Wednesday November 10th

New York City Marathon

Surprisingly enough, for a running blog, I don’t write very often about running.  But on the run-up to the New York City marathon (last weekend) I read some pretty interesting articles. One of them was about how Alberto Salazar (a former world-class runner and currently the coach for the Nike training project in Oregon) has become obsessed with running form.  Much in the way that many of you barefoot/Vibram 5-fingers runners have become obsessed with changing your form.  But if you read this article from the new yorker, you’ll find that while Alberto is convinced that running form must be changed, several elite athletes think that messing with running form is a recipe for disaster…

The Race.  Every time I watch or read about a professional race, I am blown away by the performances that are being cranked out by Africans.  Take a moment a read through the recap of the race and pay particular attention to the fact that the 5k split for the leaders from miles 16 to miles 19.1 was 14:02!   In fact, this article lists every mile split for the leader from mile 1 to mile 26.  Kind of cool…


Throughout the year, East Nasty offers several free training programs.  The one we have been doing for 6 (or 7, I forget) years is training for the 1/2 marathon.  But we also offer two couch-to-5k programs a year: one that goes from January to March, and one that goes from June to August.    So if you have any friends who would love to start the new year off right,  or…if you are a seasoned runner and looking for a 1/2 marathon training group,  please feel free to join us starting in January!

We’ll have more information on all of our programs coming soon…

Wednesday 11/10

Be sure to check out Run #6.  It’s a great one.  Now that we are on daylight savings be sure that you get yourself reflective gear – and run using the buddy system.  Don’t leave anyone behind…

For you newbies, every Wednesday we meet at 11th and Holly in East nashville at 6pm  Everyone is welcome!

See you Wednesday.



3 Responses to Wednesday November 10th

  1. hootenannie says:

    Sound the trumpets: I will be back at East Nasty for the first 3 weeks in December. Yay!

  2. JP says:

    We missed running through downtown during the CMA awards by 1 week!

  3. Ashlee Tidwell says:

    @JP thank god… Even though I’m lying on the couch, sick. Meh CMA’s… Although it would be cool if some East Nasty video footage was caught :-)))

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