Week 8 – Back to Shelby Bottoms and Brunch!!

It’s week 8! We are back at Shelby Park for a goal pace workout.

Meet at the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center Parking Lot (Same place we met for the first 3 weeks of training)


Full Marathoners – 7:30am Saturday/Sunday
Half Marathoners – 8:00am Saturday/Sunday

The Workout:

Full Marathoners

  • 30 min easy
  • 8 miles at your Goal Marathon pace
  • 1 mile easy

Half Marahoners

  • 15 min easy
  • 10k at your goal Half Marathon pace
  • 15 min easy

This is a great workout. It’s also mentally a good confidence boost that you can run that pace! Or it causes you to realize that maybe your goal is a little too ambitious to run 13.1 or 26.2 at that pace. Either way, it’s a good day and a great time to test your training.

Sunday Brunch!
On Sunday, it’s time for BRUNCH #3!

Where: Katherine Knight’s home: 1 Waters Ave, Nashville, TN 37206. (Please Do NOT park in the bike lanes on Porter Road.)

When: Immediately after the Sunday run, around 9:30ish (If you do the Saturday run, you are still welcome to join us for brunch on Sunday!)

Make sure you sign up to bring something – a homemade dish, fruit bowl, coffee, BACON, etc.:


See you this weekend! ENFL!!


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