East Nasty of the Week: Ashlee Horne

This week’s ENOW has the privilege of saying that her very first run was with us. In fact, her very first time ever running in any type of organized fashion was during the second week of January this year when she joined the East Nasty Half Marathon Training group on a 6 mile run.

Please welcome the new East Nasty of the Week, Ashlee Horne.

Well after that very first run, Ashlee said she had a rough couple of days moving around. However, she was determined to keep going, mainly because she had promised a friend back in 2009 that she would run the 2010 Country Music Half Marathon (and because she wanted to quite smoking). At first she wasn’t a fan of the 10 degree weather, the snow on the ground, or her sore muscles, but that could not stop Ashlee. Eventually she, like pretty much the rest of us, became addicted to running. Ashlee even set a goal for herself to beat 2 hours in her first half marathon.

Well the under 2 hour mark did not happen for her first big race, but after some sage advice from THE Chuck Hargrove, she was able to improve her stride and become a much faster runner. Since then she successfully ran the Women’s Half Marathon in under 2 hours, and she almost placed in her age group during the Shelby Bottoms Boogie 15K, which she ran in 1:16:44.

But what about Ashlee herself? Well she was born right here in Nashville, and attended Hillsboro High School. In her spare time she can either be found working the morning shift at Noshville in Midtown, or cutting people’s hair. Like I mentioned above, she also is now addicted to running, and can be found running in various races throughout the city, including one in which she wore a Princess Leia costume!

And, she has yet to start smoking since running. Way to go Ashlee!

Rod Jones

12 Responses to East Nasty of the Week: Ashlee Horne

  1. Kim says:

    I’ve known Ashlee for years & years & am so proud of her. I’ve actually started running the EN Wed. nights runs with her, though I’m nowhere as fast. I’m in my 10th week of running with EN & love it. Go, Ashlee!

  2. Jessica Wilson says:

    Yay Ashlee! We started running at the same time, but Ashlee is light years ahead of me when it comes to racing and I admire her commitment! Plus, she’s just a really fun person to be around!

  3. Chuck says:

    Ashlee is a like a sponge when it comes to advice. Local masters runner Wade Oliver and I gave Ashlee advice one night after a run. She was very attentive and took our advice to heart and the ashpalt.

  4. Jeff Horne says:

    You forgot to mention that she is the best wife in the entire cosmos!

    Thank you, East Nasties, for having such a wonderful group and taking such good care of your runners and your community.

  5. JP says:

    Nasties are pretty much the coolest people.

  6. Matt Alley says:

    Congrats Ashlee!!!

    On a more somber (sp?) note…I’m looking for a job. If anyone knows of ANYTHING please send it my way. I’m a graphic designer by trade but am able to do anything. You can email me at mattalleydesign@gmail.com. Thx fellow nasties!!

  7. Will Arnold says:

    Congrats, Ashlee. Glad to know you’re having fun!

  8. Joner says:

    Congrats Ashlee!! I haven’t officially met you yet, but know you as the girl who always has a huge smile on her face!! Welcome to running and EN 🙂

  9. Ashlee Tidwell says:

    Thanks, guys!!!!! ENFL’s rock!!!!!

  10. Heidi H says:

    Congrats Ashlee!

  11. John van der Harst says:

    I love Ashlee’s spontaneity, verve, and friendliness! Flash-and-dash!! Sometimes it’s all the sunshine we need on a dark night!

    On top of that, Ashley has obviously been blessed with raw talent in addition to attitude. Makes you wonder how fast she can ultimately go.

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