Call for New Board Member Candidates

February 22, 2018

“We exist to make East Nashville a great place to live and run, and to make running accessible to everyone in our community.” – East Nasty Running Club Mission Statement

East Nasty Running Club is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization and is governed by a Board of Directors. We are a ‘working board’ – meaning we are the hands and feet that make everything happen. Wednesday night runs, finances, party/event planning, fundraising, social media, merch and gear, etc are all decided upon, managed, operated, and executed by members of the Board.

We are issuing a call for new Board Members and opening a candidate application process. 

Being a Board Member is very rewarding, but also comes with responsibilities. Board Members are required to attend quarterly meetings (usually on weekends), be co-responsible for one quarter each year of our Wednesday night runs (set-up, tear down, communications, etc), and lead/serve the club in an area of general need (finance/accounting, fundraising/partnerships, social media, event planning, merch design & sales, etc.). Board Members are, of course, expected to be the finest reflection to the community of our club’s values and mission. Our Board works best when it’s made up of all kinds of runners both faster and slower, from 5Kers to Ultra-marathoners. You don’t have to live in East Nashville, but our club’s efforts are focused here so you should be very interested in and familiar with the area. We are looking for people who have a passion for fitness and community, who have skills, expertise, and ideas to help maintain and grow our organization, and who can make a sincere commitment to serving East Nasty Running Club.

If you are interested in serving our club on the Board, with an understanding of the commitment involved, then we invite you to fill out the online application form. If you have any specific questions, you can email Jeremy ( or Duane ( or ask any current board member about their own experience. It would be a good idea to review our About page where you can also see our current leadership team. We will be accepting and reviewing applications through the end of March or so.  The Board will contact you after our next meeting (which is sometime in April) to set up an interview should it be a potential fit. Please be patient! Thank you, and ENFL!



PS – If you’re looking for a lower commitment way to get involved with East Nasty, we always have plenty of areas where need volunteers. Check out Volunteer Page for more info!



East Nasty of the Week – Rayna Hinson

September 9, 2014

Tennessee. Oregon. Colorado. Massachusetts. Kentucky. Texas. Mississippi. Washington.

No, those are not the swing states for the Senate race. Those are the eight states that this week’s East Nasty of the Week has run a half or full marathon in as she works towards her goal of running a half or full in every state! Meet Rayna Hinson.


Rayna has been running with East Nasty since moving to East Nashville in 2009. But long before that, she was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba <insert random Canadian joke>. Her parents moved to Nashville when she was 6, so she’s practically a Nashville native.

Rayna began running after college, and quickly got sucked in as is evident by her very first race: the Portland Oregon Marathon in 1999. Some of us build up, while others like Rayna jump in head first and don’t look back. After her full, she tried her hand at a half, and then a 10k. Oh you know, just the natural progression of things…

Blues Mississippi Half Marathon, January 2014

Blues Mississippi Half Marathon, January 2014 (Where’s Waldo?)

This girl is all about major accomplishments. Whether its running the Double Nasty at 6am and 6pm, qualifying for Boston with a 3:36 after only doing two previous full marathons, or surmounting three fourteeners in Colorado with her husband (mountains with 14,000 ft of elevation or more), Rayna is a pro at setting goals and achieving them.

Top of Mt. Quandry in Colorado with Kevin, her husband

Top of Mt. Quandry in Colorado with Kevin, her husband

When not running miles, you can find her running her massage therapy practice in East Nashville. (See what I did there?) So next time you need a massage to work out all the lactic acid from a long run, keep it in the East Nasty family and hit up Rayna! She’s also a personal trainer at the Maryland Farms YMCA.

This November, she’ll hopefully add Indianapolis to her list of states when she runs the Monumental Half Marathon with a huge group of East Nasties headed up for the race. Good luck with your training Rayna, and see you out on the roads!

Friday Morning Tabata!

June 13, 2013



Need to add some strength to your endurance? Join us on Friday mornings in June for an intense, body-weight Tabata workout lead by Christa Poremba. Everyone of all skill levels are welcome. Meet at the East Park playground (behind the Community Center) at 6:15am for warmup. Workout will be finished by 7:00am. We will meet Fridays in June (14th, 21st, 28th). If there is enough interest we may continue it throughout the summer. Bring a water bottle and a towel.

Email Christa Poremba at with questions or just show up Friday morning!

Here’s a map to the East Park playground:

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon & 1/2 Marathon Wrap-Up: NOLA Edition!

March 3, 2013

Hellooo East Nasty!  Last weekend 40+ East Nasties descended upon New Orleans to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon & 1/2 Marathon.  We started training in November, matching shirts were procured, flights purchased, body glide amassed in bulk – we were ready.  But was New Orleans ready for us?

The race was on Sunday & most of us arrived on Friday, so we had plenty of time to, um, acquaint ourselves with the Big Easy.

Don’t worry, kids, those are waters & Coca Colas.  We Nasties are a hydrated bunch.  Having spent Friday night fully “acquainting” ourselves with the city, we spent the majority of Saturday at the race expo meeting Olympic athletes & making totally serious Road ID bracelets.

Sunday – race day!  The race started at 7am & we had to be in our corral by 6am, so it was an early morning.  Thanks to Duane, we were all in matching green East Nasty shirts, so it was fun to spot each other as we made our way to our respective corrals.  Corral 17, represent!


