Wednesday September 19: The Nasty!

This week is The Nasty and I know everyone is crazy excited/terrified, but we have a couple of important announcements, so please take a moment to read…

1) Reflective gear!

It’s that time of year again. As runners we often forget how hard it is for drivers to see pedestrians at dusk. So let’s all be safe and put on some reflective gear. Nashville Running Company is going to have some reflective options for sale on Wednesdays for $20. Once it gets dark for real, we’re going to encourage reflective gear and lights!

2) Morning Runs are ending this week

Of course you can still run in the mornings, and you can still meet at 5:50 a.m. at 11th and Holly. But this is going to be the last organized Wednesday morning run.

3) Bring $5

Shelby Park is getting a face-lift. To celebrate they are having a big 100th anniversary party on October 13, and they are looking for some sponsors to make it a grand event. East Nasty wants to present the park with a big “thanks for letting 250 of us run through here”, in the form of a check!  So please bring $5 to donate to the cause.  This is a great affirmation of our mission: to make East Nashville a great place to live and to run.

4) New Orleans Rock and Roll Half and Full Marathon

There are a bunch of East Nasties that will be heading down to the Big Easy for the 2013 edition of this race.   Rachel Schaffer has created a Facebook Group to help disseminate information. Check it out if you are interested, then sign up before the price goes up!

speaking of half or full marathons…

5) Start Thinking about Country Music Marathon Training

East Nasty’s free half or full marathon training begins the first Sunday in January.   We’ll have a meeting later this fall, but we would like to have more pace leaders this year. If you are willing to train/lead a group through the half in 2:30, 2:15, 2:00, 1:45 or 1:30 be ready to volunteer!  More information coming soon!

The Nasty

This week is indeed The Nasty. 6 miles of blood, sweat, and hills – including the loved/hated Mout Nasty. Complete the run, earn our sticker, have 2 for 1 beers at 3 Crow. Our morning run meets at 5:50am and evening run meets at 6pm. Both meet at 11th & Holly. (There is a group of non-fasties that are planning to start the evening run a little early at 5:30pm. Show up early if you want to join them.)

See you Wednesday – with your reflective gear!
– Mark

8 Responses to Wednesday September 19: The Nasty!

  1. I will be mtg with the group of non-fasties a little early at 5:30pm…

    Since this looks like our last run together on Wednesdays for awhile, I hope everyone else in my group will join me too!


  2. Candice says:

    What is considered non-fasties? This will be my first run with the East Nasty group, but I just finished the Franklin Classic with a less than 11 minute mile.

  3. beautifulynoeastnastylasty says:

    You’ll do great! It’s just slang terminology for the “SLOW” folks!! 🙂

  4. christina ching says:

    Hi mark, do you get the Nasty sticker if you run the morning run? also – is there a place to get east nasty tshirts still? thanks, christina


  5. Mark says:

    yes, you get a sticker if you run in the morning. email duane at eastnastyforlife dot com to check on shirt availability.

  6. Lori says:

    Is a 10-10:30 min/mile appropriate for the 5:30PM run?

  7. Mark says:

    10 – 10:30 is probably a little bit faster than the earlier group usually runs.

  8. Braden Osborne, Yolanda N says:

    Now, this is the training session we need to seriously think about doing… for the Country Music Marathon in April.

    Also, Don’t forget for the ones who want to leave early with The East Nasty Lasty’s, we will be leaving Holly Street @ 5:45pm this evening.


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