Wednesday Night: June 29th

June 28, 2011

Hey everyone, this is going to be short and to the point. Wednesday night will be doing one of everyone’s favorites, run #5. We head straight down to the Pedestrian Bridge, run up 1st Ave., and then back up Woodland to 11th and Holly.

Trail runs on Sunday have been going well. This week the pancake breakfast portion of the trail run has been cancelled, but will be rescheduled.

Also, the Potato to Tomato 5k program has over 200 participants!!! Keep encouraging them and their coaches whenever you see them out and about. Speaking of the Tomato 5K run, this is the last week to sign up for the race at it’s lowest price of $25 dollars (by June 30th!). Click on this link if you have not signed up already! Tomato 5K .

Hope to see you tomorrow!

East Nasty of the Week: Meg Willoughby

June 22, 2011

Recently, while making my way through the giant dust bowl known as Bonnaroo this year, I bumped into this new East Nasty of the Week. Turns out it was her first time to the landmark festival in Manchester, TN, and I am not sure she will ever go back. Here are just five of the many things she learned while at the festival this year:

1) Porta-potties are the most disgusting invention of the last century.

2) Wanda Jackson is the coolest old lady EVER.

3) Hula-hoops are the new hacky-sacks and are a not appropriate in crowd situations.

4) If a single food vendor offers deep fried corndogs, spicy thai food and funnel cakes at the same location while flying an Italian flag, chances are the Health Department has not tested them lately.

5) Mumford and Sons is sponsored by Fruit of a Loom ribbed tanks.

Say hello to the one and only, Meg Willoughby!!!

On a hike in Utah

Meg was born just south of here, in Madison, Alabama, right outside of Huntsville. In her early years Meg was a bit of a swimmer, in fact, she may even still hold a couple of state records there. She also played soccer up through middle school, but by the time she got to high school she turned her focus to the arts. She not only created visual art, she also performed in the school plays and even travelled with a performance youth group across the country. Whenever she had some free time in her busy schedule, she would go to “calculus parties” (which I have no idea what those are,) practiced for band competitions, and even went to a couple “French conventions” (again, I have no idea what that is.) Although Meg refers to herself as a geek during those years, she at least knows that she was a cool geek.

After high school Meg decided to attend the Ringling College of Art and Design. YES, the college was created by the infamous Ringling Brothers, but do not worry, Meg did not attend any clown classes during her tenure at the school. She actually majored in graphic design and photography, and as she explained to me, most of her days at school were focused on drawing naked people and doing metal sculpture with a blow torch!

After college Meg moved up to Nashville and began working for the NFL, where she made websites. Later she worked for a major record label in town (rhymes with pony), and her job was to create CD packaging. Another part of Meg’s job was to photoshop some of the wrinkles, fat, and blemishes of the rising country stars. Now she works as a designer for a PR firm.

In 2008 Meg and her friend sat out and watched the runners of the Country Music Marathon. The next year she decided to captain a water stop, and she watched as her older sister ran the half marathon portion of the event. Inspired with the “well if she can, so can I” attitude, Meg set her sights on the 2010 Country Music Half, which she successfully completed. A couple of weeks later, with the running bug still a part of her, she joined East Nasty for a Wednesday night run. She credits her friend Becca Stinson as the reason she stuck with running and with East Nasty. Now she has completed 4 triathlons, 3 half marathons, the Ragnar Relay (with an East Nasty team), and she plans to complete her first full marathon in Huntsville at the Rocket City Marathon in December.

Meg cheering on fellow EN's at the 2010 Rocket City Marathon

In her free time now (besides trying to host calculus parties), she enjoys biking and hiking. She has a life goal of visiting all 58 National Parks…and a goal to never go to Bonnaroo again! Be sure to say hello to Megan this week, and leave a comment below.


Wednesday – June 22nd, 2011

June 21, 2011

What’s up East Nasty ?

We had a great turnout for the potato to tomato 5k training on Monday night. It is not too late to recommend a friend to join the group. There was a good amount of east nasties out there helping out with the group but they could always use more so come out and join the group and help encourage some beginners to keep moving. Now onto this week’s run – we will be running run #4 and this run has a few tricky intersections so as always try to remember to run on the sidewalk or side of the road and always stop to let cars go first.  Please take a look at the route and try to remember it …….. YOU may be asked to be a pace leader.

