ENOW: Season Kaminski

At Ironman CDA 2013

At Ironman CDA 2013

It is my pleasure to introduce you to my friend, and our newest East Nasty of the Week (ENOW), Season Kaminski!  For those of you who spent the weekend under a rock, ENOW is the second title Season has earned in the past 24 hours because she ROCKED Ironman Coeur d’Alene Idaho yesterday!

Ironman CDA finish 2013

Ironman CDA finish 2013

Season grew up in Orlando, FL and played competitive soccer from age 5 to 21, with a few years of baseball and softball thrown in the mix. She also skated on the speed team in middle school (ha!) because, “that’s what we did back then, don’t judge.”  She finished a Bachelors in Fine Arts- Interior Design at O’More College in Franklin, which is what brought her to Tennessee almost 9 years ago.

Season works for Nashville Running Company, sharing her passion for running and sports with others.  She is the Events Director for in and out of store events and has had the pleasure of starting up the NRC Trail Race Series this year.

When asked when she started running, Season said, “As soon as I could walk, I never looked back.  Honestly though, I did run on my elementary school’s cross country team in First Grade. I liked the medals and trophies, what can I say?”

26.4.26 in 2012


Season’s biggest accomplishment in running is the success of the 26.4.26 impromptu marathon last December. She says, “Being able to share my passion in a way that contributes to the lives of others with the support of the local running community here in Nashville and world-wide has been life changing for me.”

Season started coming to the Wednesday night East Nasty runs about 3 years ago at the request of some of her triathlete pals.  She says, “Wayne, Johnna and Marne, kept telling me about this great group run.  I came once and I never left.”

OHL Late

Old Hickory Lake Triathlon 2012

What Season enjoys most about East Nasty is the friends she’s made.  She says that they have become her family here in Nashville and her life is absolutely changed for the better.  Speaking of Season’s friends, I tapped a couple of them for this blog post.  Here is what they had to say.

Allison Miles:

“Man, writing “a few sentences” about Season is harder than I imaged… only because I want to say SO much.  Tarrolly said it perfectly when he stated “Season is proof that a human can live in their sweet spot”. Season pushed me head first into triathlons and since then has grown in to one of my best friends.  She is unconditionally committed to making the best out of life and helping her friends do the same.  She’s mentored me through my first jam-packed racing season and without her my life in Nashville would be drastically different.  I am so grateful to have such a wonderful friend both beside me in life and in front of me on the race course.”

Kathryn Wiseman, fellow Ironman CDA (congrats, Kathryn!):

“Season makes people want to run, and dance, and laugh. Her energy is contagious and her passion for running and all things racing is inspiring. Even if she can’t race, she’s out there cheering everyone on (and sometimes bringing them beer…okay, maybe that’s just me). I’m pretty sure she hasn’t gone a year without breaking her foot, so she’s spent a lot of time jumping up and down in a boot. Season and I were roommates in 2011 and we trained for our first Ironman together. I couldn’t have done it without her! And now that I live in Arkansas, she is still keeping me going – she drove 9 hours to my house just to make sure I rode my bike 100 miles at least once before the race. I am looking forward to doing Ironman Coeur d’Alene with her this weekend and definitely looking forward to that beer!”

Mach Tenn T&Bree

Mach Tenn T & Bree

When asked about her most memorable East Nasty experience, Season says, “This is a hard one, I’ve had so many great experiences with the group, during races and in our personal lives outside of running… ha, as if there was life outside of running. Hearing people scream “East Nasty” during races when they yell their support has to be up there on my list. As well as, when customers come into NRC asking where they can buy one of those East Nasty stickers…and I tell them they can’t, they have to earn it like the rest of us.”  Here, here!

When she’s not training for triathlons or running races, Season loves to wakeboard and snowboard. She also enjoys going home to Florida and kayaking with her family along the intracoastal, with manatees, and riding chasing dolphins as they swim.


Pre-IMCDA 2013

Season Ironman Kaminski, congrats on an awesome race this weekend & welcome to the ENOW club!  I think I speak for the entire female East Nasty community when I say, I want to be you.

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