East Nasty of the Week – Kipkosgei Magut

This week’s East Nasty of the Week is part of the front pack on Wednesday nights, or as most of us like to call them, the “Fastie Nasties.” His name is Kipkosgei Magut – but most of us just know him as Magut.

Magut was born in Kenya, but earned a full scholarship to run for Belmont University in 2006. Earning this scholarship to a NCAA Division 1 school is his biggest running accomplishment.

I’ve got some quick math for you here. While Magut obtained this scholarship in 2006, he only started running in 2004. Yes, that’s right you math wizards, that means he had only been running for two years. <insert jaw drop>

Magut first started running with the East Nasties after he saw us running around the neighborhood, and thought it looked like a good time. He values the camaraderie of the group most. His most memorable East Nasty experience is when we run Mt. Nasty – “It always hurts no matter what good of shape you are in.” I don’t know about you guys, but it makes me feel a little better that even one of the Fastie Nasties admits that hill isn’t easy!

Magut in his Belmont Track days.

Magut during his Belmont Track days.

When not running, Magut likes to hike, travel and garden. His green thumb came in handy back in 2008 when his wife asked him to plant chia seeds in their backyard. He wasn’t really sure what they were or why he was wasting precious garden real estate by planting them. Fast forward a few years and chia seeds have become the foundation of Magut’s philanthropy and business, TribEndurance. He crafted a unique energy bar for runners, and successfully funded a Kickstarter project to make his vision a reality. A portion of the sales go directly to his home village in Kenya, Mateket. This money helps fund their entrepreneurial center, which empowers the people of Mateket to work towards better healthcare and education, and to create sustainable businesses.

Did you know we had such a passionate entrepreneur among us? Be sure to congratulate Magut on his ENOW status next time you see him – but make sure you do it before the run starts otherwise you won’t be able to keep up.

2 Responses to East Nasty of the Week – Kipkosgei Magut

  1. catlore7 says:

    Awesome story! – congrats Magut!! you are an inspiration to us all!!

  2. […] our friend Magut will be at the run with some samples of his new energy […]

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