May 4: East Nasties walk with the Mayor!


First of all, congrats to everyone who ran the country music 1/2 or full marathon!  It is time to take some well deserved rest.  A good rule of thumb is that you want to have 1 easy day of running for every 2 kilometers of racing…   A 1/2 marathon is about 21k, so you need to take about 10 days of easy running.  A marathon is 42k, so about 3 weeks of easy running is in store for you full marathoners!  (Easy running could mean no running, or it could mean 30 miles a week…it just depends what your “easy” is…But either way, nothing fast!)

!!!!!!!Everyone needs to read this!!!!!!!!

This week we will not be meeting in our normal spot or at our normal time.  We are going to meet up with Mayor Dean at LP field to join him in his quest to walk 100 miles.  So if you show up at 11th and Holly, you’ll be very lonely.  Here are the details:

When: Wednesday, May 4.  Meet at 5:15.  The walk starts at 5:30

Where: Park in LP field parking lot J.

What: We’ll walk 2 miles (across the pedestrian bridge) with the Mayor, and then head out for our own run after wards. (if you want)

I know that many of you may not be able to make it that early in the afternoon, but please make every effort to join us this week.  This is the first time since June of 2008 that we have canceled/moved a Wednesday night run…so you know that we think this is an important event.   So leave work a little bit early on Wednesday, wear your east nasty gear and support our mayor as he tries to make our city more active!

Speaking of East Nasty gear…

Check out our new banner…can you tell what it is???  Well among other things it is the back of our new East Nasty t-shirts!  If you want one, which you do, they’re $20, we ordered 200, and when they’re gone they’re gone…see Drew on Wednesday nights.

Potato to Tomato.

Just to put this on your radar…

We will have an information meeting about our couch to 5k program (we call it potato to tomato), on Monday night June 6th at the Margaret Maddox YMCA on Gallatin road.  If you are interested in participating, or if you would like to be a mentor/coach, please send Holland Carley an email at  More details soon….


I grew up in Illinois, and one things I loved about Chicago summers was that there was a street festival every weekend.  Ever since I moved to Nashville, I thought, “where are the street festivals?”  In fact every single festival seemed to be in Centennial Park…  East Nashville to the rescue!  Of we have the world famous Tomato Festival…but now there is going to be another one called Feastival.  It is a first year event on May 21, and it looks to be a great, kid-friendly event.

See you on Wednesday!


9 Responses to May 4: East Nasties walk with the Mayor!

  1. cheytown says:

    tell me that’s like a shoe print slash five points aerial map… least in my mind! =P

  2. Mark says:

    send me site updates

  3. Derek says:

    Hi there,

    Is there a way to order/get the shirt other than in-person? I love the design and support what you all are doing, but it is difficult to make Wednesday evenings. Any help would be appreciated!


    – derek

  4. Willow says:

    If we can’t make the 5:15 start (I know its important, and I will try, but it may not happen), but we want to run….will you all be coming back to 11th and Holly to start the regular run, or will the start be the end of the mayor’s 2 mile walk?

  5. eastnasty says:

    We will just run from LP field.

  6. Robert says:

    Along with Willow, I may not be able to make the 5:30 start. Is there a certain time we could meet up at LP Field with the rest of the group to do the later run after the Mayor’s 2 Mile Walk?

  7. Thanks for the shout out about fEASTival. Just wanted to let you all know our first festival is presented by Yazoo Brewery so be sure to come support your community!!

  8. Tahnee says:

    heading to Northern Alabama on Friday – please tell your friends
    help Alabama’s tornado victims & be entered to win free Mumford & Sons tickets (ATL 6/12). info here:

    Thanks E Nasty’s!

  9. Heidi H says:

    I hate that I missed the photo-op but this was great! ENFL!

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