East Nasty of the Week: The Yellow House at 120 11th Street

Well East Nasties, after a brief hiatus, I would like to welcome you all back to the ultimate honor in 37206 zip code: the highly coveted East Nasty of Week. To start us back the “powers that be” have decided to take on a different idea and nominate the building that we congregate in front of each Wednesday night around 6pm. That cute little yellow house is not just a place for us to stretch and leave our abandoned belongings while we are out running, rather it is a part of the YMCA’s “Y-Cap” division, and they are dedicated to serving youth and teens in the Middle Tennessee area. This building in particular houses the workers of the program artEMBRACE (Empowering Many By Rendering After sChool Enrichment,) which focuses on providing 149 schools with before –and after- school art programs and workshops. The program brings in local artists of all mediums and sends them directly to the classrooms of the students free of charge!

On a good day you can find Megan Miller Smith (Youth Wellness Director,) Leslie Gregg (Art Director,) and Benjamin Smith (Exec. Director of Youth Speaks Nashville and fellow East Nasty runner,) and some of the various teaching artists at the Yellow House. Also in the picture below is art instructor Kurt McKeithan.

Leslie Gregg had a funny story to tell me about her introduction to East Nasty. She has only recently taken over this position, and a couple of weeks ago she decided to leave her main office downtown to go take a look around the 11th and Holly street area. Well it was a Wednesday evening and just before she got out the door, someone stopped her and said, “Have you heard about East Nasty?” The person then proceeded to tell Leslie to not worry when 100-200 people in running gear started to gather around the front of the house. Our reputation succeeds us!

These people have been extremely gracious to our group and have allowed us to use this area as our home base from the very first run. So thanks little Yellow House and those at Y-Cap artEMBRACE program, we wish you all great success in your future endeavors. We also promise to clean up after ourselves.

-Also a special thanks goes out to Cristina Young for her wonderful photography. You can visit her site here: www.fbook.me/cyp

10 Responses to East Nasty of the Week: The Yellow House at 120 11th Street

  1. Chuck says:

    We really did overtake Y-Cap’s yard early in EN’s existence. When East Nasty was small in numbers (under 30 runners) we would meet all around S 11th at Holly corner. 120 South 11th became an acoustic necessity because of the elevated front yard. Thanks to the Y-CAP/artEMBRACE folks. We should invite them to 3 Crow.

    Make sure and pick up trash and clothes other runners may leave behind.

  2. Chuck says:

    Call for volunteers from Chuck Beard chasmopop@yahoo.com ,”I’m again coordinating the Nashville Ultramarathon volunteers for Dennis Freeman this year and the event is Saturday, October 16th. I wanted to know if you guys would like to volunteer, even if just for an hour up to however many you’d like, or if you could send this email to others you known that might be interested in helping us make this year as fun as last year…and better.”

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