January 9 – 1/2 marathon training session #2

Our second 1/2 marathon training session is tomorrow (January 9).

The Run

Novice : 50 minutes + 2 hills

Intermediate: 60 minutes + 3 hills

Advanced: 70 minutes + 4 hills

At this point in our training, these runs need to be easy – conversational.  If you find that you cannot talk, you are going too fast.  For you heart rate junkies, you need to be running under 75% max heart rate.  (Preferably under 70%)  And you just need to get up the hills.  These are not hill sprints.

The Brunch

One of the most unique/enjoyable parts about the East Nasty 1/2 marathon training are the brunches.  Every week we go to a home and enjoy a pot luck brunch together.  It’s the best way to get to know your fellow runners, and to refuel those muscles.  This week we are being hosted by Phil and Gretchen Zimmerman.

Here’s the best part: all 1/2 marathon trainees are welcome to join us!  Zach Barnett is our brunch-master and every week he will put together a google doc where you can get all the details.  So check out this document, and remember, it is a pot-luck, so please just type in what you are going to bring and press “save” in the upper right corner.   (Note: if you can’t bring something one week..no worries!  Please still join us! The food is great, but the real point of these brunches is to get to know some of your fellow East Nasties.)

P.S.  We do need hosts.  So please either find Zach, or email him (zpb@hotmail.com)  if you are willing to host!

The Weather

While it is hard to get going when it is cold, cold weather running is actually safer than hot weather running. Use your own discretion if you have a long way to travel of course, but don’t let the frigid temps scare you because we will be running every Sunday.  Hints: wear a hat, gloves, don’t wear cotton next to your skin.  And when the streets are slick, run in the grass as much as possible.

See you on Sunday!


P.S.  There are 9 sweatshirts left and bring $10 for your training log!!

3 Responses to January 9 – 1/2 marathon training session #2

  1. Kim says:

    For Allison – sorry, I left without giving you that coupon. I’ll bring it to the Wed night run in case you’re there. Take care! Kim

  2. Bryan says:

    What time are the sunday runs, and where exactly do you meet?

  3. Chuck says:

    Bryan, half marathon training schedule is https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1hyt8PGXOKRGGBTVs-KRFTJDoZ0VOJDk_d_VTzDM8Dcc

    East Nasty 2011 Country Music Half Marathon Training Group also has a Facebook page with updates and information.

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