ENOW – Amy Alder Smith!

October 19, 2015
Amy and Cheyenne at 2014 KY Derby Mini-Marathon

Amy and Cheyenne at 2014 KY Derby Mini-Marathon

This week’s East Nasty of the Week is a Potato2Tomato 5k coach, a staple on Wednesday nights, a great mother, and so sweet and humble that she tried to convince me I had the wrong person when I reached out to her about being awarded the prestigious ENOW. Even though she doesn’t think she’s a “real runner”, she definitely has a lot to say about running!! Ladies and Gentleman, it is my extreme pleasure to introduce this week’s East Nasty of the Week — Amy Smith!

Amy is one of those rare birds who is actually a Nashville native. She graduated from McGavock High School and was crusing 2nd Ave back when it was a two-way street and Sbarro was a two-story Wendy’s. In high school, Amy was a tomboy through and through. She really feels like her high school experience could have been different if someone had just handed her a hair straightener. Her first love is softball; she started playing softball at 6 yrs old and played all the way through high school (kindred spirits!). Amy also played volleyball and basketball in middle and high school.  Pre-season basketball conditioning was her “least favorite thing ever” because of all the running. They had to run a mile in under 8 min — she once got it down to 8:14 and says it hasn’t happened since then. Amy remembers one time she and a friend got in trouble on a softball trip, and the coach made them do suicide/line runs in the parking lot of the hotel. Her friend finished way before she did, and eventually her coach told Amy to stop.  She thinks he was tired of waiting for her to finish. Direct Quote from Amy: “He was such an a-hole… (you can leave that last part out.  Or print it.  If you want his name I’ll give that to you too 🙂 )”

After high school, Amy went to Union University in Jackson, TN. While she majored in Sport Management, she did absolutely no physical activity in college except for some intramural softball and one really bad season of flag football.  She was in a sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha and also worked as a waitress all 4 years (tip your servers, please!) so there was not a lot of time for much else.

Sticking with her athletic theme, Amy is the Director of Ticketing for the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl and Nashville Sports Council (two companies, one staff). The NSC recruits sporting events to come to Nashville, such as the SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament, the Women’s Final Four, the NHL All-Star game, etc. However, 95% of her job is ticketing the Music City Bowl.  Bowl week at the end of December is one of Amy’s favorite times of the year. December is a very busy and stressful time, but at the same time, she loves it. Nothing makes her feel better than breathing a huge sigh of relief once everyone gets inside the stadium for the game. Amy also put in 5 years with the Nashville Sounds at Greer Stadium as the Community Relations Manager. So, do you like sports, Amy??

Amy started her running adventures late in 2012. While she was pregnant with her second child, Adelyn, her husband, Cheyenne (more on him later!),  started to take up running again. She found it to be extremely RUDE that he would start a fitness regimen whilst she was just getting bigger and bigger by the day (Amy’s words, not mine!).  A few months after she had Adelyn, Amy was inspired by him and decided to give running a try. She worked on a couch to 5k program. She went at her own pace and eventually completed it after 7 months! She took things very, very slowly and went with a pace that didn’t make her want to quit. However, shortly after she started running, Cheyenne set a goal that he wanted to run a half marathon in all 50 states by the time he was 50. She figured she could either go to all of these places with him and wait an hour and a half for him to finish, or she could get her butt out there and do it too! Amy figured the second option was probably the best so she started taking her running a little more seriously. While she doesn’t run in every state they go to, she does currently have 5 half marathons/states under my belt (NH, CA, KY, MI, FL)!

