East Nasty of the Week: Brittany Endres

So you are a person who loves running, but suddenly every time you get out to pound the pavement something doesn’t feel right. It could be lower back pain, some kind of twinge around your Achilles heel, or even a little ache around your right knee. So what do you do? Do you keep running, hoping the pain goes away? Or maybe take the old adage of “rest” being the best medicine. Well folks, this week’s East Nasty of the Week has all the answers. Say hello to Brittany Endres!

Brittany was born in Glendale, California, but she moved to Kingsport, Tennessee right after elementary school. She grew up running track, but focused her efforts on sprint events, such as the 100, 200, and 400. In fact, the very idea of running a mile continuously was borderline ludicrous to her. For college Brittany stayed local and attended East Tennessee State University, where she studied exercise science. She also received a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from ETSU, so that’s DR. ENDRES to you!!!

Brittany arrived in Nashville in 2009 through an internship with Results Physiotherapy, which is now her current employer as well. By that point she had already started running various 5Ks and 10Ks, so she decided to give the Country Music Half Marathon a try. She trained with the East Nasties and has since become a staple in our group, including driving one of the vans for the Ragnar Relay this year. Well, after her spectacular performance in the 2010 CMHM (1:58:07), she now has decided to try the Chicago full this upcoming October.

Next weekend, on February 19th at 10 AM, Brittany is holding an informational clinic, one on running injuries and the other on barefoot running. The meetings are free, but she encourages people to sign up through the Facebook meeting page, which can be found here. Dr. Brittany wants to make it clear that physical therapy is not just for people over 50 who had a hip replacement. She is also very giving of her time, talking with anyone about what might be causing their injuries. Now, word on the street from some of her other East Nasty clients is that she can be a little rough on your muscles, but in the end she does a great job and she can even help you prevent future injury.

So take it from the good doctor. The next time your body is telling you to stop and pay attention, it might be in your best interest to do just that. It is better to stop now, before your injury starts screaming at you!
Rod Jones

14 Responses to East Nasty of the Week: Brittany Endres

  1. Cristina Young says:

    Congrats fellow ENOW! 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Congrats to my running buddy Brittany! Well deserved and so proud of you!

  3. congrats Dr. Brittany! and thanks for being so good at what you do 🙂

  4. Lanie says:

    Congrats Brittany! So deserving. I’m still running injury free(for the moment) bc of you!

  5. Matt Alley says:

    Might have to attend that seminar. Congrats Doc!!

  6. Ashlee Tidwell says:

    Congrats ENOW!!!!

  7. Noell says:

    Congrats Brit! You are definitely an integral part of East Nasty!

  8. Brittany says:

    Thanks everyone! ENFL!

  9. Will Arnold says:

    A well-deserved ENOW! Congratulations and it’s good to see your smile at all the runs!

  10. Megan Willoughby says:

    Best van driver EVER! Great job Brittany!

  11. JP says:

    Well deserved Doc Brittany “magic fingers” Endres!

  12. Duane says:

    Congrats Brittany!

  13. cheytown says:

    “a little rough on th muscles”..HA! Brittany is to muscles what Mr.T is to fools!

  14. Holland Carley says:

    Congrats!!! Great job =)

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