We had all pretty much accepted that we would be running this race in the rain.  The forecast called for a near 100% chance, but it totally didn’t rain!  In fact, conditions were so good that many of us PR-ed:


Courtney Terrell, 2nd place in age group, 8th OVERALL!

Kevin Christian, 3rd place in age group

Erica Tober, 1:39

Zach Layne, 1:55 (just 55 minutes behind Mo!)

Denise Leaver, 1:56 (21st in her Division!)

Mark Charlton, 1:57

Allison Miles, 1:58 (PR by 29 minutes!)

Katherine Knight Layhew, 2:00

Kayla Burton, 2:01

Matthew McCarthey, 2:07

Kristine Mylls, 2:07

Alicia Palladino, 2:12

Joe Livaudais, 2:21 (PR by 9 minutes!)

Greg Kyle, 2:53 (for the full!)

Rainy Atherton

First Full:

Bree Roy, 3:35

Eric Block, 3:47 (& a stress fracture to boot – ouch!)

Jayson Liddle, 3:56

Justin Curtiss, 4:31

Abiola Oyekamni, 4:55

Polly Alexander

First Half:

Clay Cline

Britney Hoekenschnieder Cline

In news that should shock no one, I didn’t PR because I stopped along the course to take pictures.  I mean, that race wasn’t going to Instagram itself.

East Nasty made a good showing, but in the end, we couldn’t compete with Olympians.  Double Olympic champion Mo Farah outsprinted Ethiopia’s Gebre Gebremariam to win the half marathon in 1 hour, 59 seconds, breaking the course record.  To put that in perspective, I was at Mile 5 while Mo was crossing the finish line.  So, yeah.  So close!

As we all made it across the finish line, we met up in City Park to congratulate each other & encourage those still running to finish strong.  I’m guessing, but I’d say about 1 million pictures were taken at City Park, and yes, primarily by me.  You’re welcome.

EN Post race


After a few beers, some jambalaya & a nap, East Nasty reconvened at Pat O’Briens to celebrate our awesomeness with over-priced, over-sized, but well deserved hurricanes.

photo 6

photo 7


New Orleans, it’s been real.  Thanks for an awesome time.  We’ll see you again next year!

Tomato 5K early discounted registration ends TODAY!

June 15, 2012

Don’t forget to register today for the Tomato 5K race!
Today, Friday June 15th, is the last day for discounted early registration.
Register today and save $10 before the price goes up tomorrow!

East Nasty of the Week: Claire Gibson

April 16, 2012

(This ENOW is brought to you by a new writer to our site, Claire Gibson herself!!! Look forward to more updates and ENOW write-ups from her in the future.)

Hi, I’m Claire, and I used to be a closeted runner.

I grew up in a military family and moved eight times in 16 years.  In the midst of all that change, on thing stayed the same.  No matter where I lived, I was constantly surrounded by packs of soldiers running PT, the Army’s physical training.  Cadences echoed through my windows starting at 5:30 a.m. every day of the week, and by age 10, male voices huffing “When my granny was 92, she did PT better than you” became my regular alarm clock.

Despite the mass of running clubs that surrounded me daily, I was never enticed to join—a running club, or the military.  I believed what they shouted every morning, that someone’s grandmother probably was faster than me, and that was reason enough to avoid discussing my secret love of the road.  Instead, I was a closeted runner.

I didn’t want anyone to know I enjoyed running—because I felt I wasn’t good enough at it yet.  My secret was safe, and no one ever asked me how my training was going—because to everyone else, I was never training.  In college, my runs grew longer and I grew to enjoy them more.  I started thinking I might be faster than that granny after all—but never shared my love with anyone else.

So what would lead a girl like me to join East Nasty, the largest running club this side of Fort Campbell?

After graduating from Furman University in South Carolina, I joined Teach for America and moved to Nashville to mold the minds of 12-year-olds.  Daily I would return home sapped of energy, lucky if I could even go on a walk, let alone a decent run. Three years of teaching nearly killed my secret running habit—that is, until this year.
In January, I found out that my teaching position is being eliminated next year.  I am losing my job.  But don’t go feeling sorry for me.  That bad news gave me permission to leave teaching for a writing career—something I’ve feared and put off for years.  What if I’m no good?  It’s the same question that had plagued me about running.  That day, I went to Fleet Feet and bought a new pair of running shoes.  After fourteen years fearing being the last one in the pack—Mark Miller convinced me to come run with East Nasty.

Though my fears were still present, it didn’t take long to realize they were irrational. Rather than competitive, East Nasties are friendly, inclusive and motivating.  My first Wednesday night run was very dark and I had no headlamp—but a stranger let me run beneath the light of hers so I wouldn’t fall.  People asked my name, and the cadence I heard was of folks getting to know each other.  Then and there, I was so thankful not to be alone.

In this new season of change, I’m blessed to be running with a team.  Because we can’t do this journey alone, and sooner or later, the truth always comes out.   I’m thankful it did.


(Read more of Claire’s work here.)

Sunday April 15 – 8 a.m.

April 14, 2012

1/2 Marathon Training

It’s Saturday evening and I am just returning from a track meet…  So let me just get to the point: show up at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning at Bongo Java in East Nashville for our last structured long run…there you go.