PR Bandits Saturday Morning Run – Stones River Greenway

East Nasty is partnering with the ‘PR Bandits’ again in 2017 who are hosting supported long runs on Saturday mornings.

Every once and a while you need to head to Donelson and grab some Shipley’s Do-Nuts, just make sure you run to earn it first!

We meet at the trailhead off the Kohl’s parking lot near Lebanon Pike and Jackson Downs Blvd, an easy start point for the Stones River Greenway. This is a multi-directional out and back, so we get to see people coming and going multiple times and they’ve even added bathrooms and a dog park at the dam (mile 3). For the most part this is a flat run, so make sure to enjoy!

12mi Out & Back-Out & Back –

RSVP here and join the PR Bandits Facebook Group for more info, get run invites, and to link up with other runners. Saturday supported runs will be held at various favorite running routes across Nashville.

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