Wednesday December 26

Well, we’re still here. Must be awkward to be a Mayan right now. I guess this means we have to keep training for all these spring races coming up!

Wednesday Night Run

Yes – we will be running as usual this Wednesday (the day after Christmas). Mark is out of town, but dont worry – Drew and I will be there to get things going. We will run our most popular route – Run #5: Walking Bridge. As always, be at 11th & Holly at 6pm to join us. FYI – today, December 24th, is Drew Jones’ birthday. Be sure to wish him a happy one if you see him this week!

Next Wednesday – Back to the Beginning

Next Wednesday, January 2nd, we will start over our cycle of 12 runs with Route #1. Its our shortest route (3.1 miles) and a great night to bring out a new runner, or perhaps a friend who has made a New Years resolution to run more or get in shape.

Half Marathon Training Starts January 5th/6th

Our annual Half Marathon (and Full Marathon) Training program starts the weekend of January 5th/6th. Get all the details on the Half Marathon Training page. We will meet at 9am in Shelby Park on both Saturday the 5th or Sunday the 6th – you choose which day you want to run.

Merry Christmas to East Nasty Nation! We hope you all had a great 2012, and we look forward to working together to further our mission in 2013: to make East Nashville a great place to live and run, and to make running accessible to everyone in our community.

See you on Wednesday!


2 Responses to Wednesday December 26

  1. says:

    Thanks so much for the post & Merry Christmas! FYI, the 1/2 Marathon Training Plan link/page doesn’t work/can’t be found. Can’t wait to check out the training plan when this is up! Thanks again for the post–my husband & I have started training on our own & will probably try to come to some EN train days 🙂

    Happy Holidays, Anna

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  2. Thanks for still representing during the holidays. says:


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