program. Winter speed sessions are geared towards those who are training for a 1/2 or full marathon but again would benefit any runner who is trying to improve. The workouts will change each week and they typically will last about an hour. The 6:00 am sessions will meet at Christ Presbyterian Academy and the 6:00 pm sessions will meet at Centennial park. You are welcome to come to whichever one best fits your schedule each week. The workouts will consist of a warm up, drills, strides, intervals and cool down each of which will be explained to you. In order to become a faster / better runner you need to teach your body what faster feels like and that is exactly what speed sessions will do. Mark Miller and Drew Jones have been the coaches for the past 5 years and speed sessions has been very successful for a lot of runners. As we tell people each year if you come out and do 11 weeks of speed workouts in a row then it is impossible to not be a better runner at the end.

Click here if you are looking to sign up.

See you Wednesday evening.

Tempo #1 – January 29, 2012

January 27, 2012

1/2 Marathon Training – Shelby Park 9 a.m.

This week we will still be meeting at Shelby Park outside of the nature center. (Which is a good reminder to download the training schedule.  It has all the workouts outlined of course, but it also lists our Sunday morning meeting locations.)

This week’s workout is not completely straight forward, so please take a moment to read below.

Last week we ran a 3-mile time trial. Time trials / races are essential workouts because that pace is a benchmark that will determine our training paces. To begin, divide your three mile time by three to get your mile per pace, and we’ll go from there. (As I explain the workout, I am going to use a hypothetical intermediate runner, “Bob”, who ran 23:00 for the time trial last week.  Which is 7:40 per mile.)

The run is split into three parts: the warm-up, the workout, and the extra mileage. The first two parts will be the same for everybody (run at different paces of course), the last part will be different for the novice, intermediate and advanced groups.

We will run at two paces this week: our long/easy pace and tempo pace.

Our long run pace is 1:30 – 2:30 minutes per mile slower than our time trial pace. That pace for Bob would be 9:10 – 10:10. In terms of heart rate, that pace is under 75% of your max heart rate. (Another good estimate is 180 – your age.) Tempo pace is 20-45 seconds per mile slower than your time trial pace. In terms of heart rate, tempo pace is between 88-92% of your max.   Since we are doing tempo intervals rather than a steady state run, our tempo pace will be on the faster end of that range: 20-25 seconds slower than our 3-mile pace or about 90% max HR.

Part 1 – the warm-up  (everyone) 20 minutes at about 2 – 2:30 minutes slower per mile than their 3-mile pace.

Bob would start at 10:10 pace and speed up to 9:40 pace during the warm up.

Part 2 – The workout  (everyone) 5 x (5 minutes tempo pace +  1 minute easy)  – 30 minutes total.

Bob would run 5 minutes at 8:00 – 8:05  pace, then jog easy for 1 minute. He would do this sequence  five times.

Part 3 – Extra mileage novice adds 20 minutes, intermediate 30 minutes and advanced will add 45 minutes. This pace should be about 1:30 slower than 3-mile pace.

Bob would run at 9:10 pace for 30 minutes.

We’re also going to move off the greenway, and run 5k loops of the park. Why? To prepare for the race by adding a little bit of rolling terrain. (The Country Music 1/2 marathon is hilly, the greenway is not…) Here is the loop that we will use. I am going to try and mark the miles on the ground tomorrow – no promises, so make a mental note of the mile marks.

Dubai Marathon

Yesterday at the Dubai marathon, Deressa Chisma Edae ran 2:05:42 (4:48 pace)…and finished 8th. Wow. The race was won by a 21-year old Ethiopian, Ayele Absharo, in his debut marathon. (He earned a cool $250,000 for his efforts.) Even more amazing was the fact that his last 2 miles were run in about 9:04. (Once again emphasizing negative splitting:  1:02:22 first half, 1:02:01 second half.) He broke the lead pack apart by running the 39th kilometer in 2:46 – for you track guys, a 2:46 kilometer is 66.4 seconds per lap! For more check out the race coverage here.

No Brunch

Last week was amazing! Belgian waffles, pancakes, bacon… Outstanding! Many thanks to our gracious host Sara Spencer. This week, you’re on your own. My post-run East Nashville food suggestions are Mitchell Deli and Marche. A third option would be Bongo Java East. Of course they make great coffee, but they also have some fantastic bagel sandwiches.

See you on Sunday.