Wednesday July 16

Stick Around After the Run…

Tomorrow, (and once a a month this summer), I Dream of Weenie is going to stay open late for us. All hot dog will be $3, and you can BYOB. Plan on sticking around after the run and grab a friend and a hot dog.

Generally, don’t run home after the run to watch some crap on television. This week I want to challenge everyone to invite someone new to hang out after the run. Grab a dog and/or a beer, sit outside, enjoy the night and some great conversation.

Run #5

Run #5: The Walking Bridge

This has always been Drew’s favorite, as it allows us to venture into downtown via the pedestrian bridge. Remember if you are a run/walker, join the Lasty Nasties. (Be sure to check their facebook page as they start their run a earlier than the main group.)  Planning on joining our main group?  We meet at 6 p.m. and start running at about 6:10.

One Response to Wednesday July 16

  1. Justin says:

    Hey, I need help regarding my wife and my P2T training shirts. We were planning to bring cash today but are had to leave town unexpectedly this morning. Unfortunately, we’ll be in Texas until Monday evening around 8. Is there any way to hold our shirts a few more days or pay over the phone with NRC or something. I’d really appreciate someone getting back to me on this.

    Thanks- Justin

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