Upcoming events 

This Saturday June 25th our friends down the hill at the Green Wagon general store are hosting a summer block party from noon – 10:00. There will be local music, local food, local beer and local vendors. If you are looking for a social event this weekend then you are now in the know about what is going on in East Nashville. Check out the link here.

East Tomato 5k race

This year the race will be on Saturday, August 13th @ 7:30 am. This is the homecoming race for East Nasty and chances are over 1000 will be running in the race this year. It is still 2 months away but we want to help make this race a big event as it takes place on our turf. Look here for more information on this race as it gets closer.

Sunday Trail Runs

Our summer trail runs are in full swing – they will meet at 7am, under the stone gates at Percy Warner Park this Sunday.

Thought of the week

Are you a fair weather runner ? I would say that we pretty much get to experience it all here in middle Tennessee. It gets cold here, it storms here on a regular basis, and it definitely gets hot.  Well just in case you did not already know this – God seems to smile on East Nasty. In over 3 years of our existence we have never had to cancel a run due to weather. Now there have been a few times when we had to delay the start a little and there are also some runs that taken place in the rain – but they are rare. Take last week for example – it stormed off and on all day long but right around 5:45 the clouds cleared and it was dry for the next 2 hours. Why do I mention this ?  Well for no reason except letting you know that rain or shine, hot or cold, light or dark — we will be out there at 6:00 pm getting our run on and you should be there too!!!!

That is all —- see you tomorrow then ……. East Nasty For Life !!!!!


Wednesday – June 15th 2011

June 14, 2011

Hello East Nasty — Hope all of you are doing well. Last week we ran the nasty and it was brutal out there. It was hot and hilly and I am  pretty sure it was the hardest run I have done all year. Well good news – tomorrow we are going to do run #2 which is much shorter and easier than the nasty. Please take a look at the route as we are going to need some pace leaders out there.

Couch to 5k

We have over 100 people signed up for our potato to tomato 5k program.  I have a feeling that before the end of the week we will have close to 150 new runners.  We could definitely use a couple more coaches/mentors.  If you think that you may want to give back in this way, please talk with me (Mark) tomorrow, or send Holland an email at  Even if you can only commit to once a week it would be helpful. The couch to 5k program starts next Monday – June 20th down in Shelby Park.


Sunday Trail Runs

Our trail runs will meet at 7am, under the stone gates at Percy Warner Park this Sunday.

Thought of the week

The man behind East Nasty – The Mark Miller is on vacation this week. Starting next week Mark will be leading the potato to Tomato group on Wednesday nights. So guess what that means for you? That’s right nasties for pretty much the rest of the summer the Jones brothers will be running the show out there. Not sure if that is good news or bad news for you. Not sure if it is good or bad news for East Nasty to be honest with you. Just the same though I wanted to let you know there will be a new sheriff in town tomorrow night. I think for my first Wednesday night in charge we are going to start off by going down to 3 crow for some drinks first then maybe do some running afterwards – Who’s with me ? …….. Ok I made that up 🙂

Hope to see you out there with us tomorrow at 6:00 pm —— East Nasty For Life !!!!


East Nasty of the Week: Brian Freeman

June 12, 2011

This week’s selection of East Nasty of the Week (ENOW) comes to us all the way from the Big Easy. So, if your first thought is “Who Dat?” than you might already know this lifetime fan of the Saints and friend of the East Nasty community. Say hello to Brian Freeman.

Brian was born and raised in the town Grenta, LA, which is about 3 miles from downtown New Orleans. In his earlier days he was all about baseball. Throughout middle school and high school he played short stop, and even made the “All State” team during his Junior and Senior years. He was offered the opportunity to play for a Junior College, but instead he opted out and went to the University of New Orleans. There he focused on a double major in Business and Computer Science.

In those years of college, Brian worked in the restaurant world, where he became a borderline master of the cajun cuisine. Now, each year he throws a big crawlfish boil where he demonstrates the true art of gumbo. But like so many New Orleans residents, his life is defined by Katrina. Brian was living in the city when the big hurricane hit, and with it, his entire life changed. His job was no longer needed in New Orleans (mainly because they did not have power) so he transferred to Dallas, Texas. Dallas was not his scene however, and after six months there, he was hired by Vanderbilt in their IT department as a software engineer.

