Summer Trail Running Announcement…

Have you been missing your weekend long run?  Going through Sunday morning East Nasty withdrawal?  Well thanks to Hunter Lane the summer trail runs are about to start!

Read these basic details, then check the new “2011 summer trail runs” tab on the top for more specifics.

This year we are going to have a goal race…the Stumpjump 50k/11mile.  We are going to have two training groups, “normal” people, and “ultra” people.  The normal people will be training for the 11 mile race, and the ultra people will be training for the 50k.  (This is the first time we have trained for an ultra!)

We are going to meet every Sunday, June through September, at Deep Wells in Percy Warner Park – with the occasional road trip.  In June we will start running at 8am, and in July – September we will move the start time to 7am.

The ultra group will be fairly structured each week, while the goal of the normal group is to get everyone acquainted with the trails so that there can be a lot of variety in the distances run each week.   Our first run on June 5th will be about 5 miles (for the normal people, 90 minutes for the ultra folks), so everyone should be able to join us!  Believe me, running off road makes running in the summer actually bearable…

Click on the “2011 Summer Trail Runs” tab above for more details, or email Hunter Lane if you are interested in helping out!

* note: if you are interested, you need to sign up for the race ASAP because it will sell out!!  Click on the Stumpjump link above.

One Response to Summer Trail Running Announcement…

  1. Will Arnold says:

    For those “normal” runners who are going to hit the trails with EN this summer, here is the preliminary schedule for TN State Park Trail Race series. These are fun/competitive 5mi, 10k, 8mi races in different state parks.

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