Easter Sunday…

April 6, 2012

1/2 Marathon Training

Now is not the time to skip a long run…but it’s Easter.  So we have Saturday morning or Sunday morning training options this week.  Either way, we are all doing slow mileage…time on your feet.  This run should be completely conversational the entire way – if you can’t talk to the person next to you, you need to slow down.  Your heart rate should average 70-75% of your max, and you should never exceed 80%, even on the hills.

The meeting places and routes are different, so please keep reading if you are planning on joining us this weekend...

Saturday, April 7.

8 a.m. at Centennial Park.  Here is the facebook invitation.  We are going to run the entire half marathon course.  There will be four places to get water, and there will be transportation back to Centennial.  Unless, of course, you are in the advanced group – your transportation back to Centennial will be your own legs.  Steve Lundy Lund will be there to lead an advanced group, Mark Charlton and Jennifer Eberle will lead the novice/intermediate groups.

P.S.  If the link to the facebook invitation does not work, just show up at 8 a.m. at Centennial Park.

Sunday, April 8

Meet at Bongo East at 8 a.m.  We will be running a modified Bongo-to-Bongo loop.  12, 14 or 16 + miles.   We’ll follow this route out past Bongo @ Belmont, and then follow the 1/2 marathon course back to Bongo East.  Here is the route that we are following…(we will shorten it for the novice group.)

Happy Easter!


Sunday March 18…8 a.m. start

March 16, 2012

Country Music Marathon / Half Training

We are doing the exact same thing that we did last week except we’ll start at 8 a.m. In fact…


Where: Centennial Park – meet at the parking area half way between West End and the Parthenon.

When: 8 a.m.

What:  Long slow distance on the course.  If you don’t know the route, please print out a map.  We will run the first 8ish miles of the course, then continue straight down Wedgewood, turn right on Natchez Trace – run past the track and the stadium cross West End to enter Centennial Park.

Novice: 10 miles

Intermediate: 1 mile loop of Centennial + 10 miles = 11 miles

Advanced: 2 loops + 10 miles + 2 loops = 14 miles

Remember, this week is just time on your feet.   Learning the ups and downs of the course is going to pay big dividends on race day, but Sunday is not race day.  So keep your heart rate and effort level low.  Run with other people, even if it means that you have to slow down a little.  This is also a great week to invite friends if they are interested in running the race course with a big group.

Nutrition / Hydration

We will have gatorade on the route as well as some Gatorade G1 – gel type things.   But please bring some of you own calories/hydration for after the run.   Every so often we will run out of fluids for after the run, and this will be our first long run where it is a little bit warmer.

See you on Sunday at 8!


Tempo Miles… March 4

March 2, 2012

Sunday March 4 – Tempo Miles

Where: Shelby Park – by the nature center

When: Sunday, March 4, 9 a.m.

What: Tempo Miles.

Novice: 15 minutes easy + 6 x (1 mile tempo + 1 minute walk/jog) + 10 minute easy

Intermediate: 15 minutes easy + 6 x (1 mile tempo + 1 minute rest) + 15 minutes easy

Advanced: 15 minutes easy + 8 x (1 mile tempo + 1 minute rest) + 20 minutes easy

Doing tempo intervals rather than steady state tempo runs has pros and con.  First, the con: it trains you to expect breaks during a race, which hopefully you will not be taking during the Country Music 1/2 or full.   The pros: it allows you to keep a faster pace than you would be able to without breaks – and it is not as taxing on your body as an 8 mile steady state tempo run.  (Which we will do on April 1…)

This is also a good week to practice negative splitting.   That means that our first mile should be our slowest and our last should be our fastest.   As far as our pace goes, start at about 40 seconds per mile slower than your time trial pace, and finish about 20 seconds per mile slower than your TT pace.  (Heart rate – 85% – 90% of your max…)

For planning purposes, starting next week we will be heading over to Centennial Park for three weeks.

Brunch is Back!

After the workout it’s time to head over to Duane’s for brunch!  It’s only about a mile from the park, so no excuse.  The food is great, but at the end of the day it’s a great time to really connect with your fellow East Nasties.  Everyone is welcome, especially if you are new to the group, or even new to town.  Check out the details here and sign up to bring something.