So that brings Brian here to Nashville. He has been here for 5 years now, and two years ago his fellow colleagues, Greg Kyle and Brian Murray, told him about our Wednesday night runs. Before that first night, Brian had NEVER run more than a mile straight. Brian says that East Nasty, in a sense, saved his life. It has made him healthier (losing over 40 pounds!!!), it has given him a community to be involved with (he is always volunteering for our group, including the 1st round of the Potato to Tomato program,) and he has now run the Country Music Half Marathon with a time of 1:49:04 (his first one by the way!!!)

Brian is definitely one of the friendliest members of our group too. He has already started training people with the new Potato to Tomato 5K program, and he is already pumped to watch some great NFL this Fall whenever the games get started. To him, one of the greatest moments in his life (and in the city of New Orleans) is when the Saints won the Superbowl a couple of years ago. Here is a picture of him and his friends in their Saints tutus.

Be sure to say hey to Brian this week on Wednesday and leave a comment for him below.

The Nasty… June 8, 2011

June 7, 2011

Tomorrow is The Nasty.    Our longest, hardest run, but well worth it…  Familiarize yourself with the map, because we tend to get a little bit spread out on this run…

Couch to 5k

We have over 100 people signed up for our potato to tomato 5k program.  I have a feeling that before the end of the week we will have close to 150 new runners.  We could definitely use a couple more coaches/mentors.  If you think that you may want to give back in this way, please talk with me (Mark) tomorrow, or send Holland an email at  Even if you can only commit to once a week it would be helpful.

Mundy is back.

Sunday Trail Runs

Our trail runs will meet at 7am, under the stone gates this Sunday.

See you tomorrow.

East Nasty of the Week: Sarah Shearer

June 2, 2011

The first time I remember meeting this new East Nasty of the Week, she was just returning to our camp site after completing the Warrior Dash course 12 hours before the rest of us. She showed us the cuts on her legs, and told us all about the dangers and thrills that awaited us the next day. We all came to the consensus that this new girl was pretty badass! The next day the rest of us put on our war paint, camo shorts, and East Nasty tank tops, and headed out for the course. Little did I know that Sarah Shearer would be doing the course one more time, thus solidifying just how badass she was indeed!!! Say hello to our new ENOW, Sarah Shearer!

Sarah was born in the countryside of western Pennsylvania. In her early years, she bounced around a good amount, from Laurel, Maryland to Parkesburg, PA, and then finally settling in the tri-cities of east Tennessee. She was very much a child of nature, spending almost all of her free time outdoors, roller-skating around her neighborhood, and spending summers at the local pool. When she was 17, she became a lifeguard at the pool, and on occasion she would run a little 3 mile trail loop close by.

For college, Sarah headed off to Jackson, Mississippi, to attend Belhaven College on an art scholarship. Sure, she had never been there before, but she saw the opportunity as an adventure. In her freshman year, she was convinced to join the cross-country team, but after a year of it, she got burnt out. She graduated from Belhaven in 1999 with Fine Arts degree, and a day later, she moved to Nashville.

Sarah moved to Nashville with her fiancé, Jon Shearer. They meet while camping in North Carolina years before, and Jon being the nice guy that he is, moved to Jackson while Sarah finished college. After graduation, they decided to head back to where Jon was living before his move, and they have called Nashville home ever since. Sarah holds down two different jobs here, one as a commissioned artist and another as the Assistant Director to Community Education at Watkins College of Art and Design. For those that did not buy a running calendar this year, you missed out on some of Sarah’s remarkable artwork. Here is an example of a dog that she was commissioned to paint.

Sarah began training with the East Nasty Running Group in January of 2010. Her co-worker, Channing Quinn, convinced Sarah to train with the ½ marathon group. Once she started meeting other East Nastys, and after her great performance in the 2010 Country Music Half Marathon, she began looking for other opportunities to run with the group, thus the previously mentioned Warrior Dash. Since then she has also participated in a couple of triathlons, the Bourbon Chase relay, the Tough Mudder, and the Nashville Half, which she set a new PR with a time of 1.56.24. And now she is in training for her first full marathon, which will take place in Chicago this fall.

Finally, it needs to be mentioned that Sarah and Jon will be celebrating their 11th year of marriage this weekend!!! Congratulations to them and all that you two have accomplished together. But one last note, that many of you probably don’t know about Sarah Shearer…she is a natural blond! And for the very first time on the world wide web, here is a picture of Sarah 11 years ago at her wedding. ENJOY!!!

Congratualtions Sarah! We at East Nasty wish you the best of luck in your training and completion of your first marathon this fall. For those out there reading this, be sure to add a comment below, and check out Sarah’s blog here.