September 7th – 2011

Hello East Nasty — The summer heat has finally left the building. Running weather is finally here and I for one am excited about it. Tomorrow we are running route #4 ( Big Shelby Loop ). This has been mentioned in the past but we will continue to drive this point home. We need pace/route leaders on Wednesday night. East Nasty continues to grow and we need people to learn the routes and help people stay on the right course and stay out of the roads. Please look at the route down on the right side of the page – learn it – and be ready to volunteer tomorrow night.

East C.A.N. Dog Food Donations

Tomorrow we will be collecting dog food for the East C.A.N. adoption agency. Please bring a bag of DRY dog food with you to the run tomorrow night. Any dog food brand will do – any size is fine – just try to bring at least one bag. We will be collecting the food before the run and will need some volunteers with trucks or  SUV’s to take the food over to East C.A.N. following the run. East C.A.N. is a great organization that we have supported since we started in 2008. Our donations each year help them out in a big way.

Thought of the week

So back to the weather. It may not always seem like it, but fall weather is typically the best time of year for running. Most of us have been running in the high temperatures this summer and we are going to start to reap the benefits from it now. Anytime you start running it is going to feel 10-15 degrees warmer than it is outside so there is no need to break out the gloves and coats just yet. As far as running goes though now is the time to pick a race and shoot for a PR. After running in the summer heat you will be able to run harder and faster now that the cooler weather has shown up. So get out there and get busy.

See everyone tomorrow – East Nasty For Life !!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to September 7th – 2011

  1. You keep mentioning to learn the route on the right side of the page and I don’t know if I’m missing something but I can’t find where it would be. I’m not that familiar with East Nashville yet so I’m one that’s prone to get lost – especially since I’m one of the slowest out there. Thanks!!

  2. JP says:

    Stacey – there are many “boxes” on the right side of the webpage with some links. One of those is called “Runs” and has each route. Tonight will be route #4. Click on it and it’ll take you to the route on

    I will have my truck there tonight to load up with dog food.


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