The Nasty…

Hill #1


Every 12 weeks we come to Run #12, the Nasty.  Not only is it our most challenging run, but it is still 90 degrees out there!  So there will be a water stop between mile 3 and 4, and there will be a short version of the run … but don’t back down! Remember, you must run the full 6 miles to earn a sticker.   Potato to Tomato folks: bring it on!

Micah...the first East Nasty


Be sure to check this blog later this week.  We’ll have some information about short set-tember.  A great way to check out some local live music this Saturday, in a really cool venue… (Micah’s house!)


Kevin Kaz sent me this video.  My 120 pound journey.  We all need stories of success to keep us going.  Pass this along to someone who may need it…


4 Responses to The Nasty…

  1. Matt Alley says:

    What a fantastic video!!! To my fellow C25Kers…I will not be able to run the Nasty this time around due to my knee healing. However, I expect to see all of you in 12 weeks to run it with me. Love you all!!!

  2. Chuck says:

    The Women’s Half Marathon that is this Saturday, September 25 is still in need of volunteers. We especially need volunteers for the following:

    Friday 3:30 – 7:30pm at the Expo. This is expected to be the busiest time for people to pick up race packets, goody bags, etc. We need at least 20 more volunteers for this task and time.

    Saturday morning – Stationary Course Monitors. The Nashville Police Dept is requiring us to have 55 volunteers….we still need 10 on race day! The time is 6:30 – 11, or whenever the race passes the station they are repsonsible for.

    I am hoping that you can help out, or that you will pass this email on to your friends and help us get out last 30 volunteers!

    If you find someone, or want to volunteer, please e mail the following information to .
    phone number
    tshirt size

    Thank you!!! I appreciate any help you can give us!

  3. Keeley says:

    Great video. Thank you for sharing Mark & Kevin. I shared it on the Team Green facebook. Look forward to starting up our runs again. Crossing my finger for anti-90 degree temps in October!

  4. Kristine says:

    That video was fantastic. Thank you for sharing.

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