Bird is the Word

It’s a great day to run! Highlights for this week: cup cleaning raffle, race shirt pick-up, training group location change and Doggie Dash discount!

Tonight’s route is ‘Round the Bird. Please share the greenway with playground goers and the farmers market crowd. We’ll be at the Yellow House at 11th & Holly and get started at 6pm.

Cups be clean!

The cup cleaning raffle is tonight! Everyone who washed the cups last quarter is entered for a chance to win a $100 gift card to NRC courtesy of Rachel Schaffer and Schaffer Law Firm . We still need a few volunteers to sign up to wash the cups for this quarter.

Race Shirts

Look at these amazing East Nasties rocking their new race shirts! If you haven’t picked yours up yet, they will be at the Yellow House starting at 5:30. Please get them ASAP! Thanks to Juanita and Kevin for coordinating the shirt pickup. You all are awesome!

Half & Full Marathon Training

Location change: the training groups will meet at 11th & Holly on Saturday morning due to a conflict at Nissan Stadium. Check your email and social media for updates.

Doggie Dash Discount

The day after the Rock ‘N Roll Nashville Marathon is, RNR is hosting a .5 mile Doggie Dash! If you’re interested, we have an East Nasty discount code: ENASTY19

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