Wednesday, March 16

Route #11

Hooray for the time change.  Now 6 pm actually feels like 6 pm…

Route #11: Churches

Thursday Night Workouts

You want to get faster?   It’s time to add some intensity.   Meet us on Thursdays at 6 pm (same location, 11th and Holly) to add some speed to your weekly running.

Half/Full Marathon Training

Once again, we are running the half marathon course this week.   If you have never done the Rock n’ Roll Nashville race before you should join us for at least one of our runs on the course so that you can familiarize yourself with the ups and downs of racing in Nashville.  (i.e. hills)   Both groups will meet at the base of the pedestrian bridge on the Nissan Field side.  The marathon group will meet at 7 am and the half group will meet at 8am.

Also if you have yet to sign up for the race, we have a discount code for $20 off.   EASTNASTY16 is the code and it is good until 4/24.

2 Responses to Wednesday, March 16

  1. Cyndi Goodwin says:

    I wan to join east nastys. I’m a fairly new runner I still do a lot of walking. Is there a fee to join your group? I live in east nashville and am signing up to walk run the half.

  2. Mark says:

    There is no fee. Just show up. We have a run/walk group called the last nasties and they start earlier than the main group – usually about 5:45. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

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