1/2 Marathon Training!

This Sunday, December 18th, we’ll have our kick-off informational meeting!

Where: The new Nashville Running Company.  Right next to the post office on Woodland in East Nashville.  Across from Rumors East.

What: We’ll start the morning with a 5.35 mile run.   (There are several ways to adjust this route to make it shorter.)  Then we’ll have a brief informational meeting about the 1/2 marathon training and the couch to 5k program.

When: Run starts at 9 a.m. (ish), the meeting will probably start around 10.

One final note:  If you are planning on running the 1/2 marathon, you should probably sign up soon.  Like now.  I think that the entry fee jumps by $20 in January.  Also if you put in the code CMMCLUB, you get $10 off your entry fee.

Another final note: This year, we are looking to have some pace group leaders.  Group leaders would take charge of a group with a particular goal time by leading the Sunday runs and hopefully even running the race at the necessary pace to hit the desired goal.  If this describes you: please sign up at the meeting, or send me (Mark) and email at millema6@hotmail.com.

By the way: This video confirms what we all know and is 100% worth the 9 minutes it takes to watch.  After watching, pass it on to your friends to encourage them to join our couch to 5k training!  (I was particularly amazed that exercise ameliorates many of the negative consequences associated with obesity…)


See you on Sunday!

One Response to 1/2 Marathon Training!

  1. Christy says:

    Anyone doing the full this year? I am again! (Whyyyy??? I have no idea.)

    I’d love to coordinate coming early to group runs to get the extra mileage in so that we can finish with everyone else and stuff our face at brunch!

    Excited to be back with the Nasties this spring!

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