Sunday, April 3… 8 am!!!

The countdown to the 1/2 marathon has begun…

Is anyone getting tired?  Feeling worn out?  We are entering into the last couple of weeks of training.  The next two Sunday runs are the hard ones, then our last two runs are tapering down, getting us ready for the race.  So now is a good time to refocus on getting enough sleep, proper nutrition and staying hydrated.

The Run

REMEMBER WE ARE MEETING AT 8 am!!  Meet at Shelby outside the visitor’s center.

We are back at Shelby Park, doing our third and last…and longest tempo run.  We will run 9, 10 or 12 miles total – with the middle 6,7 or 8 miles run at tempo pace.  Remember tempo pace is 35-50 minutes per mile slower than your 3 mile time trial pace.   Since this is our longest tempo, stay on the slower end of your tempo pace.

Brunch is hosted by Alexis Hoag!!

3 Responses to Sunday, April 3… 8 am!!!

  1. NIcole says:

    Hello! I am training for the full marathon, but I don’t have anyone to run the longer distance with tomorrow morning. I’d like to run 17 miles…probably add on extra miles after the regular EN training run.
    If anyone else if training for the full marathon and is doing a training run tomorrow, please let me know! I would love to run with you!
    My cell is 865-771-0741.



  2. Chuck says:

    35 to 50 MINUTES per mile slower than 3 mile time trial pace? Sounds more like a power nap than a tempo run (heh heh).

  3. John van der Harst says:

    No, because it’s East Nasty, that would be a FUN nap!

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