ENOW: Hunter Hall

Indianapolis Finish Line

Indianapolis Finish Line

Our newest East Nasty of the Week (ENOW) started running in 7th grade & has since gone on to an impressive sub-3 marathon finish time (whoa!).  Nasties, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Hunter Hall!

Hunter was born in Johnson City, TN and then bounced all over the place: Dallas, Darien (CT), Houston, San Antonio, Birmingham, and then Nashville, where he attended Brentwood High School.  Growing up, Hunter played baseball, basketball and football, but narrowed it down to basketball.  He played on the varsity team in 7th and 8th grade.

Running for Bryan College

Running for Bryan College

Hunter graduated in 2011 from Bryan College, a tiny NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) liberal arts school in Dayton, TN. He went there because of the great camaraderie he found within the cross-country and track teams. He loved every single minute that he was there, saying, “the trails around the school were unbelievably beautiful and the team was very successful and competitive”.

Hunter has lived in Nashville for two years.  He works as the Marketing Director for Swiftwick Socks, which includes writing blog posts for them.  A man after my own blogging heart!

Tom King 5K

Tom King 5K

Hunter’s biggest accomplishment in running is making the varsity team that raced at the 2010 NAIA Cross Country National Championships in Vancouver, Washington. They placed 7th, which is the highest in school history. He would also say that this past weekend’s race at the Indianapolis Marathon is up there. He ran 2:38:26, which is an 8 minute personal best!

Hunter ran with East Nasty occasionally when he was home for the summers and winters during college. Dave Milner was his high school coach and he encouraged Hunter to join.  Hunter says, “I love having the option of all of the different pace groups to run with depending on what I want for the day. If I want to run fast, I know that I will have people to run with, and if I am tired and want to run easy, I know that there will be plenty of people to run with.”

Swiftwick jersey Harpeth River Ride

Swiftwick jersey Harpeth River Ride

Hunter’s most memorable East Nasty experience is the first summer he joined.  He says, “The heat index was 108 when one of the runs started, but there was still a group of about 50 people who showed up.  Being able to share that misery and suffering with plenty of other people is such a great thing to have available here in Nashville and is what sets East Nasty apart.”

When Hunter’s not running, he loves cycling, movies, reading and traveling.

Hunter, welcome to the ENOW club!

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