East Nasty of the Week: Sara Spencer

On a brisk February evening in 2010, two relative newcomers to the East Nasty running community made their way up a metal staircase into a small living room. They came to meet new friends and they came to sing. What happened that night is now the stuff of urban legend, but our new East Nasty of the Week was there…and she BROUGHT IT!!! Say hello to the one and only Sara Spencer, and notice her “eyes-closed” technique while rockin’ the mic below.

Sara comes to us all the way from Muskegon, Michigan. In her early years she could be found hanging out on the beach and playing in the waves of Lake Michigan. She received her preliminary education in the Mona Shores school district, AKA “The Fighting Sailors!” Although sports were not really her thing, she excelled in the performing arts. Singing was her true love, and with pride she tells me that she was a “total choir nerd.”

Her singing talents carried Sara to college, where she attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Although she started out as a Vocal Performance major, she switched over to a Graphic Design major for her remaining three years there. And it was that switch over to Graphic Design that allowed Sara to move to Nashville, where she works at Belmont University in the marketing office.

In November 2009, inspired by her high school best friends Carmen Rabbit and Anne Velthouse, Sara decided to begin training for the Country Music Half Marathon on her own. Sara learned of East Nasty by playing on a softball team with THE Graham Stoner, and from his encouragement she began to join our running group for Wednesday night runs. At first the runs were a bit of a struggle for Sara. Each week she would find herself in the dark and  alone, with nothing but the fear of stray East Nashville dogs and hope that someone might actually still be hanging around at 11th and Holly to keep her running. Although it was tough, she stuck it out, bought East Nasty gear, and invited others along to the group. Sara completed the 2010 CMHM…on a sprained ankle!!! This year she is excited to try the whole experience again, without the injury.

Besides learning a true love for running, Sara has also experienced a couple of other things since joining the East Nasty community. For starters, she has learned that St. Patrick’s Day toga parties can be a little on the dangerous side. On a more positive note however, she has learned what amazing and supportive group of people runners can be. She said to me that joining East Nasty helped her experience what being on a team was like for the first time in her life. And finally…Sara learned to jump over fire.

This should be the poster for Warrior Dash!

Be sure to congratulate Sara Spencer! And let’s all hope that if another Karaoke Party ever happens, Sara will once again grace us with her abilities to belt out 90’s power pop music!


13 Responses to East Nasty of the Week: Sara Spencer

  1. Sara!!!! Congrats, you rock 🙂

  2. Congrats Sara! Super proud of you lady!

  3. Lundy Lund says:

    From one fellow Wolverine (’03) to another, welcome to the ENOW club!

  4. C... Young! says:

    OH GIRLFRIEND!!!! Congrats… good read. Look forward to another Karaoke night with you! 🙂

  5. Erin Miller says:

    Great write up! Great choice for ENOW!

  6. Chelsea says:

    SO SO SO proud of my girl Sara! Woop Woop!!!

  7. Duane says:

    congrats! and well deserved! that warrior dash pic is 100% bad ass!

  8. Will Arnold says:

    Congratulations! Your ENOW gold belt (think WWF champ belt) and check will be arriving in the mail shortly…if it doesn’t, just ask Chuck H for $1000 cash.

  9. Sara Spencer says:

    You guys are so nice. 🙂

  10. Chuck says:

    Will, our friend and newest East Nasty Sara works at Belmont. She can view my alumni donation records and correctly assume I don’t have spare cash. Goodness knows Belmont has been trying and prying my wallet.

    (Only kidding, alma mater)

  11. John van der Harst says:

    A 3rd Wolverine ENOW! Though I didn’t graduate, my Michigan education helped set me up for quite a career here. Sara’s persistence in training reminds me of the determination I saw so much of in the academic culture of Ann Arbor. Just keep at it, baby!

  12. Holland says:

    Congratulations! Love the write up and pics!

  13. […] For college Sarah wanted to get as far from West Virginia as possible. She ended up at the University of Washington in Seattle (where she completed her first two years), and then spent a year in Florence, Italy through Gonzaga University. Her time both abroad and in the Northwest were some of Sarah’s best moments in life up to that point, but with a switch of major she ended up at Belmont University to study Finance and Music Business. Her intentions were to head back West after graduation, but she ended up getting a job offer at Belmont, and by the end of two years Nashville had become her new home. Now she is the Event Manager of Belmont University, where she is colleagues with other ENOW SARAH SPENCE! […]

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