Half/Full Marathon Weekend!

East-Nasty-CMM-Party-Evite 2

Pace Groups

If you are interested in hitting a certain time, we will have some pace leaders spread throughout the corrals.   Look for us and join up if you are looking to hit a certain time.

Corral 1 – 1:30

Corral 3 – we’ll have 3 leaders.  Sub- 1:40, 1:45 and sub- 1:50.

Corral 6 – 2:00

We also have a 2:15 and 2:30 leaders, I’m just not sure what corral they are in.  🙂

After the race

There is a family reunion area at the end of the race.  After the race, we’ll meet up under the letter “E” to get our yearly East Nasty picture.  (Weather permitting of course, don’t stand out there if it is cold and raining…)

Then that evening join us for our yearly post-race party (see above).  If the weather sucks, don’t let that scare you away.  The pavilion is covered, we’ll have heaters and the band/beer/food/friends will totally be worth it.

We’ll see on Saturday!


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