ENOW — Alicia Hunker

The Hunkers

The Hunkers — at Green River Ordinance’s performance with Train and “John Legend and The Roots” in Philadelphia ( Her most memorable band wife moment to date not including his Grand Ole Opry performance)

Our newest East Nasty of the Week is an amazing teacher and runner, the wife of a rock star, and one of my best friends (or my “Boo Boo”). I’m stoked to introduce Alicia Hunker as ENOW!

Alicia grew up in Dallas, Texas. As anyone who’s ever met her can imagine, she was quite the social butterfly. She was involved in every school organization, played Varsity volleyball and soccer, and ran Varsity cross country. Most importantly, she got to take classes with her best friend and husband Denton Hunker. They became best friends in 7th grade and have been inseparable since (cue the “aws”). Alicia’s killer soccer skills led her to St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. She now teaches 6th grade Algebra.

Crashing fellow East Nasties, Bree and Eric's, date

Crashing fellow East Nasties, Bree and Eric’s, date

While she’s always been a runner, Alicia did not voluntarily run any distance over 5k until her Junior year of college when she got injured and couldn’t play soccer for a year. She decided to run a marathon that year (2005) with Team in Training and has been hooked ever since.

Post-East Nasty pint night at NRC

Post-East Nasty pint night at NRC

Alicia’s biggest running accomplishment will be completing her 6th (official) marathon. However, it’s really her 10th marathon — she has run 4 others with bibs of injured friends, because what kind of runner says no to a free race?! She’ll also be completing her first ultra-marathon (North Fork 50k) in Colorado this June. Those are definitely some killer accomplishments! Alicia’s currently trying to convert to trail running…no broken bones yet, so it’s working out pretty well so far!

Alicia and RunWILD crew at Bearwaller Gap

Alicia and RunWILD/Newton crew at Bearwaller Gap

In typical Alicia fashion, she found out about East Nasty from fellow East Nasty Heidi Huerta a few years before even moving to Nashville. While her husband Denton was here recording a record, Alicia met Heidi at Lululemon, and naturally, the topic of running came up. The Hunkers knew they would eventually need to relocate here, and Alicia just had to find the right running club before they could make the move. She started running with East Nasty on June 5th 2013 after living here for 4 days! Alicia loves the Easy Nasty community…they’re her Tennessee family! She’s met her best friends in town through East Nasty, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. They rock her world! (Get it? Her husband’s a rock star)

Green River Ordinance show at 3rd and Lindsley

Green River Ordinance show at 3rd and Lindsley

She says one of her most memorable East Nasty Experiences both involve running in the rain and were both with the lovely Beth Meadows! (I hear she’s an OK gal) The first was at a normal East Nasty run, and it was lightly sprinkling so they decided to go for it! As soon as they started running, a storm broke out. Even though they were nearly struck by lightning, it made them laugh their faces off the entire way back. PRs were definitely set for run #7 that night! The second was Alicia’s very first race here in Nashville which she ran with Christa Poremba and Beth on July 4th 2013. A torrential downpour occurred during the entire 10k. Denton came to take pictures of everyone soaking wet and to cheer! Even better, Christa, Beth, and Alicia all placed in their age groups!

Soaked and posing at Fourth of July 10k in 2013

Soaked and posing at Fourth of July 10k in 2013

Lastly, her drummer husband, who she has been trying to get to run for all of their dating/married relationship, is an official runner thanks to all of their East Nasty friends. She never thought that would happen, and she says dreams really do come true!

As for her other hobbies, she loves her dog Pickles, family dinners with her friends, foreign films, and loving people! She also loves supporting her incredibly loving and talented husband, Denton Hunker. They have been married almost 7 years and have been best friends since middle school! He is the reason they moved here, and they haven’t regretted it ever since. (#HunkerdownTN) She also loves Legos and has a Lego Engineering Club at her school. Alicia’s extremely passionate about and in love with her job. It’s her personal mission to be an advocate for educational equality. She’s lucky to get to work alongside fellow East Nasty Laura Villines at school.

As I said, Alicia is one of my best friends. She is so supportive, considerate, and compassionate. From traveling over to Chattanooga to support me in a race to get well videos from her and Pickles to her every occasion cards, her thoughtfulness knows no bounds. As for her running, you couldn’t find a more dedicated and motivated runner and one who’s willing to jump into any race at any time! I’m so proud to call this week’s ENOW my friend! Congrats, Boo Boo!

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