Wednesday, August 28 – NEW ROUTE!

What’s Happening…

I ran into someone the other day who asked what all East Nasty had going on right now. It made me realize: (1) our website is not the most user friendly (need to think through this one) and (2) I should give everyone a brief synopsis.

Wednesday 6 a.m. or 6 p.m.: Our weekly run from 11th and Holly.

Wednesday 5:45 p.m.: The Lasty Nasties start their runs early on Wednesdays. (Stay up-to-date on their facebook page…)

Saturday 8 a.m.: 5k to 5 miles training at Shelby Park nature center. This is a weekly run for novices that are looking to continue their potato to tomato 5k training.

Looking ahead, our 1/2 marathon training will start up again in January.

Oh yes, and this is Lundy Lund’s last week at East Nasty before he and Emily (and Robert) head to Texas.   Plan on sticking around to buy him a beer after the run!

Run #10 ??

Here’s the punch line: we’re not doing this route. Why? 99% of East Nashvillians are incredbily supportive of East Nasty, so when we get complaints/suggestions I take them to heart. Three months ago, after route #10, I received a couple of comments about how that run clogged up traffic at the intersection of Eastland and 14th. Knowing that these comments came from two people who are not perpetually angry at the world made me really reconsider this route. It’s kind of a bummer, as I love that side of Eastland – but the comment was correct, that intersection is just too congested to run through at 6 p.m.

So we are working on a replacement route, and this week we are going to try option one.

Benji Replacement #1

Benji Replacement #1

It’s only 5k, but it’s got a big hill – and its taking us through an area of East Nashville that will look totally different even one year from now…

Be sure to check out the map at the link so you are prepared for the run, then after you run this route, please come back and vote!



One Response to Wednesday, August 28 – NEW ROUTE!

  1. kimbaldwin76 says:

    Hey Mark, appreciate the new route & it’s definitely a lot more traffic friendly, but… that hill on 12th coming up from Davidson is DUMB. It was okay this morning because there weren’t any cars on the road & it was daylight, but concerned about winter months in the dark. On that hill, not sure how well runners would see oncoming cars & vice versa. Aside from the hill, liked the route, liked the distance. Thanks!

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