ENOW: Christa Poremba

At the Cumberland gap

Cumberland Gap, TN

Our newest East Nasty of the Week has been in Nashville for two years, has run four half marathons and has probably sold you a pair of shoes. Nasties, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Christa Poremba!

Tom King water stop

Tom King water stop

Christa was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Growing up, she played soccer and swam on the swim team. She swam all four years of high school, coached during the summers and taught swim lessons. She started running track in middle school and progressed to cross-country in high school. After high school, she continued running in college.

Tom King 2013

Tom King 2013

Christa spent her first two years of college at Santa Barbara City College, but because they did not have the degree she wanted, transferred and finished at Metropolitan State College of Denver. She graduated with a minor in nutrition and a major in adult fitness exercise science, which she puts to good use at her current place of employment, Nashville Running Company!

NRC pint night

NRC pint night

To Christa, East Nasty is a great way to meet people, especially for those just moving to town. When she moved here last year from Denver, she didn’t know anyone. East Nasty helped her meet people, and make great friends. She says, “Everyone is very welcoming and there is always someone you can run with.”

Hard Rock Cafe half marathon

Hard Rock Cafe half marathon

Christa’s biggest accomplishment in running is PR-ing at the Hard Rock Cafe half marathon this year with a time of 1:41, placing her 4th in her age group. Her most memorable East Nasty experience is running The Nasty for the first time.

Last day teaching tabata at NRC

Last day teaching tabata at NRC

When Christa’s not running or teaching tabata, she loves hanging out with family and friends, being outdoors – hiking, swimming, skiing, biking and fishing, which she just learned how to do and is very excited about.

Christa, congrats and welcome to the ENOW club!

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