Defeated Creek Half Marathon


Up for a challenge? Join Nashville Running Company for the inaugural Defeated Creek Half Marathon! This out-and-back trail race starts at the Defeated Creek campground (about an hour from Nashville), takes racers through the Bearwaller Gap Hiking Trail, past breathtaking views of Cordell Hull Lake, and up to an amazing Scenic Overlook before heading back to Defeated Creek. This is one tough and beautiful race. With its extremely narrow single track, rocky terrain, and ascent of over 2400′, this race is NOT for the faint of heart! To qualify, runners must have run one half marathon or race of a longer distance.

Why should you register?
Well, for one, NRC is being incredibly kind enough to donate all race proceeds to the Smith County Rescue Squad and also, to us! As a non-profit organization, we never charge for our runs or training programs, so our operating expenses are covered by donations such as these.

And second, trail running is a blast and it’s fun to challenge yourself! Our founder, Mark Miller (who will be racing the Defeating Creek Half) wrote this: “Running, by its very nature, attracts people who are driven. And one of the negatives of that is a preoccupation with PR’s. Obviously its fun to run as fast as possible for a particular distance, but its also fun to challenge yourself to run a really hard race. Nashville Running Company​ is hosting one of those on Sunday, October 18: The Defeated Creek Half Marathon​. Let me give you one guarantee: you will not PR! But.. it is a great opportunity to get off the roads and do something really tough.”

REGISTER for the race (use the code ENFL for a $5 discount!), and join Mark, Phil, Lee, Beth and the NRC gang for a challenging and beautiful day on the trails while helping to give back to East Nasty!

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