Wednesday, July 25

Music City Mile

Register now for the music city mile!   (Or bring cash or a check tomorrow night, as Season Kominski will be there to sign people up)  Then come out on August 16th to run a fast mile and then hang out to enjoy the evening with friends.  This is going to be a fast course, so there could be a couple of state records (female / male) going down…  The schedule for that evening is as follows:

6:00 Middle School Mile

6:20 Open Females (39 & under)

6:40 Open Males (39 & under)

7:00 Master Females (40 & up)

7:20 Masters Males (40 & up)

7:40 Elite Females ($300 to the winner!)

8:00 Elite Males ($300 to the winner!)

Art Embrace

Have you ever wondered what that yellow house is at the corner of 11th and Holly where we meet?  Well, it is owned by the YMCA, and from there they run a program called ArtEmbrace.   They promote art education to elementary and middle school students, especially at schools where those programs have been dropped.  Well, for the past month or so, they have been offering art classes for East Nasty children on Wednesday nights!   This is a great way to allow parents to enjoy a Wednesday night run, while knowing that their kids are getting a chance to learn from artists.  Here are the details:

Where: The Yellow House

What:  Art skills/projects for children taught by various local artists

When: Wednesdays 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Who: Kids age 5 and up

How much: $15 (this goes to pay the artist and for supplies…)

If you are interested, you need to call or email Leslie Gregg.  She can answer any questions and may be able to work with kids that are younger than 5.  This week they are doing some Tomato Art for the festival.  Should be fun!

Leslie Gregg –  Or 615.256.9622 ext 72555.

The Run

For July 25th, we are on run #6:Riverside.   As always, you have your choice of joining us at 6 a.m. or 6 p.m.  Both times we run the same route and meet at the same location: 11th and Holly in East Nashville.

3 Responses to Wednesday, July 25

  1. Laura S. says:

    Perhaps this an appropriate time to thank all the folks who volunteer to make East Nasty happen, because I’m sure a lot of work/effort goes on routinely that we don’t even think about. But after yesterday, I’d especially like to thank whoever was volunteering at the water stop mid-run and whoever coordinated that. Good call on such a hot run–I’m sure fellow Nasties appreciate it!

  2. Mark says:

    The water stops are planned and manned by Lululemon folks. Specifically the extraordinary Heidi Huerta. Look for her during “The Nasty” (run #12).

  3. HEIDIH says:

    Thanks Laura S. We love being there for such an awesome group! Mark, I can’t take full credit but you know how I love East Nasty! Yes…see y’all at Mount Nasty soon! 🙂

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