Tom King Water Stop

Next weekend, you have three options: (1) run the Tom King half or 5k, (2) help out with the East Nasty Tom King water stop or (3) give birth (this option applies to only a select few people…)

Everything we do at East Nasty is free, and we just ask that you guys give back once in a while.  One of the ways that we give back to the running community is to work a water stop.   But believe me, this is not your typical water stop…I guarantee that you will have a good time.  Next week we will have more details – but please pencil this Saturday morning activity into your schedule!

Friday night

Finally, remember that our good friend Kevin Kaz is hosting his second annual Funky Umbrella party at 3rd and Lindsey tonight starting at 9:30.  The Jones Brothers Experience will be the emcees.

See you Sunday.


February 19: One last day at Percy Warner

February 17, 2012

Sunday February 19 – Just logging miles

Sunday will be our last long run in Percy Warner Park, before we head back to Shelby Park for two Sundays of structured workouts.   Once again, this week we are just spending time on our feet.  The pace should be conversational, the duration is the same as last week, and we will have groups on the trails and the roads.   And the best part is that afterwards we will have brunch!

When:  9 a.m.

Where: Percy Warner Park under the Stone Gates the end of Belle Meade Blvd

What:  Novice: 80 minute run, Intermediate: 90 minute run, Advanced: 120 minute run

Looking ahead, we all need to do another 3 mile time trial in early March.  We won’t be doing one as a group on Sunday morning, so you need to make plans to either: (1) do one on your own or (2) run a local 5k.  Personally, I am going to run the Tom King 5k before I head over to work the infamous Jones brothers water stop…Be sure that you print off the training program so you know what we are doing and where we are meeting!


The best part of Sundays…the East Nasty brunch.   Check out this link right here.  All the necessary information is included.  Our gracious hosts are Nick Abruzzo and Christina Young, who live right close to the park off of White Bridge Road.  Please sign up and to show off either your cooking skills, your cleaning skills or your shopping skills!

1/2 Marathon / Marathon Shirts

Every year, we get East Nasty shirts for the Country Music half and full marathons.  In a race of 33,000 people, it’s fun to look around and see a bunch of other nasties in the same gear.  This year is no different except (1) we are actually ordering them early so we don’t have to stress over getting them printed in time, (2) we are ordering on line, and (3) we have a different design for marathon runners vs 1/2 marathon runners vs. people who just want a shirt.

We will be closing orders this coming Wednesday (February 22) at midnight!   We may have a couple of extras, but don’t count on it.  So if you want to get yourself a shirt, or grab one for an out of town friend, place the order soon!  All the details are here.

Those crazy kids…

So a 17-year old Kenyan just won a world class half marathon with a winning time of 60:34.  That’s 4:38 pace for 13.1 miles.  That’s got to be the world record for juniors (18 and under)!  Wrong!   That record is held by Sammy Wanjiru – winner of the last Olympic Marathon, and perhaps the most talented marathoner ever – who ran 59:16 when he was 18 years old, but is now dead after jumping out of a window following a bad encounter with his angry wife.  It’s really a pretty crazy story.

See  you on Sunday.


Sunday, February 12

February 10, 2012

1/2 marathon training

This week we’re back in Percy Warner Park just logging miles.  Nothing structured, just “time on your feet.”   The purpose of Sunday’s run is duration, not intensity.  And even though we’re adding miles and hills, the entire run should be conversational.  Under 75% of your max heart rate – maybe peaking at 80% on the hills.   There will be groups running the road loops and trails.

Also, it’s going to be cold…but being in the woods will keep you sheltered and out of the wind.  This is the precise reason why we run at Percy Warner in February…

Where: Percy Warner Park at the Stone Gates.  (At the end of Belle Meade Blvd.)

When: 9 a.m.


Novice – 80 minute run

Intermediate: 90 minute run

Advanced: 120 minute run

No organized brunch this week.  But looking for something new?  Try Sky Blue Cafe at 700 Fatherland Ave.    One of the best brunches in Nashville.

