East Nasty of the Week – Nick Abruzzo

When this week’s East Nasty of the Week was a toddler, he ran out of his room through the bedroom window.

<record stops>

I wish I had more to share about that story. Like did he break any bones? What story of the house was his bedroom on? Who found him? Why was he running? So many questions. And not a single answer. So East Nasties, this week you’ll have to seek out Nick Abruzzo to get the rest of the story.

Nick Abruzzo

In the meantime, let’s learn more about Nick. He’s in medical sales and sells capital equipment to hospitals throughout TN, KY and IN. He’s been in Nashville for going on five years, and loves living here. Nick says East Nasty is a major reason Nashville feels like home.

Before coming to Nashville, Nick grew up in a small town north of Detroit called Lapeer. He went to Western Michigan University and spent his summers as a camp counselor in Maine. Nick was what you might call well-rounded. He participated in everything from his fraternity’s executive committee to being in-charge of the camp’s newspaper and yearbook, and oh yeah, he happened to be a waterski instructor too.

Like many East Nasties, Nick heard about the group from one of our shyest runners, Drew Jones. Not a man of many words, Drew somehow managed to mention East Nasty to Nick at a Fleet Feet run in. The rest, as they say, is history.

Nick’s first two marathons were not your average ‘starter’ races. Forget Music City, Nick ran the Mayors Midnight Marathon in Anchorage and the Swiss Alpine Marathon in Davos. Dang.

If you haven’t met Nick yet, say hello on a Wednesday night. He’s one of the warmest personalities you’ll meet. Oh and he’s easy to find too because you won’t often see him without his Polaroid camera at 3Crow. Thanks for being a part of our running group, Nick!

Nick Abruzzo

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    East Nasty of the Week – Nick Abruzzo | East Nasty

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