November 3

Run #5…Downtown!


What happens if it rains?

We run.  In fact, don’t let a little rain scare you away – it’s hard to get started, but once you get going it’s a lot of fun!  Here are a couple of rain running tips:

1) Don’t overdress.  The last thing you want is two layers of wet clothes instead of one.  Dress for the temperature as if it were a dry day.

2) Be visible.  It’s already dusk by 6 p.m., rain makes it worse.  Make sure that you wear reflective gear -better yet, wear something that blinks!

3) Wear a baseball hat.  This will help keep the rain out of your eyes.  It works even when it’s really coming down hard.

4) After your run, have dry clothes to wear to 3 Crow and dry your shoes out by cramming them full of wadded up newspaper.

5) Show up!  Believe me, you won’t run on your own, but if you show up Wednesday night, you will have people to run with.

Ragnar Relay

Good luck East Nasty Ragnar Teams!  They should be finishing around 2 p.m. on Saturday in Riverfront park.  Look for an update on the facebook page.

Shout Out

East Nasty was singled out as one of the 10 great things about East Nashville by the Nashville Forum for Architecture and Design.  Thanks for the shout out

See you guys Wednesday.


2 Responses to November 3

  1. Matt Alley says:

    I’ve missed 2 runs this week due to pain in my knee. It’s the same part of the knee that has been nagging me for weeks (inside/just to the left of the knee cap on right leg. Maybe a tendon or ligament). This is getting to be very frustrating and it doesn’t seem to be healing. Besides ice, is there anything anyone can recommend that might help it along?

  2. Chuck says:

    Is your injury chronic (hurts most or all of the time whether walking or running, from sun up to sundown) or occasional (hurts only during or just after exercise)? Chronic would indicate to me–and I am not a doctor–possible structural damage (ACL, MCL), or deteroriation based on poor running style (running posture, worn shoes for poor foot strike, shoes without corrective devices for pronation, orthotics, insoles, stability, etc.). For those you would need to see a doctor and/or running shoe professional.

    Occasional pain would lean more toward patellar tendinitis. For treatable inflammation use ice on knee immediately after a run. Then take an anti-inflammatory medicine. rest. Should that not work and you switch from ice after run only treatment to hot/cold, before/after treatment I recommend a moist heat application before run. Use a damp washcloth. Microwave cloth until warm (but not scalding) to touch. Dry off knee and run. Then after run immediately take ice and aspirin or whatever anit-inflammatory you prefer or can digest.

    Advice is given on premise that I am NOT a medical professional. Injuries and healing are strictly individual concerns. If pain persists please see a physican.

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