September 21st – 2011

September 20, 2011

Hello East Nasty  – great job last week on staying out of the roads. We had a big turnout for the run downtown however, everyone stayed on the side of the roads and stopped at the intersections …. good work. This week we are running route #6 “riverside” which will take us down and out of the north side of shelby park. Please take a look at the route down on the right side of the page and learn it. We always need pace leaders and guides out there to keep our numbers out of the middle of the road and on the right path.


Darkness !!!  – Reflective Gear

Starting tomorrow you will need to wear reflective gear out for the Wednesday night runs. It is getting dark a little before 7:00 now and we will need to be visible to the cars out on the road. If you already have your own reflective gear that is great … make sure you wear it tomorrow night. If you do not have anything of your own bring some money with you tomorrow as we will be selling some reflective vest before and after the run. A reflective vest is one of the best things you can wear at night when running. They are very easy to see and you can wear them over pretty much anything you normally wear on your runs. We will have some Brooks reflective vest on sale for $15 (normally $25) and we will have some Nathan’s vest on sale for $20 ( normally $30).  We should have plenty available if you are interested in buying one but they will be sold on a first come first serve basis. East Nasty is a very big group of runners and safety is our #1 concern so again EVERYONE will be required to wear some kind of reflective gear starting tomorrow night.


Thought of the week

If you have not joined your fellow East Nasties down at 3 crow bar following the run – now is the time to do so. Here lately the weather has been perfect after the run for hanging outside on the back deck.  So its time for you to bring some dry clothes to wear for after the run and come down the hill to 3 crow and hangout. It really is the best way to get to know some of the faces you run with every week. Plus rumor has it that the coveted ” East Nasty of the week ” write ups are going to be making a return to the blog soon so if you want to be in the running for that honor then we will need to see you down at 3 crow. Hope all of you are well and can join us tomorrow night for 4.5 miles of total running ecstasy.



September 14th – 2011

September 13, 2011

Hello East Nasty – nice work last Wednesday night on the run. We had another big turnout and for the most part everyone did a great job of staying out of the road. The reason we are so strict about staying out of the road is for several reasons. First of all we have been told by the police that we have to obey the rules of the road. We are a very large group and we can not take over the streets and force cars to stop. Most importantly though is the safety of our runners. We have to be aware of the cars and traffic around us and we have to stop at intersections and let cars go when needed. All it takes is one person to jump out into traffic and people behind them are going to follow – so again stay out of the middle of the road, listen to your pace leaders, and stop at intersections to check for traffic. This week we are running an East Nasty favorite – (route #5 – walking bridge) – We will be taking our group into downtown Nashville for a little more than 4 miles of joy and running. Please scroll down on the bottom right side of this page and review the route so you know where we are running. We will need some volunteers to be a pace leaders and it would be great if people would come up at the start and ask Mark or myself if they can lead a group.


Mayor Karl Deans 5k training and race

Many of you will remember that back in the spring we joined the Mayor for part of his walk 100 miles campaign. It was a very big success across Nashville and the mayor is now starting the next phase of his get healthy initiative. The Mayor will be having a free 5k walk/run training across our city for anyone interested in participating. The Mayor will then be hosting a free 5k race in downtown Nashville on November 13th at 2:00 P.M. This is a great program for our city and the Mayor’s office is looking for both volunteers and participants. There are locations all over the city where you can meet and run/train with others for the 5k race. Please visit the website www.mayorschallenge5k.com to get more information or sign up for the challenge. You can also visit them on facebook. One special incentive that they are offering is they are giving away a gift card for a free pair of  running shoes every Tuesday night and Saturday morning at one of the 4 main training locations.


Thought of the week

This is just more news really than it is any “thought”. The powers that drive East Nasty had a meeting this past weekend. Did you know that East Nasty has a board of directors ? Well it’s true – we do. Anyway many things were discussed and there are some exciting things coming our way in the future. Some of them include: new east nasty shirts  and a new way to place your order, 2 new routes to bring us back to 12 separate routes, discounted reflective running gear for sale on Wednesday nights, East Nasty Christmas party’s new location, and so on —— exciting times are always ahead when you are a part of East Nasty.


Hope to see you out there tomorrow night  ………… ENFL  !!!!