Amy has two big accomplishments in running and can’t choose between them. The first is when she completed her first half marathon in November of 2013. She wanted to do it in under 3 hours and did it in 2:56. Yahtzee!  She says she doesn’t know if she’s ever cried as hard as she did that day. According to her, she was always the slowest person on all of her teams growing up, and if you had ever told her she’d complete a half marathon, she wouldn’t have believed you. She was so proud of herself and says she rarely feels that way. Who knew running was so emotional? 🙂

Becky, Melly, and Amy after 2014 Tomato 5k

Becky, Melly, and Amy after 2014 Tomato 5k

The second was in January of this year. Amy and Cheyenne went to Miami for a half and full marathon. They went with friends Mark and Melissa King. Melissa (Melly) is one of Amy’s very best friends who also became her running partner during the P2T in 2014. Melly pushed her, kicked her ass, and wouldn’t let her take a pee break until mile 6. Because of her, Amy PR’d that race — beating her previous best time by 11 minutes! Cheyenne ran the full that day in Miami; according to Amy, he’s Superman. So it was a great day for all 3 of them, PR’s all around!

Cheyenne heard about East Nasty first in 2013. They used to live in Pleasant View, TN, and he would stay at work late on Wednesdays to run with the group. They moved to East Nashville later that year, and he encouraged Amy to run with the group. She declined thinking she wouldn’t be able to keep up. He then told her about the Lasty Nasties, and her life was changed! The Lasties are her peeps. Everyone in the whole East Nasty community is amazing, but the Lasties have her heart. Beth McCaskill let Amy run with her group on her first night, and she was immediately hooked on East Nasty thanks to her, and everyone’s, kindness (and maybe Beth’s funny and smart mouth?? My words, not Amy’s). Through running with Beth, Amy also met Lindsay Clark. Lindsay stuck by her side on one really hard run where she could barely make it to the end, but Lindsay wouldn’t leave Amy. She’s been one of Amy’s best running buddies since then. Even though Amy had been running for a little bit, she still did P2T in 2014 so that she could keep running with Beth (who coached) and Lindsay.

What Amy loves the most about East Nasty is the camaraderie and the encouragement. Runners really are the nicest, most encouraging group of people she’s ever come across.  Melly and Amy ran ‘The Nasty’ a few weeks ago, and it was POURING rain. They were so tired and were “dragging ass” to the end.  But a lot of the Fasties that passed  would say “keep going!” “you’re doing great!” “you’re almost there!.”  They could see the desire to die in their eyes, and so many offered encouragements to them.

The Nasty! What we'll do for a sticker!

The Nasty! What we’ll do for a sticker!

She really enjoys the nights where the Lasties beat the Fasties back to the yellow house. That’s really their only goal on Wednesday nights… get back to the yellow house before the Fasties. She says “Yes we know you start 20 min after us, but it’s still our goal.  So if you’ve ever heard a girl scream “NOOOOOO” at you as you raced past her on a Wed night, that was me”.  (Are you sure it was just “No”, Amy or was there an expletive or two involved?)

Amy’s most memorable East Nasty experience is coaching P2T this past summer. When Melly asked Amy to coach with her, Amy was pretty hesitant at first. She says sometimes she still doesn’t feel like a “real” runner. She can’t bring herselt to buy a Garmin because she doesn’t feel like she’s that legit yet. BUT she agreed, and they coached a group this summer. Amy is so glad they did!  It was amazing to see the group (The F words) progress. The program just really proves that you can accomplish so much more than you think is possible.  And it makes Amy even happier to see a lot of the Team F Words out on Wednesday runs and at the 5kto10k training. It was an amazing coaching experience. Melly and Amy are excited to coach again next summer and want to make Team F Word a P2T tradition.


Melly, Sara, and Amy reporting for coaching duty!

Another memorable experience for Amy — “completing The Nasty and getting [her] mothereffing sticker”.  Obviously.

Amy’s other hobbies include: eating M&M’s, napping, reading, listening to Christmas music,  taking pictures of her babies and putting them on Facebook, and watching bad reality tv (How can you not love this woman?!).

