September 29, East Nasty joins the Gumpathon

This week’s run…

If you have been around East Nasty at all, you’ll recognize our love of community. There are times when we sacrifice our time, our talent and our money for the betterment of the East Side.  But all the stuff we do pales in comparison to the sacrifice that the men and women in the military make every day.  Even if you never see gunfire, military life is not easy.


That is why this week, East Nasty is going to join the Gumpathon.  This is a run across America (named after the fictional run made by Forrest Gump…) to raise money for injured servicemen, both British and American.  You don’t have to donate; we are just going to show our support, en masse, by running with the Gumpathoners through downtown Nashville.  So even though this will not be a “normal” East Nasty run, we’ll still run 3-4 miles, but more importantly, we will show our support for those who have been injured in the line of duty.

So here is the plan:

6:00 We will gather as normal.

6:15 We will run down to LP field (in corrals, but this week, slow to fast).

6:30 Meet and greet the runners

6:45 Run over the walking bridge to Cadillac Ranch.

Then it’s up to you…you can make a u-turn and head back, or you can enjoy the party (music, drink specials etc..) down at Cadillac Ranch.

Other Stuff…

Calling all visual artists! Ian White has a proposition for you.   Send him an email ASAP if you are looking to use your talents… Don’t be shy… he has a really great idea, we just need your help!

Bourbon Chase Relay runner needed! Email David Canas if you are interested in joining an East Nasty relay team.  The race is the weekend of October 22-23.

Congratulations East Nasty ladies! The East Nasty team finished 2nd overall in the team competition.  Full results are here!

See you tomorrow!


3 Responses to September 29, East Nasty joins the Gumpathon

  1. Heidi H says:

    Great sentiments Mark. We have several service men and women who have run and/or currently run with East Nasty….some of whom are in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. Looking forward to tomorrow’s symbolic run. Thank you to all who serve for our freedom! ENFL….our team rocked it! No better high than seeing our peeps along the way and HUGE props to the East Nasty Nation who was there in full force at Musica! That next mile was my fastest! For real!

  2. Cristina says:

    This is absolutely why this group is more than JUST a running group!!! I’m proud to be an East Nasty for all that we do!!! God Bless our Troops!!

  3. Chuck Beard says:

    Hello Mark, I have talked to Chuck Hargrove but he mentioned to send you what I sent him to send it to everyone at East Nasty about the following. It would be greatly appreciated. Anyone interested can simply sign up online or email me at ‘’. Thanks,
    Chuck Beard
    hey guys and gals,

    I’m again coordinating the nashville ultra marathon volunteers for Dennis Freeman this year and the event is Saturday, October 16th. I wanted to know if you guys would like to volunteer, even if just for an hour up to however many you’d like, or if you could send this email to others you known that might be interested in helping us make this year as fun as last year…and better.

    also, I will need two people riding bikes on parts of the course if that sounds interesting to you as well. it is an amazing day and so fun to help cheer on those participating in such an extraordinary (and ironman-like crazy) event. take a look at the website below and let me know if you’re interested or have sent it around to others in the area.


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