Country Music Marathon…

This is a big running weekend in Nashville – and a busy weekend for East Nasty…

Saturday, April 30 – Country Music Marathon and 1/2 Marathon

7 am Start.  Here are a couple of thoughts:

Before the run: There is a shuttle that will take you from LP Field to Centennial Park (the start line.)   This is a great service, but it takes forever to get out of LP field after the race.  Here is my thought: park in East Nashville and jog over to LP field to grab a shuttle.  Then after your race, walk back to your car.

After the run: There is an area called the “family reunion” area or something like that. After you finish your race, meet your fellow Nasties under the letter E.  Then after you recover, head over to 9th and Russell to help out at Lee Wilson’s water stop.  (If you are not running, and would like to help out at the water stop, he could probably use some help early in the morning to set up or later in the day to clean up.  Send him an email for details

Way after the run: Everyone is welcome to join us for our post race party!  Erin and I are hosting at 314 S. 17th street.  It starts up at 4.  Bring something to throw on the grill or something to share…or both!  Here is the sign up sheet, just add your name and click “save”.  But even if you don’t have a chance to make anything, please come join us for an evening to celebrate 16 tough weeks of training!

Shirts: At the post race party we will unveil our brand new East Nasty shirts!  This will be our first non-technical t-shirt, and Duane has done another fantastic job designing it…  They will be $20.

Quickly looking ahead: Wednesday, May 4thWalk with Mayor Dean

Next Wednesday, we will not be meeting at our normal time or location!

We are going to join the Mayor for his 2 mile walk over the Pedestrian Bridge at 5:30.  We will meet at 5:15 in parking lot J of LP field.  I know that this will be impossible for many people…but please make every effort to join us as we support his efforts to get Nashville active!   This is a great way to demonstrate our mission: to make running accessible to everyone in our community!  So wear your east nasty gear and let’s show up en masse!  (After the 2 mile walk, we will head out for a typical Wednesday night run…)

Good luck and I’ll see you guys on Saturday!


3 Responses to Country Music Marathon…

  1. East Nasty friends,

    I’ve got three openings for post Marathon massages left on Sunday, May 1. I want to give priority to East Nasty runners. 12:00, 2:00, and 4:00 p.m. for one hour.

    If you would like to grab one of these slots, please email me at or call 615.26RELAX (615.267-3529).

    I’ll give you a “you deserve it” special rate of $50 if you let me know you saw this post! What a deal.

    Good luck tomorrow!!!


    P.S. I am booked for Saturday (six runners post-Marathon!)

  2. Alexis Morley says:


    I’m in town with a friend to run the marathon and heard about the running group. We looked up your blog and the post race party looks awesome. We’re planning on crashing with some beer, hope you don’t mind!!!

  3. Amanda De La Mater says:

    Thanks so much for letting me and Alexis crash the party! We had a great time and wish we had an East Nasty of our own in Seattle to run with!!

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