Usually we have other people talk about our ENOW, but Amy’s so proud of her husband that she asked me to include a bit about him, saying “anything you write about me has to include a bit about Cheyenne.  He is the one who inspired me to start running.  He’s always been full of encouragement and telling me I can do more than I think I can.  He’s taken kid duty three times a week so that I can participate in the P2T program for the last two summers.  He runs while pushing our two 40 lb children in a double-stroller on Wednesday nights just so I can run too on those nights and he never complains.  He is always more than willing to help me do whatever is necessary for me to get a run in.  Without him I would have never in a million years started this journey and I definitely wouldn’t be able to continue without his help and encouragement.  He is the best husband, father, and is my biggest supporter and very best friend.” If you don’t know who Cheyenne is then you’ve never been to East Nasty or are blind. Look for the shirtless wonder pushing a stroller. ‘Nuff said. 

The Babies! Lincoln and Adelyn at Tomato 5k -- now a Smith family affair!

The Babies! Lincoln and Adelyn at Tomato 5k — now a Smith family affair!

Congratulations on ENOW, Amy! You ARE a legit, great runner and an inspiration! With your kindness, determination, and sometimes dirty mouth, you have the East Nasty spirit!

East Nasty of the Week: Amy Scott

September 30, 2010

In this final September installment of ENOW, we are once again highlighting an aspect of our little running group that you may or may not be too familiar with. Ladies and gentlemen, meet one of our favorite servers from 3 Crow Bar, Amy Scott.

Amy is from Dickson County, TN, and moved to good ole Nashvegas in 2002 to attend Watkins College of Art and Design. After graduation she decided that “big city living” was where it is at, and she spends her time off trying to enjoy all that Nashville has to offer. On any given day she can be found riding around on her vintage 1976 Vespa scooter, baking all kinds of delicious delights, or working on some type of creative art project. Her talented work can be viewed at her website here.

She is also an avid traveler, even if it means just heading out of town for the weekend on a camping trip with her boyfriend Kerry. They have been dating for over 2 years now, and still get excited just to be around one another!!! How sweet!

Amy, however, is not much of a runner, unless you count while on the clock at 3 Crow. No worries though, she does enjoy riding her bike around the neighborhood and going on hikes whenever the weather is nice out. As she was summing up her life story to me via email she wrote something that I think sums up her character nicely. She said, “My life is pretty simple. Simply happy!” To me, that is the best kind of life!

Like the popular sit-com Cheers from the mid-to-late 1980’s, 3 Crow Bar has become our place where we all go to “take a break from all our worries.” Sure the staff there may not know all our names, but come Wednesday night you can bet your bottom dollar (or token for that matter) that they at least know that we’re East Nasties. So be sure to give an extra thanks to Amy and the rest of the staff there, they remain one of the best parts of our Wednesday evenings all year long.

Wednesday Jan 2 – It is the year 2019.

January 2, 2019

It is the year 2019 – welcome to the future! 2019 is the setting for a couple of the greatest movies ever, including THE RUNNING MAN! And on this first Wednesday of the new year, just like Richard Dawson says to Schwarzenegger, it’s time to start… RUNNING!!  Board members leading this first quarter of 2019 Wednesday nights are Meg Willoughby, Amy Smith, and Sarah Brown! Look for them making announcements and getting the run going!

Route #1

Being the first Wednesday night of 2019, we will start at the beginning of our 12 week cycle with Route #1: One Hilly 5(ish)K. This is a great week to join us for the first time, to re-join us, and/or to invite someone new! The run is easy 3 miles out to Shelby Park and back.

We meet at the corner of 11th & Holly at 6pm. We run every Wednesday – rain or shine, hot or cold. You can READ HERE for more details on how our Wednesday night runs work. If you are a run/walker and/or want to get a head start, meet at 5:45pm and join our Lasty Nasty Group.

We should have some classic Middle Tennessee January weather – a little chilly and drizzly, so dress accordingly. It gets pretty dark in parts of the park so remember to wear something that creates and reflects light. Safety is always our most important message. We share the roads with walkers, cyclists, and cars – so, PLEASE, stay on the sidewalks or to the far left on the road, obey traffic signals and stop signs, and cross only in marked crosswalks.

