Wednesday, November 20

Shelby Hills

One fascinating thing about running through East Nashville over the last 10 years has been watching the astonishing transformation of the neighborhood. For example, the next time we do route #2 (early January) check out what’s happening on Boscobel!   What used to be isolated around 5 Points /Lockeland Springs/Historic Edgefield area has exploded into the adjoining neighborhoods and shows little sign of slowing. Just wait until the Cayce Housing project gets the proposed facelift.

Anyway, if you remember from 3 months ago, we are no longer doing the Benji route. (Keep that one in your pocket for when you have a smaller group run – it’s a nice one.)   Our new #10 route is called Shelby Hills because it takes us into an area of East Nashville that most people are not familiar with: Shelby Hills. Be sure to enjoy the view of the river as you turn right off of 18th, and once you crest the hill on 12th, don’t forget to turn left on Sevier.  And take note, because 3 years from now, this neighborhood will look entirely different.

>> Important: As you are running up the hill (you’ll know when this is happening!) please stay on or very close to the sidewalk on the right side of the road. <<

Join us at 6pm at 11th & Holly. Please study the map and volunteer to be a route/pace leader!

Shelby Hills

Shelby Hills

Country Music Half/Full Marathon Training Meeting

On November 30, we will have our informational meeting about our full and half marathon training programs. Please make an effort to come, it’s helpful when we can answer everyone’s questions at once, rather than one at a time. Take a moment to read our informational page. Notice that we are going to communicate via our Emma account this year, so please sign up for either the half marathon training program or the full marathon training program.

When: November 30, 8 a.m.

Where: Nashville Running Company

What: A 5 mile run followed by a brief meeting about the training schedule.

– Mark

2 Responses to Wednesday, November 20

  1. Norma J. King says:

    What does it mean when you run 20 miles and then when you stop you have chills and are cold and legs are shacking . I have a friend here in the office that is training for a 26.2 run and that is what is happening. I told her you guys would know.

  2. Mark says:

    First, this should be taken seriously. Without knowing all the details, my guess is that it is dehydration and/or improper fueling. Make sure that during long runs, she is carrying water and has some sort of calorie replacement mechanism. It could be gels, Gatorade or just a granola bar – but running 20 miles burns about 2,000+ calories so she needs to be taking in calories during the run.

    Also, she should design runs so that she can refill her water bottle (multiple times), and “pull the plug” if this feeling returns. (Maybe do 2 eight mile loops and one 4 mile loop…)

    Finally, maybe her body is just not quite ready for 20-mile runs. Is this her first time training for a marathon? I think that many training plans are way too aggressive with beginner runners. For someone that runs 25 – 40 miles a week, a weekend 20 mile run is very demanding. Tell her that going into a race 20% undertrained is way better than going in 1% overtrained.

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