Race Week!

Wednesday, April 25

We are going to head over the walking bridge again this week as we complete Run #5: Walking bridge.  Check out the map, it’s an easy route. Even Q can is going to lead a group this week!

Note: Check out the blog on Friday as there will be more details about race day…

Post Race Party

After the race on April 28th, the Competitor group has some sort of concert thing going on,  but we would like to invite you to the real post-race gathering…

The East Nasty Post Country Music Half (and Full!) Marathon Bash

Everyone is welcome, even if you didn’t run. We start early (5 p.m) with grilling out, and end late with DJ Zach Barnett. The link above gives details (for example the address) and provides a place for you to sign up to bring something!

Being Good Neighbors

iPods are a running necessity for some people, but may not be the safest thing to be wearing during a run. I completely understand that listening to Guns and Roses helps make the runs go by easier, but it can also make you less aware of your surroundings, and can potentially be dangerous. So if you are going to listen, be careful – and maybe you can leave the iPod behind and talk to the person running beside you!

Thursday Night Workout

Great job guys! Our last workout is a well deserved easy one. This week we just need to run 2-3 one mile repeats at goal pace – NO FASTER! – with a good 2 or 3 minutes rest between each one.  As always, 6 p.m. on Thursday at 11th and Holly.


If you haven’t picked up your shirt yet, this is the week! We will have them after the run on Wednesday, or you can pick it up at NRC anytime they are open this week. We have a VERY limited number of extra shirts (pretty much just one in each size) that we will be selling this Wednesday after the run for $33 – first come, first served!

– Mark

One Response to Race Week!

  1. John van der Harst says:

    An aside… It was nice to hear the voice of former ENOW and now- Southeast Nasty Hugh Mundy as an invited guest/legal expert on NPR’s popular “On Point” radio show on Thursday, April 12, re. the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin issue. Hugh teaches law at rapidly-growing Nova Southeastern Univ. (over 28,000 students enrolled now!), and was last running with us over the Xmas holidays.

    This has been a huge issue for those who have fought hard for a safer/more kind East Nashville. When I arrived, 30 years ago, East Nasty was what some refered to the entire area as. Having personally endured 3 gang-assaults, twice held at gunpoint, been shot in a drive-by, and falsely accused by police twice and once by a neighborhood-watch vigilante, I’m hoping that the last nearly-6 years free of the above will continue, now that folks like East Nasty are around more.

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