Cup Cleaning Sign Up and Raffle

Our 1st Quarter of 2019 Cup Cleaning Volunteer Sign Up and Raffle is open and we need volunteers! (We’ll do the 2018 Q4 raffle at the run tonight!)

Volunteer to help wash the cups!

Everyone that signs up for a week to clean the cups will be entered to win $100 gift card to NRC. The more you volunteer, the more chances you get to win. We will draw a winner at the end of every quarter – so you have a 1-in-13 chance to win if you volunteer, a 2-in-13 chance if you volunteer twice, etc. Big thanks to Schaffer Law Firm for sponsoring this program! Here’s how it works: 1) Sign up on the Google doc. 2) Take the cups home. 3) Wash them. 4) Post a pic on social media showing you washed them and tag our FacebookInstagram, or Twitter. 5) Bring the cups back to the run the next week.

2019 Half & Full Marathon Training Starts THIS Saturday!
Info Meeting TOMORROW Night!

Our 2019 Half Marathon Training begins THIS weekend! Get all the details and sign up on our Half Marathon Training page HERE then join us for the first long run this Saturday morning January 5th. The Program is FREE and open to anyone. You just need to be able to comfortably run for 45 minutes without stopping (that’s the first workout for the Half Marathon program).

Whether you have signed up for training or are still on the fence, you’re invited to a brief informational meeting TOMORROW NIGHT Thursday, January 3rd at 6:30 pm at Nashville Running Company820 Woodland Street in East Nashville. The meeting is optional, but it’s a great time to get your questions answered about training, meet some of the other participants, and pick up any winter running gear you need.

Don’t park behind the Yellow House!

The small parking lot behind the YCAP (the ‘Yellow House’) is now gated and reserved for YCAP staff only. We have always discouraged you guys from parking there, but now if you do, your car will be locked up and towed. Don’t park back there!

Wednesday Oct 10 – “Remember, Red, hope is a good thing.”

October 10, 2018

Route #2

This week we continue our 12 week cycle with Route #2: ‘Round the Bird. We meet at the corner of 11th & Holly at 6pm. We run every Wednesday – rain or shine, hot or cold. You can READ HERE for more details on how our Wednesday night runs work. If you are a run/walker and/or want to get a head start, meet at 5:45pm and join our Lasty Nasty Group.

This run takes us into Shelby Park and is a figure-8 route that crosses over itself. Be sure to high five each other at the intersection! Shelby Park is our local treasure and it can get pretty busy with lots of groups and events making use of it, including the Farmer’s Market. Please be extra courteous and share the roads and greenway with other runners, walkers, cyclists, and park goers. It is important for us to be good neighbors so we can continue to use the park.

Cup Cleaning Raffle

Sign up for cup cleaning volunteer raffle slots for this quarter! We need need volunteers! You can win $100 gift card from NRC!
Volunteer to help wash the cups!

Hope and Possibility Race

Amy Harris, Executive Director for Achilles Nashville will be sharing about the upcoming Hope & Possibility 5 miler on Saturday, 10/20. The Hope and Possibility® is the signature race of Achilles International, an international 501(c)3 that brings together able-bodied runners with athletes with disabilities, welcoming all to the wonderful world of athletics. There’s a 5 mile and 1 mile race. The race is coming up on October 20th! East Nasties Can get $5 off registration by using the code EastNasty18. Register at: https://goodtiming.enmotive.com/events/register/2018-achilles-nashville-hope-and-possibility-5-miler-and-1-miler

Walk Bike Nashville Open House / Keg Night

Walk Bike Nashville, our neighbors on Woodland, would like to get to know us better, so they’ve invited us to an open house just for East Nasty. After the run on October 17th, Come by 934 Woodland for a cold beer or two and to hear about upcoming sidewalk and bike lane initiatives – specifically, proposed changes on Woodland that will affect us all. Walk Bike Nashville is a non-profit organization working to build a more walkable (and runnable!), bikeable, and livable Nashville. If you’ve been to Tour de Nash, Open Streets Nashville, Golden Pheasant Triathlon, or have used new sidewalks or bike lanes, then you’ve benefited from the work done by Walk Bike Nashville.

