Wednesday, April 20


What a great race!  A world record (not official because of the point-to-point and downhill nature of the course, read more here), Ryan Hall runs a 2:04.58 – plus a couple of sub-3 hour East Nasties!


Anytime that we have to cross an intersection with a light, we must stop at the cross walk if the light is red.

Also, this week we will be running down Eastland, turning left on 12th.  Be careful when crossing Eastland.  Try and cross where there is a cross walk.  (there is a cross walk at the new three-way intersection right at Porter & Eastland and at Eastland & 14th.)

The Run:

This week we are running route #6.

In the future…

April 27 – Alley clean-up.  After our run on April 27th, we need everyone to stick around to do a little neighborhood beautification.  We need you guys to split into groups 2 to 4 and will send you out into the neighborhood to pick up trash.  Everything will be taken care of, gloves, bags, maps…all we need is your willingness to make this another fantastic success! JP Blazer is in charge.

April 30 – 1/2 marathon/marathon.  Next week Lee Wilson is going to come out and get some volunteers if you care to work the water stop at 9th and Russell.  Also that night is the post-race party hosted by the Millers (that’s Erin and I) from 4-11.  More details next week.

May 4 – Walk with the Mayor.  Mayor Dean has challenged Nashvillians to get more active.  And part of that is his 100 mile challenge.   We are going to join up with him for a couple of his walks, starting with a 2-mile jaunt across the pedestrian bridge on May 4. Note:  There will be a location and TIME change for this week.   The walk will begin at 5:30 at the pedestrian bridge on the LP field side of the river.

I know that some of you may not be able to make it, but we are going to make every effort possible to support the mayor as he encourages this city to get active!

June 6 – 6:30pm – Speaking of getting active….On Monday June 6th, we will have an informational meeting at the Margaret Maddox YMCA on Gallatin for everyone interested in joining our Potato to Tomato 5k training group.  More details soon, but email Holland Carley, if you are interested.

I won’t be there tonight, so give Drew your undivided attention!  🙂


4 Responses to Wednesday, April 20

  1. JP says:

    For the trash pickup next week, everyone wear an East Nasty shirt if you got one! We need to let the ‘hood know that the Nasties are the ones cleaning the streets. This is a great PR opportunity.

  2. valvonator says:

    alright kids!!…when the teacher’s out you’d better behave for the sub!! =)

  3. Sarah Teale says:

    I am wondering if the East Nastys will be attending the Mayors Walk this coming Wednesday from 5:30-7:00pm? HBO is producing a major series called The Weight of the Nation and we are profiling Nashville and the efforts that the Mayor is doing to make the city better for walking, running, biking and things that the community is doing to get out there and healthy. We are filming the Walk but would love to talk to you guys about your group and to see if there are any early participants – Couch to 5K – who live in neighborhoods where it is hard to exercise who would be willing to let us film with them at home. My name is Sarah Teale. I am one of the Producers and I can be reached on 917-941-0481

  4. cheytown says:

    We can’t wait for Mayor’s walk…it will be a great way to promote being fit and active in a state that is almost 30% obese (top ten)!! You will see a lot of east nasties out there, just look for us with our EN t-shirts. You can also get a good word from Drew or Mark, just ask around…thanks for stopping by!

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