East Nasty of the Week: Dozer

On October 16, 2010 a group of East Nasties participated in the 3rd Annual Nashville Ultra Marathon race. Per usual East Nasty nation was represented well with people like Holland Carley, Greg Kyle, Ben Renquist, Courtney Terrell and Kevin Christian all running the 50K, Chuck Hargrove running the 60K, and Will “The Thrill” Arnold completing in yet another 50 MILE race.* Everyone one of them did a great job, and Courtney not only won the women’s division, she also set the record for fastest 50K on the course by 30 minutes!

But there was another East Nasty out there that deserves due credit and “won” his own canine division. Meet the new East Nasty of the Week, Dozer “Legs” Magil.

As you can guess, Jenny Magil is the proud owner of Dozer. She got him when the little guy was only 3 weeks old. A friend of Jenny’s found a pack of puppies that had been dumped just off of Ellington Parkway, and he did the heroic thing and tried to rescue all of them. That night Jenny went over to see the tiny dogs. She says that the second she saw Dozer she picked him up and held him all night, and they have been together ever since.

Just before Dozer first birthday she took him for a short run, mainly to teach him commands while out for a stroll. Not surprising at all that he took to it just like his owner. Now he goes on long runs all the time, and on a given week he usually puts in 40+ miles jogging right next to Jenny. In fact, the reason that Dozer was picked for ENOW was because he ran alongside Jenny and Holland all 31 miles during the Nashville Ultra Marathon this year!

But that is not all about Dozer, he is also a doggie model! In fact, the photo below was recently chosen as the cover to the Fall 2010 Jax and Bones dog beds catalog. Way to go Dozer!!!

* It should also be noted that there were a ton of other East Nasties out there pacing runners and helping out at the aid stations, they are: J.P. Cowan, David Harris, Rod Jones, Mark Scrivner, David Canas, Margaret Jones, Julie Smith, Doug Jones, Mike Divinnie, Jenny Magill, Kristine Mylls, Esther Smith, Marie Winget, and Polly Todd Alexander.

Rod Jones

6 Responses to East Nasty of the Week: Dozer

  1. Will Arnold says:

    Solid performance by Doz! I saw Jenny and Doz on my mile 40, him already finished, and he still looked like he’d gone for a walk in the park.
    Clearly, if there were a Southern Iditarod, he’d be leading the pack. Jack London wished he’d had a dog that cool!

  2. Holland says:

    Dozer ROCKED IT Easty Nasty style! I couldn’t have done the Ultra without Jenny and Doze! He’s also the best trail dog ever! Never fear when Dozer is near the deer will steer clear! ROFLMAO! Dozer for President! xoxox

  3. Chuck says:

    I call him Dozer the Poser. When I join Jenny for a run, Dozer remembers me and thus begins his false bravado routine. By the time we finish running that dog chased many living things, sniffed lots of dead things and covered three times the distance I ran.

  4. Chuck says:

    Add Jeff Stokes to Nashville Ultra help and pacing list. Thanks Jeff.

  5. Cristina Young says:

    Great job Dozer!!! And wonderful job to all the other EN!!!

  6. Polly says:

    I realize I “m like 3 weeks late on this but I just had to say Rock on Dozer! Despite annoying children you still kicked butt! Congrats to all the EN’s!

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