Wednesday – September 28th, 2011

Word up East Nasty. Hope all of you are well and ready for a run in some great weather tomorrow night. We will be running route #7 known as ” little holywood”. It is our shortest route of the 12 that we have. There are lots of twist and turns on this run so be sure to stay to the side of the road and always stop for traffic. Please take a look at the route down at the bottom of the page and try to learn it. We would love to have some NEW pace leaders volunteer to lead a group tomorrow night.


Reflective gear

As mentioned last week we will need to start wearing some kind of reflective gear on the Wednesday night runs. It is getting darker a little earlier each week and our group is so big that we all need to be wearing something  reflective. We sold several reflective vest last week and we will have some for sale again tomorrow night. There are a few brooks vest left in L/XL for $15 and we have plenty of Nathan vest that are one size fits all for $20. If you do not have anything reflective then bring some money with you tomorrow night and pick one up.


East Nasty Gear


Be sure to keep an eye out here on the website and at our East Nasty Runs on Wednesday for your chance to order some new East Nasty apparell. We will have 3 different options for you this fall and you can order anything you want. It looks like the options are going to be men’s singlets, long sleeve refelective technical shirt (unisex) and a hooded/zipper sweatshirt.


Thought of the week


We have several new East Nasty’s joining us each week on the run. Go out of your way to be friendly and introduce yourself to some new faces. East nasty is known for a being a very friendly and open running group so try to keep that going. We are also known for being very cool and good looking so keep that up as well.


See you tomorrow night in little hollywood Nasties …………….. ENFL !!!!!



4 Responses to Wednesday – September 28th, 2011

  1. Jill says:

    Would you ever consider posting the shirts for sale on the website? I might be interested in getting one, but I never get to E Nasty anymore.

  2. Allison says:

    I was too far in the back to hear well on Wednesday, how much are the long sleeve & hoodie options and do we need to pay next week?

  3. David Adkinson says:

    I definetly want to get some gear, but I never know if I will be off work in time to run with the group on wed. Is there any other time or way I can make an order?

  4. Hunter says:

    Hey guys, the shirts will be available on the Website in the coming days.

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