East Nasty of the Week: Scott Ramsden

Well this has truthfully been a long time coming. Scott Ramsden has been a central member of East Nasty for quite some time now, and it is about time we pay a little respect to the man.

Scott was born in Pennsylvania and spent his pre-high school years living in the great Quaker State. He then moved to Detroit, Michigan, where he attended high school with other ENOW Aman Khapoya! Okay, truthfully they were not at school at the exact same time, but they are both alumni of Rochester High School. Anyway, after graduation Scott decided to escape the harsh Northern winters, and headed down south to attend Mississippi State University. Besides spending his time cheering on the mighty Bull Dogs, Scott earned a degree in marketing.

At some point after college Scott ended up here in Nashville working in the insurance industry. In 2008 he decided to train for and run in the Country Music Half Marathon, and sure enough the running bug stayed with him. He also got interested in participating in triathlons the same year, and since then he has completed 5 triathlon races from “sprint length” to a half-Ironman in 2009.

But let’s get back to running. Perhaps my favorite story about Scott deals with his first full marathon. He decided to train for and run the Rock n’ Roll Mardi Gras Marathon in New Orleans, LA in February 2010. Well, Scott did everything he could do to become a faster runner, taking speed sessions, running pace runs with Chuck Hargrove, and of course staying true to Wednesday night runs with East Nasty. He achieved his goal, and on last day of February he ran 26.2 miles in 3:56:02. He then proceeded to not run 26 miles combined over the entire following month.  (Now that’s what I call a recovery). That did not stop him however from lending a helping hand to other East Nasty’s, in fact Scott could be found every Sunday sitting outside the Athlete’s House and giving out water during our Bongo to Bongo runs. He has also helped out many other runners in their training and keeping pace for those out there who are crazy enough to run ultra marathons.  Outside of running Scott also proudly claims golf and beer as his other hobbies.

Scott Ramsden or Scotty Dooo as my brother calls him is a great guy and a true East Nasty veteran. Congratulations to Scott for joining the ENOW club.


8 Responses to East Nasty of the Week: Scott Ramsden

  1. Will Arnold says:

    Congratulations on a well-deserved ENOW.
    Here’s to the next race worth signing up for under the influence: Pikes Peak 2012!


  2. Polly says:

    Rock on Scott! Congrats and welcome to the ENOW club!

  3. Chuck says:

    Training with Scott for 2010 Mardi Gras Marathon showed me a dedicated, determined side to a usually easygoing runner and person. Due to circumstances and cancellations I got the opportunity to run that marathon with Scott. At 18 miles we struggled through a tough lake wind. Following the marathon Scott managed to make the most of an abbreviated weekend, replenishing lost carbohydrates and nutrition with New Orleans’ finest culinary offerings. Congratulations, newest ENOW.

  4. Sarah says:

    Congrats Soctt! Well deserved. Now will he even see this? Does he know how the internet works? 😉

  5. Crisitna says:

    YAY!!! ENOW! congrats 🙂

  6. JP says:

    Congrats dude, way overdue ENOW.

    yager bombs? then IM louisville? You know you want to do it..

  7. Christy (Maynard) says:

    Ramsden – CONGRATS! ENOW is well deserved my friend!

  8. Holland says:

    My favorite Miss State fan! Congrats, well deserved and I am inspired by your ability to kill your liver with beer, then flush it free with running 😉 Now if you would only get on facebook…HA!

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