Spring Half and Full Marathon Training

Prices are already going up for Spring races, so it’s not too early to think about committing. East Nasty Half and Full Marathon Training will begin the first week of January. Yes, FULL marathon training is back this year! Look for registration information soon for both distances. If you’re planning to run the Rock’n’Roll Nashville race on April 27th, be sure and use the East Nasty discount code ENASTY19 for $10 off all distances.

Wednesday June 20 – TEN YEARS of Wednesday Night Runs!

June 19, 2018

Ten Years of Wednesday Night Runs

East Nasty founder Mark Miller started training people for the Country Music Half Marathon way back in 2005, but our Wednesday night runs started in the summer of 2008 and quickly became something special. A weekly opportunity to meet up with other runners of all levels, meet some new people, get in some miles, explore the growing East Nashville neighborhood, and have some drinks and laughs together – all without any kind of fees or costs or catch. It started with just 10 or 12 people and has grown to the 200+ people we see every week. We’ve had thousands of runners run with us over the years. So many people who started or made huge steps in the fitness journey have run with us – from first time 5Kers to Boston Marathoners to Ironman All World Gold athletes – all part of the East Nasty family. Come out this week at our regular time and regular place to celebrate running together on Wednesday nights for TEN YEARS! Mark Miller, the Godfather himself, will be there – and we hope you will be, too!

Route #12: The Nasty

It seems only appropriate that we celebrate 10 years with our signature run: Route #12: The Nasty! 6 miles of the worst best hills in East Nashville. As usual you will get a sticker when you complete The Nasty – one that you will want to add to your collection 😉  If you need a little shorter run, you can run ‘Nasty Lite’ – a 3.7 mile run.

We meet at the corner of 11th & Holly at 6pm. We run every Wednesday – rain or shine, hot or cold. If you are a run/walker and/or want to get a head start, meet at 5:30pm and join our Lasty Nasty Group. You can READ HERE for more details on how our Wednesday night runs work. Remember we share the roads with walkers, cyclists, and cars – please, stay on the sidewalks or to the far left on the road, obey traffic signals and stop signs, and cross only in marked crosswalks.

New Board Members!

We are excited to announce the new additions to our Board of Directors! We had so many incredibly smart, hard-working, quality people interested in joining the Board that it was a joy but no easy task to make our selections. Thank you so much to all of you who applied – we hope to get all of the applicants more involved in the club’s operations as we develop future leaders. For this season we’re adding 5 new Board members – replacing 3 retiring members and adding 2 additional seats. Our new Board members are: Amy Smith (Our incomparable Potato to Tomato program coordinator, Nashville Sports Council pro, and loves M&Ms more than you do), Kevin Howard (Our 2018 Half Marathon Training co-coordinator, realtor, triathlete, and the only guy who irons his running shirt before every run), Ben Katz (3-time Marathoner, Lawyer, and captain of his High School Curling Team), Grant England (former Trainer/Coach with Metro Schools, rock-star volunteer, and dad-joke expert), and Donica Elliot (Trail Ultra-Marathoner, PR pro, and mom to ‘Nashville’s Most Fit Dog’). Please congratulate and welcome them to the Board! They will start a 2-year term later this year and you’ll be seeing much more of them!

Tower Market & Deli – Special!

On Sunday June 24, Tower Market and Deli is donating 10% of sales profit to East Nasty! Be sure to go in that day, order a delicious sandwich, tell the cashier you are with East Nasty, and help give back to the club! Thank you!

Potato to Tomato FREE Couch-to-5K Training

Our 2018 P2T training started up this past weekend! It’s not too late to join! Grab a friend and start a new fitness journey with us like so many other have! Get info and sign up here: eastnastyforlife.com/p2t and join the Facebook page here: facebook.com/eastnastyp2t