East Nasty of the Week: All of those who ran over the past two weekends!!!

ENFL 2011 CMHM!!!

Over the past two weekends several East Nastys went out to compete in races, both locally and nationally. Basically, we are slowly beginning to take over the whole running world. This week’s ENOW write-up is dedicated to all of you out there who participated and completed your races. This group runs so much I think it is easy to forget our own accomplishments, whether it is finishing your 4th half marathon, running a new 5K, setting a new PR for yourself, or even just running for enjoyment, it is all an achievement!

So that being said, here are a couple of pictures and race times from some of the East Nastys over the past couple of weeks. ENJOY!

Our fearless leader crossing the finish

Country Music Results: 2011


Laura Vilines 2:02:59

Amberlie Silva 2:02:42

Meg Willoughby 2:14:00

Erin Rehel 1:59:27

Brittany Endres 2:13:54

Elizabeth Morse 2:02:17

Kristen Heggie 2:12:06

Sarah Brown: 1:56:05

Margaret Jones 1:42:48

Sara Spencer chip time 2:44:54 *Garmin time of 2:38:23. “Darn bathroom lines ruin everything”

Marianda Jewell  –  1:54:21

Heidi Wilson 2:55:18

Alexa Hinton 1:22:29 (placed 2nd out of all the women!!!)

Alexis Hoag 1:58:57

Bernadette Doykos – 2:12:38

Courtney Terrell 1:26:10 (placed 5th out of all the women!!!)

Christina Young (FULL) 4:41:40

Mary Beth Hettinger 2:13:23
Margaret Hettinger 2:13:24

Erica Tober: Not proud of her time and does not want to share

And over in California:

**Marie Winget (FULL) 3:57:43 (who ran BIG SUR and needed some medical attention afterwards)

Two thumbs up, way to go Marie!!!


Chey Price – 1:52:50

Gunjan 2:07:55

Brian Gilson: (FULL) 2:54:15

Alex Kennedy 1:20:35 (THAT IS WAY FAST!!!!!)

Kevin Christian 1:26:11

Andrew Dunn (FULL) 4:20:53

Drew Jones 1:43:50

Zac Barnett – 01:41:32

Scott Ramsden – 1:47:52

Mark Miller 1:41:33

Eric Snider 1:39:22

JP Cowan 1:47:54

Graham Stoner (FULL) 3:59:24

**Will Arnold and Justin Keller ran the Strolling Jim Ultra Marathon in Wartrace, TN. They both finished in under 7 hours!

Will and Justin getting ready for 41 miles (background)

There were also a large number of East Nastys cheering their friends on, handing out water at mile 19, and even helping pace their fellow runners. It is so important that we continue building our community outlook among Nashville, and spreading the positive spirit we have for running whenever we get the chance. Keep up the good work!

Next week we will get back to a selected individual for ENOW, but now feel free to bask in the collective glory!


11 Responses to East Nasty of the Week: All of those who ran over the past two weekends!!!

  1. C Young says:

    Just wanted to make mention of Cara Golish who ran her Full Marathon for Country Music in 4:17:14. Way to go girl!!
    Thanks East Nasties for the cheers, water and support. 🙂

  2. Brittany Endres says:

    Congratulations everyone! We all rock! Thanks, Rod for making sure my worst time ever gets recorded on East Nasty blog history FOREVER! 🙂

  3. Heidi W says:

    Congrats everyone! I’m with Brittany- there is a reason I didn’t send my time in Mr. Jones! 😉

  4. Sara Spencer says:

    I very much appreciate my excuse being included. 🙂 Sorry Brit and Heidi, you gotta learn to include a good excuse! Great job to everyone!!

  5. Ashlee Tidwell says:

    Ha, Heidi, that’s what I did, also.

  6. Rachel Hooper says:

    I would like to send a GIANT THANK YOU to all East Nasties!!! Nine months ago, I couldn’t run down the block, and now I’ve completed my first 1/2 marathon. None of this could have happened without the amazing support of such an awesome group of people. Thank you all for making running FUN… and a special thanks goes out to the Potato to Tomato summer ’10 coaches/mentors for getting me started. ENFL! 🙂

  7. Sarah T says:

    I too, want to thank the East Nasties. I never thought I could run a half marathon until I joined the group. Thanks to everyone who supported me throughout the tough, long process. It was totally worth it! I loved running the half marathon and I’m going to do it again next year!

  8. Will Arnold says:

    There’s no way I could have finished Strolling Jim under 7 hours without Scott Ramsden’s help pacing the last 6 miles! Probably his slowest 10k ever. Ask him a story or two — it was classic!

  9. Chuck says:

    Regarding Rachel Hooper’s comment, I remember one afternoon she met me for a run at Shelby Bottoms. Our plan was six miles. After the run Rachel told me that was her longest run ever. We averaged just under 12 minutes per mile that day. While many people can and do run faster than twelve minutes per mile, very few match her drive and determination. Work well done, Rachel.

  10. Erica says:

    Rod Jones!!! I can’t believe you included that! Hahaha…ok, ok, 1:49!

  11. Gunjan says:

    Go EAST NASTY!!!!

    Thank you for all the support and help to train and encourage all the new runners. You guys are doing an AMAZING job! Keep it up 🙂

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