Happy 40th Birthday to our Founder, Mark Miller!


The Mark Miller Happy 40th Birthday Run!
Tomorrow (Saturday, October 19th) we will be meeting at 11th and Holly for a birthday run in honor of the founder and godfather of East Nasty – Mark Miller. Mark is celebrating a birthday this weekend and what better way to celebrate than a run with the guy who created East Nasty in his head. We will be meeting at the yellow house rain or shine at 2:00 in the afternoon. Mark will be there and is going to tell us what EN route he has decided for the run. Don’t worry it won’t be The Nasty and the pace will be slow and steady. As is the tradition with East Nasty we will also head down to 3 crow afterwards for a social drink to celebrate Mark’s big day. Everyone is invited so please spread the word and show up in your favorite East Nasty shirt. Mark has donated a lot of his time and effort to East Nasty and much of our success is owed to him. The Nashville scene has acknowledged us as the best running group in Nashville – let’s get some people together on Saturday for an afternoon run and acknowledge the guy who started it all.

Hope to see you there – ENFL !!
Drew jones

4 Responses to Happy 40th Birthday to our Founder, Mark Miller!


    Happy Birthday Mark! Your creation and founding of East Nasty has positively impacted my life, and untold scores of health conscience people. Thank you sir.

    Mike Sherman-nasty since-April 2012


  2. kim christmon says:

    Happy Birthday! You are so awesome.

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