Wednesday, November 6

Save the Dates!

November 30,  8:00 a.m. @ Nashville Running Company – We will have a 5 mile run and an informational session about our country music training programs.   (See below for more details about the training.)

December 11, post-run – 10:00: East Nasty Christmas party.   We’ll have food, music, drinks and some new East Nasty gear.  At 6 p.m. the run happens as usual, so bring a change of clothes and come celebrate.

Half-Marathon/Marathon Training

This is the 10th year for East Nasty Country Music training!   So if you have been thinking about it for a while, this is the year to do the race.   Here are some details:

1) Saturday/Sunday long runs beginning on January 4/5 and ending the weekend before the race.   These runs meet at 8a.m. but the location changes.   We meet at Shelby Park, Percy Warner Park, Centennial Park and at Bongo Java East.

2) Thursday speed/tempo workouts beginning on January 9th.  We meet at 6 p.m. at 11th and Holly.  The same place as the Wednesday night runs.

3) Pace leaders for half-marathon goal times of 1:30, 1:45, 2:00, 2:15 and 2:30. We already have volunteers for most of the groups.   We could use a Sunday morning pace leader for 1:45, and we still need leaders for the 1:30 group.   If you are interested, please email

4) A killer post-race party.

5) It’s free!

Here is the the one thing that we require: that you can run 5 miles without stopping before you join the half training, and 8 miles without stopping before joining the marathon training.   Beginners: this is not because we don’t love you!   It is because we do want you to be successful, and if you can’t hit these benchmarks by January, you’re probably not ready to do 13.1 (or 26.2) miles 4 months later.  And even if you do run the race, your chance of getting injured are extremely high.

Route #8

Rick’s Market: Coldest Beer in Town

6 a.m. or 6 p.m at the corner of 11th and Holly.

We need pace group leaders.  I hate to sound like a broken record, but if you enjoy the benefits of this group – you need to carry part of the load.   That is the only way that volunteer-driven organizations like ours can function.  Make a goal of leading 4 times per year.  Don’t make us come ask, be proactive and volunteer.  We will have maps printed out, so please no more excuses about having “a bad sense of direction”.  (On the other hand,  “this is my first week” is an acceptable excuse…)

Run #8: Rick's Market: Coldest Beer In Town

After the run, stick around for pint night at NRC.  Before the run folks from Girls on The Run will be there the talk about volunteer opportunities.

See you tomorrow.  It will be dark, wear reflective gear.


5 Responses to Wednesday, November 6

  1. Caleb says:

    I am planning on coming to my first run tonight. I ran xc and track in HS and college, but then took an almost 6 year hiatus and have gained some weight. What are the slower paces like? Is there a group that runs approx. 9-10 min miles?

  2. Caleb~ the groups are broken up (typically) under 7, 7-7:30…7:3-8, etc..through 9:30-10 pace..there is also a group that leaves about 5:45pm (ish) that runs slower than brother usually runs with the ‘lasty nasty’s’..but that group leaves before the main group(s). Welcome to the group!

  3. Melanie Yeomans P.B.A. says:

    Hi Mark-

    Do we need to wear a timing watch to be a pace leader? Always assumed that running at certain timed pace was required of a pace leader… but want to clarify as I see you need people to help out.

    A part from my terrible sense of direction, I never time myself (no watch) and tend to skip between pace groups.

    As far as simply being a route leader, as long as I’m given a map, I can voice up to volunteer….

    Look forward to the run tonight!

  4. Mark says:

    1) Unless you have an impeccable sense of pace, you need a timing device of some sort. As a side note, it will make you an infinitely better runner when you start learning pace, and a timing device is essential during that learning process.

    2) Thanks for being willing to volunteer! We have been relying on the same people for a long time, and they need a break.

    3) Don’t fret about being perfect about your pace. Just settle into a pace that is close to the desired pace, and make sure you get everyone back safely.

  5. Chuck says:

    Miller, I can help with CMM Half training. Check your East Nasty email address for my note. Let’s talk, please. Thanks. Hargrove

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